A non-toxic option for parents not wanting to vaccinate

A non-toxic option for parents not wanting to vaccinate
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(NaturalHealth365) Should you vaccinate or not is the BIG question on everyone’s mind.

According to the mainstream media, there is no other way to protect your child other than conventional vaccination. Furthermore, you are accused of committing a selfish act by not “protecting the community” unless you vaccinate, regardless of any risks involved for your own child. But, you and I know,  this is not the whole story.

Finally! A safe, non-toxic, effective choice is available to protect your family

The non-toxic option available to parents for disease prevention is called “homeoprophylaxis” or HP.  HP actually “educates” the immune system.

HP has been around for 200 years and has been used effectively for epidemics – including childhood infectious disease. HP is produced exactly like other homeopathic remedies in U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved pharmacies. (Did you know that the FDA was formed by a homeopath named Royal Copeland? He actually devised a homeopathic pharmacopoeia to protect the use of remedies.)

Homeopathic nosodes for HP are made from substances of the targeted disease

Biological discharges, such as sputum, or exudates are used as the original substance. The solution is then serially diluted and potentized to create the homeoprophylaxis remedies. No original molecules of the original disease remain in the final product. This process is a type of “attenuation.”

Attenuation means to “weaken” and a similar process is used in manufacturing conventional vaccines. But, with vaccines, there is still some of the original disease product present after attenuation. This is the “antigen” found in any vaccine.

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This is just one of a few key differences between HP and vaccination.

The most obvious difference is the purity of the homeopathic nosodes compared to conventional vaccines. Homeopathic nosodes contain no additives whatsoever. No antibiotics, no preservatives, no detergents, no foreign DNA, or unknown viruses are present in HP nosodes.

Revealing how HP helps the immune system to do its job

They are not grown on animal tissues, so they carry no foreign DNA. HP is administered by mouth, touching mucous membrane, just like natural disease enters the body. Individuals are given only one disease remedy at a time, which is more easily recognized by the body than multiple diseases administered with combination vaccines. Nosodes are available for measles, mumps, whooping cough, meningitis, tetanus, polio and many other infectious and tropical diseases as well.

The goal of HP is to provide education to the developing immune system. According to Dr. Isaac Golden who has completed a 15 year study of HP for childhood disease, “I would suggest that HP remedies stimulate the energetic immune response and this must lead to a maturing of the response in an analogous way that infection with simple diseases can help to mature the physical immune response.”

The success rate of HP is outstanding

HP has been used for cholera, polio, meningitis, Leptospirosis, and many other diseases showing effectiveness rates between 85% – 95%. The Finlay Institute in Cuba, one of the world’s leading vaccine research and development facilities, has conducted studies using HP for Dengue fever, Hepatitis and other tropical diseases.

While a conventional vaccination does provide a variable level of protection against some infectious diseases, its safety is not confirmed with any degree of certainty. In particular, long term health consequences of vaccines have not been adequately researched.

In comparison, homeoprophylaxis has provided 200 years of clinical evidence showing us that it is safe, devoid of any toxic components, and also yields positive long term health effects. Fewer chronic diseases and fewer cases of sore throats, ear infections, eczema and other inflammatory diseases are some of the many benefits over time.

In addition, homeoprophylaxis appears from evidence to provide a level of protection which is comparable to or better than vaccines, meaning that parents have genuine choices available when it comes to preventing potentially serious infectious diseases.

Safe healthcare for the entire family

With an individual kit, HP can be implemented within each family as they follow a schedule of nosode dosing for specific diseases. These nosodes can be adapted for your area or for international travel.

Each month a nosode is administered in order to educate the immune system, familiarizing it with the frequency of the targeted disease. If the disease is then encountered naturally, the system will either repel the disease or engage an immune response to effectively overcome it.

About the author: Cilla Whatcott, PhD, HD RHom, CCH is a board certified classical homeopath and co-founder of Free and Healthy Children International, a non-profit which educates parents about disease prevention. She is author of “There is a Choice, Homeoprophylaxis,” and co-author of “The Solution: Homeoprophylaxis the Vaccine Alternative.” For more information about how to access HP for your family or to contact Cilla directly – visit: FreeandHealthyChildren.com. To hear Dr. Golden and other experts speak in Dallas TX at the first international conference about homeoprophylaxis, visit: HPWorldwideChoice.com

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