Chicken pox vaccine permanently disabled young boy, says vaccine court

Chicken pox vaccine permanently disabled young boy, says vaccine court
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(NaturalHealth365) After sustaining injuries from the chicken pox vaccine (varicella) in 2009, a young man received compensation in the United States Court of Federal Claims Vaccine Court. It took five years, but Health and Human Services finally conceded that the chicken pox vaccine caused transverse myelitis, leaving the young man unable to use any of his four limbs.

Following the verdict, the case continued for another year to negotiate the award amount the boy would receive. While he did receive financial compensation for his pain and suffering, no amount of money will give him back his health and quality of life.

Second tragic dose of chicken pox vaccine forced upon the plaintiff

The plantiff, referred to as “RD,” was just 13 when this tragedy occurred. During a routine visit to the doctor, he was scheduled to receive the varicella (chicken pox vaccine) and hepatitis vaccinations. Despite insistence by his mother that he had already received the varicella vaccine, he was given a second dose. The result was a vaccine injury called transverse myelitis, which rendered him a tetraplegic.

Around two weeks after the second chicken pox vaccine, the young man began to experience terrible shooting pains throughout his body as well as numbness and tingling of his arms and legs. Soon these pains turned into paralysis. The vaccine court’s ruling, while the right one, is a small consolation.  RD’s vaccine injury is severe and irreversible.

Vaccines linked with transverse myelitis for nearly 100 years

Transverse myelitis involves inflammation of the spinal cord due to overactivity of the immune system.  The protective myelin coating of the spine is attacked, invaded and damaged by the person’s own immune system. While this condition is normally quite rare, it has been a known side effect of numerous vaccines since the 1920s.

The Mayo Clinic acknowledges that vaccines are a main cause of transverse myelitis. Doctors treating patients with this condition are trained to ask if they have received a vaccination recently. In addition to the varicella vaccine, Hepatitis B, diphtheria-tetanus (Tdap) and measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccines have all been linked with transverse myelitis as a side effect.

Vaccine manufacturers are protected while victims never regain full health

In court, RD reported the onset of his case of transverse myelitis in frightening detail. Excruciating pain first arises in the back, neck and limbs, eventually progressing to spinal paralysis as well as problems with the internal organs. RD will likely suffer these symptoms for the rest of his life. What he mourns most is the loss of independence, and being robbed of the chance at a normal life.

The biased Vaccine Act of 1986 protects vaccine manufacturers from liability, and it was also modified by the Centers for Disease Control to significantly increase the number of vaccines children receive. In 1983, 4 vaccines requiring 11 doses were recommended by the CDC by age 16; today, the recommendation is now 14 vaccines in 49 doses by age six.

How will you lend your voice to this issue?

RD’s parents and extended family have pledged to never again subject themselves or their children to another vaccine.

They say it is like “playing Russian roulette” with potential poison to their systems. An increasing number of Americans are standing up to the government’s attempts to mandate vaccines and force them upon children.

Do not be complacent about this issue. The quality of life of your family depends on it, and the future of the entire human genome could be at stake. The fact that the drug companies are protected and there is a federal fund set up expecting vaccine injury claims should be enough of a red flag.  No doubt, all is not right with the United States vaccine program.

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13-Year-Old Boy Permanently Disabled From Chicken Pox Vaccine Wins His Case in Vaccine Court


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