Vaccines linked to life threatening food allergies

Vaccines linked to life threatening food allergies
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(NaturalHealth365) Few people can dismiss the fact that food allergies have steeply risen over the last several decades. While researchers and physicians have struggled for explanations, one very probable link remains virtually unexplored: the use of food antigens in the manufacture of vaccines.

About 8 percent of U.S. children are believed to be affected by food allergies. According to Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, a renowned board certified pediatrician practicing in the New York City area, vaccine manufacturers are not required to disclose the types of growth media used in making vaccines. Yet, there is strong evidence that peanut oil and other foods likely to cause allergies are often used.

Actions speak louder than words: Do government health agencies really care about our kids?

Most often, the growing food allergy problem involves reactions to peanuts, cow’s milk, wheat, soy, tree nuts, egg and certain types of seafood. It is known that many of these allergies develop early in life. Not only is this a time when toddlers first try solid foods, but it is also a time when infants and very young children are subjected to multiple doses of vaccines.

The increase in food allergies is very likely because of an immune reaction to ingested food proteins – which is due to a previous immune reaction to injected food antigens found in vaccines.

While some of these children will suffer severe side effects, even death, just from the vaccine itself, providers like Dr. Palevsky are pointing out that vaccines are also a very likely trigger for food allergies, some of which can also be severe or even lethal.

Peanut oil isn’t the only concern

Vaccine medium derived from bovine caesin is known to remain as an antigen in certain vaccinations, leading to a rise in case of children with a milk allergy, which are known to contribute to inflammatory symptoms with a long list of chronic illnesses, including eczema, autism, asthma, and even bipolar disease and schizophrenia.

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Other vaccinations are manufactured with medium containing egg protein or soy, also contributors to antigens found in vaccinations as well as increases in food allergies.

Yet, there is no evidence that the government committees approving vaccinations have made note of the rise in food allergies, let alone drawn the correlations. Despite this, many clinicians and parents are recognizing the connection.

The risk to our children remains quite serious

While the direct dangers of vaccines have been widely documented, the secondary threat of food allergies brought about by vaccinations can be just as risky. The potential for a serious reaction or even death resulting from a peanut allergy has become so real that special measures to safeguard against accidental exposure have become commonplace in public areas, from peanut bans on airplanes to peanut-free school cafeterias.

Maria Rinaldi, lead author of a new report on the rise of food allergies and an epidemiologist at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, joined colleagues in gathering data from the medical records of more than 500 children with suspected peanut allergies between 1999 and 2007. What they found confirmed what many parents and physicians already knew: there has been a consistent increase in peanut allergies.

As the nation’s health officials and the majority of physicians continue to push for mandatory immunization schedules, the health risks brought about by associated food allergies and the chronic conditions they trigger are likely to continue to climb at alarming rates. We (still) need greater public awareness about this issue – please share this information with your family and friends.


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