CDC SCANDAL: The link between chickenpox vaccine and skyrocketing rates of shingles in adults revealed

CDC SCANDAL: The link between chickenpox vaccine and skyrocketing rates of shingles in adults revealed
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(NaturalHealth365) It’s almost impossible to peruse online or cable news without seeing some reference to the term “collusion.” But, wherever you stand on this issue, you should be aware that a claim of “collusion” is also reverberating throughout the federal public health field – and it has to do with the chickenpox (varicella) vaccination instituted in 1995 by the CDC (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

An explosive article published in March in Annals of Clinical Pathology claims that the CDC colluded with the Los Angeles Department of Health Services (LADHS) to suppress research findings involving its Universal Varicella Vaccination Program – and a link with the increasing nationwide incidence of shingles.

The author alleges that the CDC pulled several dirty tricks – including manipulating data – to hide an undesirable outcome. Sound familiar? (They did the same thing with the MMR vaccine)

What the CDC fails to appreciate: Widespread incidence of chickenpox virus caused protection against shingles

Chickenpox is usually a mild disease when it occurs in children. Following infection with chickenpox, or varicella zoster, the virus remains latent in the body – although it can be reactivated later in the form of shingles, or herpes zoster.

Prior to the vaccination program instituted in the mid-1990s by the CDC, 95 percent of adults in the United States had experienced chickenpox as children. Because long-term immunity was received as a result, having chickenpox was considered a sort of immune system “rite of passage.”

In other words, because having chickenpox boosts cell-mediated immunity, the high prevalence of chickenpox as a childhood disease helped to ward off shingles in adults.

In 1995, the CDC added chickenpox vaccine to the recommended vaccine schedule for 12- to 15-month olds. In 2006, the CDC upped the ante, saying that 4- to 6-year old children needed a chickenpox booster shot as well.

Unfortunately, adults who had natural immunity in the pre-vaccination era are now compromised by decreasing immunity to chickenpox, due to the mass vaccination program (which provides only temporary immunity).

Many natural health experts feel that because the CDC’s mass varicella vaccination caused a reduction in circulating wild-type varicella zoster virus, the increased reactivation of shingles is now occurring.

Researcher says: Vaccine increases likelihood of shingles both in childhood and later life

The article’s author, Gary S. Goldman, worked as a research analyst in the mid-1990s at the Los Angeles Department of Health. Because of his work on the Varicella Active Surveillance Project, or VASP, he was able to monitor the introduction of the chickenpox vaccine – and assess its outcomes.

In 2000, Goldman began to hear anecdotal accounts from school nurses about the inexplicable increase in cases of herpes zoster among school-aged children – and decided to take a closer look.

He concluded that the chickenpox vaccine had two negative outcomes – it accelerated the recurrence of shingles in children who had already had natural chickenpox, and it increased the likelihood of shingles in adults.

The CDC is advising the shingles vaccine as a way to prevent the painful disease of shingles. But, Goldman points out that the vaccine – intended to provide the protection people would normally receive from childhood chickenpox for free – costs $200 a dose.

In addition, the shingles vaccine appears not to work very well – or for long.

One study conducted from 2009 to 2016 among a large group of adults over age 50 showed that the shingles vaccine is only 50 percent effective the first year – and decreases to “no effect” by the fifth year post-vaccination.

Researcher admits: CDC manipulated data to mask deleterious outcomes

According to Goldman, the CDC fought his attempts to publicize his data – every inch of the way. The researcher lists 23 different actions the agency took in order to distort and suppress his findings.

Among the tactics the CDC utilized, Goldman says, were attempting to statistically disguise his findings, robbing findings of meaning by attributing them to the incorrect subgroups, manipulating their own data to imply that the chickenpox vaccine worked better than it did, publishing selective studies, aggressively blocking Goldman’s attempt to publish undesirable trends and outcomes and pressuring journal editors to delay publication of his work.

For example, the CDC conducted a study of shingles incidence in a population where the chickenpox vaccine had not been widely administered – in order to misleadingly produce evidence that the program had no effect on the higher rates of shingles.

And, Goldman alleges that the CDC masked the alarming trends by averaging vaccine effectiveness over several years – instead of stratifying it year by year.

The CDC also directed Goldman not to pursue further analysis of trends in shingle cases, and attempted to systematically discredit him.

Truth EXPOSED: Shingles epidemic predicted by earlier research

In a 2002 study published in Vaccine, the authors stated that natural chickenpox was highly protective against shingles – and warned that mass chickenpox vaccination would likely cause a major shingles epidemic.

They even presented a statistic, predicting that 50 percent of those who were 10 to 44 years at the time of the chickenpox vaccine’s introduction would develop shingles.

The researchers also predicted that the existence of the vaccine would have the effect of lowering the average age of shingles infection, while moving the average age of chickenpox infection higher. This is disturbing, because chickenpox is much more severe in adults. In fact, the disease is 25 times more likely to lead to death in someone over 50 than someone under four years old.

Sixteen years later, Goldman’s findings are confirming this early forecast. Yet the powers-that-be seem intent on concealing anything that hints at a downside to vaccination.

Goldman, who has since resigned from his job with the LADHS, insists that mass chickenpox vaccination has caused a “fabricated cycle of disease and treatment.” It is one that the CDC appears determined to cover-up.

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