New vaccination campaign: Health officials admit more than half the babies will suffer side effects

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girl-feeling-sick(NaturalHealth365) Health officials in England are telling parents their babies are likely to suffer side effects for several days following administration of a new vaccine introduced there. But, in what appears to be astoundingly risky advice, officials go on to recommend masking the symptoms of pain and fever with dangerous medication.

Parents are now facing a double burden. Their infants will likely react to the vaccine, suffering fever and pain. At the same time, there is the danger of negative side effects from the recommended “solution,” acetaminophen – a medication linked to liver damage, autism and asthma.

Sickening admission: New vaccination likely to cause fever

In September, England launched the first national government-funded vaccination program against meningitis B in the world. However, health officials at Public Health England have warned parents that more than half of babies vaccinated will suffer a fever lasting several days.

The agency stressed that the fever was ‘generally mild and harmless.’ There was no word, however, on what parents might expect if their child should fall outside of what is “generally” experienced.

Parents are being assured that the vaccine, known as Bexsero, is safe. Officials are even assuring parents that the expected fever is not a reflection of vaccine dangers, but rather a sign of the body’s desired response to the vaccine.

Unintelligent advice: Hiding symptoms with dangerous medications

As though worry over vaccine dangers wasn’t enough, acetaminophen would be adding risk upon risk. Long a favorite of pediatricians, more recent research has linked the medication to a whole host of serious health concerns.

Researchers publishing in the journal Environmental Health noted a rise in autism that correlates with the increased use of acetaminophen in infant boys prior to circumcision. Those findings may explain why boys are nearly five times as likely to have autism as girls.

A study out of the University of California, San Diego, found that children given acetaminophen to alleviate MMR vaccine side effects were eight times as likely to later be diagnosed with autism as children receiving ibuprofen.

Be careful: Increases in autism, asthma and liver damage

Children given acetaminophen just once per year on average are also known to increase their chances of developing asthma by 70 percent, according to a recent study published in the European Journal of Public Health.

Each year, acetaminophen is also responsible for a staggering number of cases of liver damage, acute liver damage and death associated with liver problems. Statistics show the drug is linked to more than 450 deaths, 26,000 hospitalizations, 56,000 emergency room visits, and 100,000 calls to poison control centers.

Natural alternatives provide safe relief

There are alternatives, besides ibuprofen, if your baby runs a fever. In many cases, it is best to let the fever run its course.

Try natural remedies to keep your baby comfortable, such as placing a cold, damp washcloth on his or her forehead or giving a lukewarm tub bath. If your baby is eating soft foods, serve them chilled. Finally, remove layers of clothing to leave only one layer. Of course, as a matter of intelligence, it’s always best to work with a trusted, healthcare provider that appreciates the value of natural remedies.


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  • Roxanne

    Staggering idiocy! As if vaccines weren’t enough of a toxic assault, the “medical
    authorities” in their dogmatic “wisdom” push acetaminophen as the solution to the
    problems THEY caused. Acetaminophen directly affects the liver’s glutathione
    levels – the mother of anti-oxidants – impairing the body’s ability to detoxify poisons,
    especially heavy metals. It’s beyond criminal what the medical mob gets away with!

  • Henry R

    Children’s vaccination is now greatly debated. Vaccines are cheap to make once formulated and a cash cow. The pharmaceutical industry claims that up to now they have only considered vaccinations for infectious diseases.

    Vaccines are now entering a new arena. The prime example is the HPV (human papiloma vaccine) and possible Ebola vaccine. Expansion into global markets is the goal not safety and risk management.

  • Norma Kelly

    I would guess from your comment you are one with modern medicine. From experience and studies there is plenty of evidence that people process medication differently. A person who is less than the average weight used for recommended dosages will react differently.

    It has been found that if you eat less than normal, a dose of acetaminophen will be even more powerful. There is no proper dose as there is no guaranteed safety. No drug is without a risk.

    If you need your liver and kidneys get tested regularly it implies a possible danger. As far as vaccines they contain dangerous materials and it is anyone’s guess to how this can play out in the short and long run.

    I have seen fibromyalgia improve and reverse in people who changed their diet and lifestyles. This is surely a good way to put energy to good use.

  • craigamunson

    polio was cured in 1949. all vaccines are unnecessary.

  • craigamunson

    polio was cured in 1949. all vaccines are unnecessary. all drugs are derivatives of oil. not good. for pain relief try white willow bark, a natural product that was reversed enginneered to create aspirin.