25 reasons to question vaccine safety

25 reasons to question vaccine safety
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(NaturalHealth365) The recent measles outbreak ignited a firestorm of finger pointing at those opposed to a ‘forced vaccination program’, despite the lack of scientific evidence that unvaccinated children are to blame. But lack of evidence hasn’t slowed down the mainstream media from demonizing established physicians and concerned parents who refuse to get in lockstep with a dollar-driven mindset that ignores vaccine dangers and exposes children to deadly neurotoxins.

While vaccine manufacturers prefer to stay in the shadows, they continue to fatten their legal and lobbying budgets over safety expenditures.  For example, did you know that Merck is being sued by 2 of its own virologists for fraudulently claiming that the MMR vaccine is effective.  This case (alone) could end the ‘vaccine debate’ as it unfolds.

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The top 25 reasons to question vaccine safety revealed

1. The link between vaccines and autism is scientifically undeniable.

Forget what corporate-sponsored media and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) would have you believe. Scientific studies have shown consistent evidence that vaccines cause autism. In-depth analyses conducted without dipping into the deep pockets of Big Pharma have demonstrated statistically significant correlations between vaccination and autism. Study results called for fewer or no vaccines as the only reasonable (preventative) step toward avoiding harm.

2. Adequate vaccine safety studies don’t exist.

Outrageous as it may seem, there have been no long-term studies looking at vaccine safety. Very short-term studies comparing one group of vaccinated subjects against another group of subjects receiving a different vaccine can be found, but there is a lack of safety studies comparing vaccinated subjects to unvaccinated subjects. To make matters even worse, protocols for industry-sponsored trials remain mostly shrouded in secrecy.

3. The unknown dangers of multiple vaccines.

Some of the most compelling evidence of vaccines causing harm to children can be found with vaccines given in combined form, like the MMR vaccine developed against measles, mumps and rubella. Now consider that children receive not just one, but several, vaccines over a relatively short period of time, often simultaneously. There has been a lack of tests to measure the impact of these vaccine cocktails pumped into a child’s bloodstream.

Do you really want viruses injected into your body?

4. Vaccines can transfer viruses like, HIV.

It was the use of African green monkey serum in vaccines that led to transfer of the Simian Immune Deficiency or SIV from monkeys to humans. Dr. Robert Gallo, discoverer of the Human Immune Deficiency (HIV), has acknowledged that SIV and HIV are indistinguishable.

5. No vaccine risk assessment can be found.

Few areas within the healthcare system, other than vaccines, have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ mentality. We have individualized plans for diet and exercise; different protocols for the treatment of cancer and other diseases; prescription drug dosages can vary and a number of different approaches to reducing the risk of heart disease.

But, when it comes to vaccinating our children, there is no risk assessment and no analysis of what individual factors may impact the effectiveness or safety of a given vaccine. From genetics to diet to birth complications, children have a host of individual traits that can greatly change how vaccines impact their overall wellbeing.

6. Vaccine policies expose society to bioterrorism.

As a mass-produced and mass-administered medical program, vaccination leave us vulnerable – as a society – for use as a launching pad for bioterrorism and the spread of epidemics. This is not a movie plot – but a very real possibility – with many experts believing that such an attack is more likely, and the outcome more deadly, than an attack by more conventional means of war.

7. Vaccines introduce unrecognizable viruses into the human body.

There are viruses found in other animal species that are not found in humans. However, vaccines like the MMR vaccine – which is made with fetal bovine serum, and chick embryo fibroblasts, among other substances – introduce other species into the bloodstream of humans, leaving the door wide open for interspecies activation of unidentified retroviruses, changes at the molecular level and restoration of the targeted virus.

8. Vaccine deaths and disabilities remain undocumented.

Physicians in many countries around the world are discouraged from attributing deaths or permanent disabilities to vaccines. While the medical community knows these occurrences exist, publicity is not nearly so widespread in mainstream media and when exposed, the cause is often disputed.

Vaccines promote chronic disease and premature death

9. The connection between vaccines and cancer.

In addition to the link to HIV as well as autism, there is evidence that dramatic increase of a blood cancer found in infants is likely due to the direct injection of toxic vaccine ingredients into the bloodstream.

10. There is no such thing as a ‘natural’ vaccine.

Seek out certified organic fruits and vegetables, wear natural fibers and opt for home remedies to combat the common cold, but you simply cannot choose a less harmful, natural, or organic vaccine. There is nothing natural about putting heavy metals, chemical preservatives, manipulated animal and human tissues plus other foreign substances into the human body.

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11. Vaccines threaten healthy immune function.

Vaccines are designed to stimulate blood-related immunity response only. But immunologists have acknowledged that by doing so, vaccines disrupt the remainder of the body’s natural immune system – leading to an imbalance that has resulted in an alarming increase in autoimmune disorders and disease.

12. Infants are extremely vulnerable to vaccine injuries.

Children are known to suffer less than 2 percent of the vaccine preventable diseases, yet 98 percent of vaccines target hem. Many vaccine pioneers understood the dangers posed by vaccinating young children and did not advocate mass immunization programs. There simply is no scientific basis for vaccinating infants.

13. Vaccines suppress a natural immune response.

Many doctors who question mass vaccination programs suggest that childhood diseases allow the human body to exercise and develop its immune system. By injecting these viruses, the immune system is robbed of this opportunity to acquire (and respond) to infections naturally.  The result can be seen in the epidemic of autoimmune disorders – including diabetes and arthritis – seen in adults today.

14. Babies have a low tolerance for deadly toxins.

Much attention is given to ensuring new mothers understand the benefits of breastfeeding for at least the first six months of a baby’s life. In fact, under normal conditions, it’s highly beneficial to limit an infant’s diet to mother’s milk (only) because a baby’s delicate system cannot tolerate anything else.

Yet, in contrast to this sound advice, and against all scientific evidence, infants are injected with 36 extremely toxic vaccine shots, including boosters – while vaccine proponents in the medical community assure parents all is well.

15. What is the point of ‘vaccine bullying’?

Vaccinating infants is an extremely profitable venture for the pharmaceutical industry as well as obedient physicians.  Profits have been placed above the welfare of your children – which has resulted in bullying parents to obey vaccine orders; development of a uniformly adopted vaccination schedule and the insistence of public schools that children be fully vaccinated.

Bottom line, it isn’t about your child’s health. It is all about money and control.

16. Vaccine manufacturers have no accountability for their products.

It is little wonder that approximately $3.5 billion has accumulated in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in the United States since suing pharmaceutical companies over cases involving autism is no longer allowed.  As lawsuits began mounting, three studies were chosen to represent all autistic-related suits and the Vaccine Compensation Program’s own appointed judges ruled that vaccines were not the cause of autism in these three cases.

Of course, this makes it very difficult for parents to ‘prove’ – in this kangaroo court – that any vaccine may have caused an injury to their child.  This leaves most parents to deal with the financial (and emotional) burden of vaccine injured children – without any legal options.

17. Government agencies are covering up vaccine safety concerns.

A whistleblower at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently confirmed what parents of autistic children have long suspected: that there is scientific evidence linking the MMR vaccine and the rise of autism in children. To make matters worse, the CDC continues to cover up the study results showing that African American boys, in particular, are at high risk.

18. Can small babies really handle the toxic burden?

The impact of vaccines on the human immune system is not only an issue for later in life. The explosion in the number of reported cases of autism, along with childhood asthma, eczema and other immune diseases found in youth is out of control. All of these health issues are reaching a ‘crisis-level’ with the increase in childhood vaccines the common thread and almost certainly a contributing factor.

Why would we expect that infants can tolerate toxic vaccines – especially when you consider that their immune system hasn’t fully developed yet?

19. Some vaccines still have mercury – a neurotoxic agent.

Although the federal government ordered all vaccine manufacturers to remove mercury from their products in 1999, mercury still remains a part of many vaccines around the globe and vaccines with mercury were never recalled.  In fact, it’s estimated that children were still being immunized with these vaccines as late as 2006.

Even so-called ‘mercury-free’ vaccines still contain from 0.05 mcg to 0.1 mcg of deadly mercury. Since mercury tends to accumulate in the body, this still holds a threat for vaccinated infants who will continue to be exposed to deadly mercury from other sources throughout their lives.

20. Vaccines do NOT strengthen immune funciton.

Vaccines build up only one line of defense in the immune system: the antibodies. But the rest of the immune system is lulled to sleep. Both, however, are needed for fully developed immunity.

Over time, immunity from vaccines begins to wane. Despite being wrongfully blamed on non-vaccinated children, science tells us that occurrences like the recent measles outbreak are much more likely due to immunity that has weakened in vaccinated children or the vaccine itself.

Multiple vaccine toxins increase the danger to your health

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21. The danger of multiple vaccines.

There is evidence of autism and autism-like symptoms being more prevalent among children receiving the DPT and MMR vaccines – suggesting that multiple toxins, bacteria and viruses combined in a single injection could be a critical factor. As pharmaceutical companies continue to push the envelope with larger combinations of vaccines in single injections, the dangers will only increase.

22. The toxicity of vaccine ingredients.

Even in the latest vaccines, you will still often find traces of mercury. This mercury is second in toxicity only to the radioactive substance uranium. It is 1,000 times more toxic than lead, though every parent is cautioned against exposing young children to lead paint.  Of course, vaccines also have aluminum, formaldehyde, foreign (allergy-causing) proteins, and yeast extract (MSG) – to name a few.  Does this sound good to you?

Mercury can damage the entire nervous system. According to researchers led by Dr Teresa Binstock, more than 200 autism symptoms completely mirror the symptoms of mercury poisoning. If you have any doubt about the danger of mercury in vaccines – look up the work of Dr. Russell Blaylock.

23. Why is the CDC back-pedaling on its position about vaccines?

Once insisting there was no link between vaccines and the rise in autism in children, the CDC has now been forced to change its story in light of damaging evidence it did not follow proper protocol on conducting its own studies and drawing conclusions regarding a link. The epidemic of autism is found in all countries that have allowed mass vaccinations of their children.

Do you still want to rely on the CDC for reassurances over the safety of vaccines?

24.  Why is the pharmaceutical industry so afraid of Dr. Andrew Wakefield?

After publicizing his findings that showed vaccine strain measles virus in the tissue, cerebro-spinal fluid, blood and guts of autistic children, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, an established gastroenterologist in the UK, was disgraced and refuted by the UK government – which had introduced the vaccine.  Dr.Wakefield has been persecuted for simply doing his job as a public health scientist.

Without any sound medical or scientific proof of wrongdoing, his license was pulled and his case study removed from further public scrutiny. This was all done despite several scientific reports – which confirmed his findings.  I guess big pharma will stop at nothing to protect its profits.

25. Let’s not forget about the dangers of aluminum in vaccines.

It’s widely known that vaccines contain highly toxic substances, in addition to cancer-causing agents, toxic chemicals, genetically modified viruses and a host of other contaminants. Despite most of the media attention focusing on mercury, there are additional vaccine dangers.

The Food and Drug Administration and many childhood nutrition organizations recommend no more than 25 mcg of aluminum as a ‘safe’ limit. Yet, a single vaccine exceeds this boundary and puts your child at risk of aluminum toxicity – leading to neurological disorders and autism.

By now, I’m sure you can see that it’s perfectly reasonable to have concerns about vaccinating yourself or your child. Simply put, there are too many questions – unanswered by conventional medicine and the mainstream media – to believe that vaccines are anything but a danger to human health.

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