One simple nutrient outperforms vaccines

One simple nutrient outperforms vaccines
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(NaturalHealth365) The idea that a “silver bullet” or vaccines can cure humankind of a broad variety of the diseases that plague it, from cancer to measles to the flu, has long been a dream of patient and physician alike – one might say it’s a ‘fantasy’.  But, what if that silver bullet were to come not in the form of the latest risky vaccinations but in the form of a vitamin supplement?

That’s exactly the conclusion that can be drawn after a review of the benefits of vitamin C found in the work of Dr. Frederick Klenner.

Conventional medicine refuses to recognize a proven medical truth

Dr. Klenner’s findings of vitamin C and its incredible ability to cure everything from polio to multiple sclerosis to reactions from venomous snake bites can be found in the papers and other writings he authored across the span of three decades. His documented success stories fly in the face of conventional medicine – which calls for risky (invasive) medical treatments like the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine.

Based on Dr. Klenner’s years of study, it appears vitamin C acts as an anti-infective agent and reducing agent, as well as an anti-clotting agent, an oxidizing agent, and an antihistamine. Let’s take a look at some benefits of vitamin C in Dr. Klenner’s years of medical research.

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Polio gets cured with vitamin C therapy, NOT vaccines

While others before him had theorized that vitamin C could play a role in lessening the effects of polio, it was Dr. Klenner who first gave polio patients doses equivalent to 10s of thousands of milligrams of vitamin C – every day.

While Dr. Klenner had presented a briefing of his findings on vitamin C and polio back in 1949 at the Annual Session of the American Medical Association, babies, children and adults continued to be crippled or killed by the virus as others in the medical field gave his findings little notice.

Klenner recommended giving the vitamin C dosage intravenously, but noted that the intramuscular route could also be satisfactory. He administered at least 350 mg per kg of body weight – a dosage equivalent to 25,000 to 30,000 mg for an adult.

According to Dr. Klenner, massive ascorbate treatment cured every case of 60 polio patients under Dr. Klenner’s care. None had paralysis and all were well just three days after treatment. Again, Dr. Klenner reported his findings, this time in the Southern Medicine and Surgery journal. Again, few in the medical community took notice.

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Vitamin c provides great results for shingles

Dr. Klenner’s success with the use of vitamin C to combat a number of infections and toxic invaders is astounding, including his published work with eight patients with shingles. Each person was given 2,000 to 3,000 mg of vitamin C injection every 12 hours, in addition to 1,000 mg in fruit juice given orally every two hours.

Seven of the eight patients reported complete relief of pain associated with shingles within two hours of receiving the first vitamin C injection. Overall, the patients received from five to seven injections of vitamin C. Blisters associated with the virus began healing quickly, and were completely gone with the first 72 hours.

Dr. Klenner’s observations are supported by findings of other researchers as well, both before and after he had published his work. An earlier study reported success with 14 shingles patients receiving vitamin C injections. In a 1950 report, shingles completely disappeared in an astounding 327 out of 327 patients – just 72 hours after they had received vitamin C injections.

Can vitamin C help with other viruses?

Dr. Klenner’s work did not stop with shingles or polio. A long list of illnesses, including pneumonia, hepatitis, measles, mumps, diptheria and the flu, among many others, were cured with the use of vitamin C therapy.

The key to vitamin C’s effectiveness is the practice of giving enough, for a long enough period of time. While some chronic viral conditions may not resolve promptly, research has yet to identify an acute viral condition that vitamin C did not eradicate quickly – other than in patients with severe tissue damage and near death.

For example, in pneumonia patients, Dr. Klenner recommended at least 1,000 mg. of vitamin C intravenously every six to 12 hours for mild cases, with children receiving 500 mg. Most patients showed complete clinical and x-ray resolution of the illness after just three to seven injections.

Benefits of vitamin C can also be seen in viral hepatitis patients. Patients were able to resume normal activities in just two to four days after receiving 500 to 700 mg per kg of body weight, taken orally. That dosage equates to about 30 grams – every 24 hours – in orange juice.

These are just a couple examples of the many times where Dr. Klenner and other researchers have used vitamin C to help patients get rid of viruses.

How to protect yourself from disease by building lifelong immunity

In a lifetime of work, Dr. Klenner voiced his recommendation that any person, whether combating an illness or not, should not rely on the small recommended dosage for vitamin C. Such levels are only useful in warding off acute scurvy; they do not address a chronic vitamin C deficiency made worse by stress, environmental impurities and infectious organisms.

In addition to treating disease, Dr. Klenner stood by his recommended daily preventive doses of 10,000 to 15,000 mg/day. For parents with children, he recommended dosages of their age in vitamin C grams, where 1 g equals 1,000 mg.

That means a four-year-old would be receiving 4,000 mg/day or a nine-year-old would receive 9,000 mg per day, with a leveling off of 10,000 mg per day for older children. Even these recommendations could be altered, however. Dr. Klenner is quoted as instructing patients to take enough vitamin C to remain symptom free with the expectation that amount could vary.

It’s worth noting: Even at very high levels, no negative side effects have been reported with vitamin C dosages. Reversing disease symptoms with vitamin C can help the human body to establish ‘lifelong immunity’ – which vaccines (and many other toxic drugs) fail to accomplish.

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pam r
pam r
5 years ago

They have tried to take away Vitamin C in the past that you could only get it through a doctor’s prescription. They may try again – this info could really damage the whole drug industry. Vitamin C also stops heart disease lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. Treats antibiotic resistance bacteria. Helps cancer, lyme disease, aids and MS. Add a little Vitamin D and we could say goodbye to big pharma.

Reply to  pam r
5 years ago

I’ve been taking 10,000 mg a day of vit c and still have high blood pressure. Do you have a link to an article for me to figure out proper dosages?

5 years ago

It’s important to note with Vitamin C powder everybody ha s different bowel tolerance.
The more C your body needs the higher the bowel tolerance – so if you are sick or have a lot of toxins your bowel tolerance will be higher than when you are healthy. This is where the Liposomal comes in handy – so if I have a flu and can only get in
20,000 mg of powder due to bowels kicking in – I add 5- 10 packages (1,000 mg a pkg) of liposomal in the same 24 hour period. I have done 10,000mg of liposomal and 20,000mg of powder spread through a 24 hour period and repeat the next 48 hours.

5 years ago

What are good sources and brands for vit C? How do you know what kind is better than another? A non soy kind?

5 years ago

“Conventional medicine refuses to recognize a proven medical truth”

Oh the people behind our HHS dominated “medicine” KNOW very well that Vitamin C COULD replace MUCH of “health care”. That is why IMO vitamins or minerals are almost NEVER prescribed for disease treatment. Oh you may get an older doc to mention you may want to load up on C or some such; but he is taking a risk. Medical Boards do not take lightly going out of disease treatment standards.

IMO we ALL need to treat ourselves MOST of the time. About half of this “treatment” will be preventative and will consist of very simple, inexpensive things like FOOD not supermarket crap, SUNSHINE, Vitamin C, making sure we are getting ALL our vitamins and minerals in sufficient bio-available amounts often ten or one hundred times the HHS RDA joke.

Just remember ascorbic acid is NOT vitamin C.

“Doctor Szent-Georgi the discoverer of vitamin C came to understand after many years that ascorbic acid, rutin, and the other factors found in the vitamin C complex, were synergists: co-factors which together sparked the functional interdependence of biologically related nutrient factors. Ascorbic acid is just the antioxidant outer shell – the protector of all these other synergists so that they will be able to perform their individual functions.” Doctor Tim O’Shea

healthyprotocols. com/2_vitamin_c.htm


Jay Rambin
Jay Rambin
4 years ago

read up on Liposomal vitamin C. more effective than oral absorbic acid and no bowel issues. nearly as effective as intravenous, some say.

4 years ago

Steve, you reference the fact that ascorbic acid is NOT vitamin C complex, as does “Lou” in the page from naturalhealth365. He refers to a quote from Dr. Tim O’Shea, reinforcing that comment.

After much reading, especially from Dr. Frederick Klenner, I came across a site where Dr. Thomas E. Levy claims that ’vitamin C complex’ is a marketing myth by the makers of vitamin C. Now I’m confused. Can you help me sort this out as I take larger than typical doses and wonder if I should be adding rutin and other ingredients as an alternative. What do you know about the pros and cons of using time release tablets?

Would appreciate your thoughts on this.

Reply to  gshantz
4 years ago

In general tablets are not the preferred form of nutritional supplements because they may be subjected to high temperatures and pressures during manufacturing, and contain binders to hold it together; this lowers quality and makes it less absorbable.

As far as the debate between ascorbic acid and vitamin C complex, I think it has been proven that both are valuable, and that the bioflavonoids of a food-based product provide additional synergistic benefits; the important thing is to ensure adequate nutritional levels from whatever you consume. There is some concern that ascorbic acid is commonly produced from GMO corn, but trusted sources claim that from a purely chemical perspective, once processed in the lab ascorbic acid does not contain any genes, genetically modified or not, and thus there is no worry there. I have heard an expert (don’t recall who) say that when ascorbic acid is greatly magnified under an electron microscope it is a very chaotic sharp and jagged structure, while food-based vitamin C complex looks like beautiful symmetric crystals. That may explain the reported greater nutritional value of the natural food-based C complex over the lab-manufactured ascorbic acid.

For more in-depth discussions about vitamin C, check out interviews with Sydney Bush and Andrew Saul:
https://oneradionetwork. com/?s=sydney+bush
https://oneradionetwork .com/?s=andrew+saul

Taking nutrients in isolation is not the optimal approach, but since our food supply is usually lacking sometimes it can be therapeutically helpful. Usually one vitamin, mineral, or other nutrient will require other nutrients to carry out their function. Reference this nutrient assimilation chart: It shows the cofactors that are needed so that a given nutrient can be assimilated. That comes from the folks who pioneered Human BioAcoustics, which analyzes frequencies in one’s voice to peer into the physiology, and even provides specific audio frequencies to enable the body to restore itself to balanced health. BioAcoustics is a fascinating field; you can use it to reveal what nutrients may be an issue for you. I encourage you to investigate further at this introductory site I created:

Time released supplements seem like a good idea for certain nutritional components that need to get to a particular part of the digestive tract to be activated at a specific pH or to survive stomach acids. Richard Pearl owns and operates a health food store and a neighboring organic restaurant in Sunrise, FL, and has a weekly radio show each Saturday on at noon Central; find show archives at His guest on the 1-16-2016 show was Dr. Michael Lelah, chief research scientist for Dr. Mercola. He spoke about their ubiquinol and krill oil products that use a time-released li-cap to prevent degradation from air and moisture. See https://products.mercola. com/coq10-ubiquinol. They also have probiotics encapsulated to be released in the intestines once past the stomach acids.

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