Obamacare on the brink of collapse: Insurance rates are rising rapidly

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obamacare(NaturalHealth365) As insurers flee Obamacare in escalating numbers, it’s clear that the ‘Affordable Care Act’ is not sustainable as a practical healthcare solution. In fact, the cost of Obamacare has moved our county’s healthcare system to the edge of total collapse.

Meanwhile, Democrats and the Obama administration keep calling the Affordable Care Act “a great success.” They point out that 20 million Americans who were previously uninsured now have insurance. However, they fail to mention that these “results” sacrifice the qualities required to make Obamacare sustainable going forward. (There is a better way – keep reading)

The key components of Obamacare sustainability have evaporated

It was expected that since the healthcare plan was required, millions of the youngest and healthiest among us would rush to sign up, paying premiums that would result in an influx of cash into the system. This money would be used to cover the healthcare costs accrued by older enrollees more prone to becoming sick.

However, large numbers of these younger, healthier Americans simply ignored the Obamacare law. They instead opted to pay the initial $95 penalty on their tax return.  Of course, that ‘penalty’ cost is rising – every year.  Because of this, the majority of new enrollees in Obamacare are the sickest among us – the people with the most healthcare bills.

Insurance premium costs set to rise at least 60 percent in many regions of the United States

As more insurance companies drop out, healthy competition between them also evaporates. Many state counties now have only a single provider. Competition among companies was among the components of sustainability touted by the Obama administration.

The insurance companies still standing have been forced to pare back their plans while raising rates. The following states are set to experience some of the highest healthcare premium cost increases in the coming months:

Minnesota: To avoid total collapse in the state, Obamacare health insurers in Minnesota will be raising rates by an average of 60 percent next year.

Tennessee: The state of Tennessee is looking at a 59 percent weighted rate increase for healthcare premiums from its three major insurers Blue Cross Blue Shield, CIGNA and Humana.

Illinois: Illinois residents can expect a 45 percent average spike in their health care premium costs in 2017.

Georgia: Georgia’s top three health care companies are set to raise rates by an average of 33 percent.

Iowa: Iowans can expect around a 30 percent insurance rate increase by its two largest health insurance providers.

These increases are on top of the numerous insurance premium price hikes that have already taken place since the launch of the Affordable Care Act. (Boy, that name really sounds ridiculous now, doesn’t it?)

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Healthcare alternatives that offer a BETTER way to protect your health

Americans do have some recourse.  Viable opt-out options include joining a medical cost-sharing system – which is a charitable way for a community of people to pool financial resources together and share in medical expenses.

Other options include buying an alternative or emergency policy, maxing out the medical components of auto insurance policies, negotiating lower costs for medical bills or expensive procedures, and only using generic versions of prescription drugs. Of course, living a health-focused lifestyle is the most important step you can take, and we strive to support you in this with the information provided on NaturalHealth365.

The cost of Obamacare in its current state is grave, with fewer choices available along with skyrocketing premiums. A Hillary Clinton administration would seek to double down on Obamacare and move the entire healthcare system into the government’s control.

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  • Iris Lowenstein

    Surprise an other failed policy. This was never good for the American people. Everyone deserves medical care at an affordable price. However, this plan was so lopsided it couldn’t succeed.

  • Elizabeth Crane

    The senior community is a victim of this failed medical plan. Doctors are leaving by the droves. They can’t afford to stay in business. We have to keep looking for new physicians.

  • Roger Phelps

    It is costing me a fortune to not enroll in Obamacare. What is fair about this? I use alternative healthcare providers who I pay out-of-pocket. Jonathan, thanks for sharing and looking for a real solution.

    • Janice Turton

      Alternative healthcare is the way to go. Too many people rely on drugs. Our bodies are not designed to process chemicals. Too much junk mimicking ‘food’. If you want to be well eat whole foods and don’t be taken in by the pharmaceuticals. Then there will be more money to go round for really sick people. Food colourings (chemicals) are abundant They have been banned in Europe for many years.

  • Alberto Brown

    Thanks for addressing this issue. A topic like this should be brought to the attention of the American people. It is probably on the top of everyone’s list on things that need to be fixed.

  • Ronnie Hyden

    Gosh, another reminder of how bad things are in healthcare. Also, thanks to referring us to a solution. Up to now I was sure there was nothing i could do. I hear my doctor complaining all the time about the problems with Obamacare.

    My neighbors complain on how the co-pay keeps going up. Some have avoided much needed doctor visits due to the costs. I personally think the whole system is disgraceful. I will be considering alternative solutions and the only one I have found is the one that this article links to.

  • Blair Roger

    I pay for insurance, which I hardly use. My healthcare is from alternative providers. It is only out of pocket. This article is a reminder that mainstream healthcare and the insurance plans will never cover choice.

  • Perry R

    This is called the Affordable Insurance Care Act. The may know how to advertise it, but they sure don’t know how to run it.

  • Steve

    This shameful article is based on highly biased and slanted info! The claimed rate increases are cherry picked (see those Breitbart references)? it’s only the exchanges that have some increases, but many states are far smaller, more like 10-15%. none of those were included! Most people get insurance through their employer. Those rates are Not rising as fast. Funny how they used the Obamacare name there really is NO SUCH thing! It’s called the ACA and except for medicare and Medicaid, the coverage is handled by private insurance companies. Funny how they are never blamed for their greed, even though many sit on billions in reserves and investments! This is a strictly political article written by an amateur hack writer, not an insurance expert. Embarrassing!

  • Vince Laurence

    Even if we replace Obamacare, we will never have the freedom to pick our healthcare providers if they are not sanctioned by the mighty medical monopoly.

  • Darlene

    This is why I’m switching to the health care sharing ministries.