Study reveals: Common VIRUS harder to eliminate while taking statins

Study reveals: Common VIRUS harder to eliminate while taking statins
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(NaturalHealth365) Conventionally speaking, statins are prescribed to lower cholesterol and help ‘protect’ heart health.  Yet, nothing could be further from the truth – when it comes to being good for our overall wellbeing.

For example, these medications are now being linked to a decreased ability to fight the flu, according to TWO studies published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.  And, let’s not forget the other issues like, chronic muscle pain, overall physical weakness and memory problems!

No doubt, statins have earned a shaky reputation – to say the least.  They have been linked with negative side effects like depression, diabetes and an elevated risk of chronic disease, for quite some time.  Now, it looks like we have to add to the list both: a negative outcome after receiving a flu vaccine and a diminished ability of our immune system to fend off viruses.

Taking statins will REDUCE the ‘effectiveness’ of the flu vaccine and weaken our immune system

Editor’s note: We, at NaturalHealth365, have written extensively about how the flu vaccine is quite ineffective at delivering its desired result of preventing the flu.  The studies – featured in this article – just add more reasons for us to question the ‘logic’ behind Western medicine – except when it comes to crisis interventions.

One study out of Emory University examined data related to 140,000 persons who got the flu over nine flu seasons. It was determined that those taking statins suffered from far more severe cases of the flu than persons who were not on these cholesterol-lowering drugs.

The second study examined data from flu vaccine clinical trials that took place between the years 2009 and 2011 – about 7,000 persons over age 65 from four different countries. The researchers looked at the flu virus antibodies in vaccinated persons. It was determined that those taking statins showed a significantly less effective immune system response to the virus.

Statins are widely prescribed to people with high cholesterol to help lower their risk of heart problems. However, this research shows that these drugs will impair the immune system – leaving a person more vulnerable to the flu virus and other diseases.

Action step: Strengthen the immune system and lower high cholesterol levels naturally

The researchers anticipate there will be changes to vaccination approaches as a result of this information.  Of course, with their narrow-minded view, they tend to think a ‘stronger’ dose of the vaccine may be recommended, or patients will be advised to stop taking statins – only around the time the vaccine is administered.

In all likelihood, Western medicine will never admit that these drugs are a mistake or offer a natural (safer) alternative to protect the heart and reduce the risk of a flu.

It’s obvious, statins (and the flu shot) have plenty of issues.  A more intelligent approach would be to work with an integrative physician – who understands the true value of cholesterol.  Don’t forget: this substance has great purpose for brain and hormone health plus, its ability to protect us from toxins in the environment.

To strength the immune system, eat a diet rich in organic fruits and vegetables, non-toxic protein and fats, as well as an ample supply of vitamin C and D to lower the risk of a flu.

Big pharma wants us to ignore the power of healthy lifestyle choices – as an intelligent strategy against the flu and high cholesterol levels

The bottom line: there are many ways to lower cholesterol – if needed – without having to depend on toxic medication.

Don’t forget: statins are linked to many side effects, including cognitive problems and mood disturbances, as well as an increased risk for diabetes, nerve inflammation, liver damage and even a higher risk of cancer.

But, when we focus on lowering our exposure to toxins; eating good fats; taking high-quality supplements (as needed) – including probiotics; and getting more physical activity – we will see much better results!

There’s no doubt, better diet and lifestyle choices will not only eliminate the need for drugs, but offer an amazing feeling of health that’s hard to describe in words.

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