Vaccination MADNESS: Idaho Shakespeare Festival sings a song to brainwash children in grades K-6

Vaccination MADNESS: Idaho Shakespeare Festival sings a song to brainwash children in grades K-6
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(NaturalHealth365) Over 30,000 children in more than 100 schools are set to receive a heavy dose of vaccination propaganda in the coming months. An updated version of the classic work “80 Days Around the World” is set to be performed by the Idaho Shakespeare Festival (ISF). This musical, penned for Youth Company Performances, includes a very strangely tacked on five minutes of vaccine propaganda that ought to have every parent very concerned. (to say the least!)

The song section, in question, talks about vaccines you “have to” receive in order to travel and depicts administering vaccines, calling it “not a big deal” and saying that receiving them “doesn’t hurt.” The play also invokes Elon Musk as a “super-smart scientist friend who says vaccines are safe!”

As expected, there is never a mention of the possible (negative) vaccine side effects in the lyrics.

Exposing K-6 schoolchildren to vaccination propaganda is just plain wrong

Parents who have seen the play have said they were shocked at how overtly pro-vaccine the play seemed with the tacked-on scene. Keep in mind, the original work has absolutely nothing to do with vaccines.

It’s unclear if the play’s director, Tom Ford, added this scene willingly or submitted to pressure from an outside force to include this scene. It also includes a creepy song about forced vaccines set to a catchy tune.

The sponsor of the tour, the Idaho Theater for Youth, brings professional productions to close to 30,000 K-6 students across the state of Idaho. Boise Weekly reports the musical was written by Alex Syiek at the request of director Tom Ford – just for Idaho Theater for Youth.

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Whether you live in Idaho or have school-age children or not, consider voicing your opinion on this matter. Children at this impressionable age should not be subjected to vaccination propaganda (or any propaganda.)

Email the director: Tom Ford tom at

Call & Email the Education Manager Veronica Von Tobel
(208) 429-9908 Ext. 206
veronica at

And, this is their Facebook page.

If you are a parent, it wouldn’t hurt to double-check to make sure this play (or anything similar) isn’t coming to your child’s school district.

At this time, ISF seems to be deflecting feedback questioning this propaganda elements of the play. People who have made respectful, questioning comments on their Facebook page have had these comments ignored and deleted.

Vaccine side effects speak to the dangers of vaccines

Interestingly, Idaho has one of the highest vaccine exemption rates in the country. If you were pro-vaccine and wanted to wage a propaganda campaign, this would certainly be the place to start.

The current generation of children suffer more health problems than ever and are receiving 300 percent more vaccines. With so many reported vaccine side effects, many parents are opting to exempt their children from receiving them.

And, remember, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) has paid out almost $4 billion to victims and families of persons who have suffered ill health or death from vaccines. It’s almost hard to believe that they call this medical intervention, “safe and effective.”

Some of the play’s creepy song lyrics are as follows:

“There are so many diseases you need to be protected against if you are going around the world
By injecting you with a small sample of each of the diseases your body will be able to fight those pesky illnesses away”

As the patient protests, the vaccine administrator pushes them to take the shot:

“Relax, it’s not like it’s Euthanasia
Don’t Cry
Just Comply”

And the song finishes with something along the lines of: “my super smart, rich, scientist friend Elon Musk told me vaccines were OK!”

Listen and decide for yourself – in this video below:

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