Chemicals labeled as non-carcinogenic found to cause cancer

Chemicals labeled as non-carcinogenic found to cause cancer
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(NaturalHealth365) Living in today’s world can have deadly consequences. But the risks aren’t confined only to incidents involving things like vehicular accidents or crime. There’s a far more silent enemy at work.

It’s long been known that certain toxins and other impurities in the environment can be toxic and contribute to a higher incidence of cancer. Yet, today, a global task force of scientists has confirmed that known carcinogens aren’t the only worry. That’s because seemingly safe chemicals – the kind people are routinely exposed to in the environment – are combining in the human body to form new substances that increase the risk of cancerous growth.

The scientific link between ‘safe’ chemical exposure and cancer

A task force of 174 scientists from leading cancer research centers spanning 28 countries came together to study the link between environmental exposure and mixtures of chemicals encountered in everyday life to the development of cancer. Concern over the increased incidence of many cancers in recent years served as catalyst for the research, which focused on 85 chemicals not currently considered carcinogenic in humans.

The results are truly shocking. Of the 85 chemicals studied, 50 were found to support critical cancer-related processes. The link between cancer and supposedly safe chemicals was found even at levels comparable to what is normally found in the environment today.

A new attitude in research can help us reverse a deadly trend

These findings, which were just released earlier the summer, could have an impact on health regulations regarding the “safe” doses of these chemicals and others. Most regulations are set by testing one chemical at a time on cells. Very few, if any, have looked at multiple chemicals at the same time.

Today’s environment exposes you and your family to thousands of chemicals on a daily basis. William Goodson III, senior scientist at the California Pacific Medical Center, San Franciso, as well as lead author of the study, said, “We are definitely concerned that we are now starting to see evidence of a wide range of low dose effects that are directly related to carcinogenesis, exerted by chemicals that are unavoidable in the environment.”

The study’s results have caused the scientists involved to call for increased emphasis on research that looks into what is known as low dose exposures, or the amounts most humans are exposed to on a regular basis. The key is to determine the effects on human health in hopes of understanding the growing risk of cancer.

The real issue is a lack of awareness

As the study’s researchers point out, with people literally in contact with thousands of chemicals on a daily basis, the effects of this type of ongoing exposure need to be better understood in order to reduce the incidence of cancer worldwide.

The study results seem to support a recently completed, four-year research project. The earlier study’s researchers focused on what they are referring to as “cocktail effects” in foods. The study results helped to underscore that when two or more chemicals appear together, they often have an additive effect.

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