TOXIC SMILE: Harmful toothpaste ingredients linked to increased cancer risk

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toothpaste-ingredients-linked-to-cancer(NaturalHealth365)  The pursuit of the ‘perfect smile’ tends to come at great sacrifice to your health.  That’s because many of the oral hygiene products lining store shelves, including the multitude of toothpaste and mouthwash brands, actually contain toxic substances like fluoride and alcohol – which have been linked to an increased risk of cancer and other conditions.

There is a good reason why fluoride toothpaste in the United States displays a ‘poison warning’ label.  Unfortunately, many misconceptions about the safety of dental products are exposing children (and adults) to serious health risks.

WARNING: Fluoride has been linked to bone damage

Fluoride is not a nutrient, nor is it essential for your health.  Instead, it falls somewhere between arsenic and lead on the scale of toxicity.

“Even though we’ve got lots of periodontal choices at the drug store – like fluoride floss and minty mouthwash – there is more dental decay than any previous century,” says Nadine Artemis, natural health specialist, and speaker at the Holistic Oral Health Summit created by Jonathan Landsman.

That’s because the very products marketed as critical to good oral health are actually damaging teeth and gums, as well as causing secondary health problems.  Some reactions can even be life-threatening.

But with multi-billion dollar global conglomerates benefiting from fluoride sales and tooth decay, don’t expect to hear about those risks from conventional dentistry any time soon.  The same holds true for the pharmaceutical industry, dental equipment manufacturers, and insurance companies that all stand to profit from sickness and disease.  (I’ll be blunt – they don’t care about your health)

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Fluoride pushers should be jailed for crimes against humanity

According to the Fluoride Action Network, scientific studies have linked high levels of fluoride to a host of negative health effects, including thyroid disorders, weakened bone and bone fractures, arthritis, and impaired brain development and function.  Too much fluoride can also put you at risk for developing chronic skeletal fluorosis, a condition linked to weakened bones and arthritis.

But one of the most common issues linked to fluoride in toothpaste is the crumbling of teeth enamel.  This is especially a problem in areas where fluoride is already added to drinking water.  I really wish I didn’t have to write about this stuff – but I will NOT stop warning people about this health threat.

The legal sale of cancer-causing mouthwash

While toothpaste products attack your health with toxic fluoride, swirling a swig of mouthwash around in your mouth is posing another risk.  The use of mouthwashes that contain alcohol as an ingredient can drastically increase your risk of cancers of the mouth, head, and neck.

Those are the conclusions of a study conducted by researchers from Australia’s University of Melbourne and the University of Queensland School of Dentistry.  Scientists there studied the use of mouthwash among 3,210 people and compared it to the rates of mouth, head, and neck cancers.

Dental students in the United States would be speechless about this information

All participants who used an alcohol-containing mouthwash at least once per day had a significantly increased risk of cancer.  The correlation was independent of other risk factors, such as smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages.

Lead researcher Michael McCullough, chair of the Australian Dental Association’s therapeutics committee, points out that if another product – acne cream, for example – was found to be effective yet carry a five-fold increase in cancer risk, no one would be promoting it.

Artemis characterizes the situation with dental products as part of a “triple threat” to the mouth.  First, there is the harm caused by improper root canals and tooth extractions.  Second, there is a lack of understanding about dental lymph fluid.  And, number three, she says, is the act of attacking the mouth with really harsh chemicals and toothpaste.  “And, it’s actually a system that promotes tooth decay,” she adds.

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