Teen sues health department after being banned from school for refusing chickenpox vaccine

Teen sues health department after being banned from school for refusing chickenpox vaccine
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(NaturalHealth365) A Kentucky high school student has filed suit against his local health department after being prevented from participating in school activities. The ban was leveled against him because he chose not to receive the chickenpox vaccine.

A chickenpox outbreak had affected 32 people at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart/Assumption Academy in Walton, Kentucky thus far. Jerome Kunkel, a senior at the school refused the vaccine, citing his Christian faith as the reason.

In the lawsuit, he is alleging discrimination – based on his religious beliefs.

School punishes students who for not receiving chickenpox vaccine

Due to the chickenpox outbreak, the Northern Kentucky Health Department decided students without proof of vaccination or immunity against chickenpox wouldn’t be allowed at school until three weeks following the disease onset for the last individual to contract it. Those not receiving a vaccine would also be prevented from participating in extracurricular activities.

Jerome Kunkel expressed his disappointment in the decision due to being prevented from playing basketball, one of his favorite activities. Jerome was not allowed to finish out his senior year season, and was devastated.

Jerome is suing the Northern Kentucky Health Department as a response to the decision. The health department has stood by their actions, calling the decision to block unvaccinated students from participating in school activities “appropriate and necessary.”

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Some vaccine ingredients created within “descendant cells” from aborted fetuses

Jerome’s father Bill Kunkel said in an interview that the family does not believe in the chickenpox vaccine and resented that the Northern Kentucky Health Department was trying to push it on students. He cited research he had come across regarding vaccines containing parts from aborted fetuses. As Christians, the family is against abortion.

While the chickenpox vaccine is not derived from fetuses, there are some vaccines created within the descendent cells of aborted fetuses, according to the National Catholic Bioethics Center. No actual cells from fetuses are used. However, it is still an issue for some Catholics and others who oppose abortion as immoral. The National Catholic Bioethics Center says religious persons should feel “morally free” to use vaccines regardless.

Vaccine ingredients and vaccine side effects pose very real and disturbing risks

However, there is tremendous evidence that many vaccines are not safe.  A wide range of vaccine side effects have been reported for various immunizations.

The symptoms range from headaches and nausea to autism, cognitive problems, nervous system issues, autoimmune diseases, and even paralysis and sudden (premature) death.  This is due to questionable vaccine ingredients such as aluminum, mercury and chromium.  The chickenpox vaccine has been associated with seizures and negative brain reactions.

Bottom line: the decision to receive a vaccine should be a personal choice – not a forced issue with punishments if not received.  Simply put, it’s far better to remember that the best defense against any illness is a strong immune system.

It’s always a good idea to focus on improving diet and lifestyle choices – in order to minimize the risk of infections or disease.  After all, there’s no greater asset than good health.

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