Childhood vaccine safety data results hidden by government health officials

Childhood vaccine safety data results hidden by government health officials
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(NaturalHealth365) It has come to light that Public Health England (PHE), a major United Kingdom Department of Health and Social Care agency, has neglected to make public the results of three major clinical trials assessing the safety and effectiveness of childhood vaccines. (Gee, I wonder why.)

If you’ve been reading NaturalHealth365 for some time – I’m sure you know the answer to my question, above.

And, just to be clear: the failure of this group to add the results of new trials to the EU Clinical Trials Register (EUCTR) has breached the law.  This negligence in effect prevents the public, doctors and the scientific community from studying the results.

Do government ‘health’ agencies really care about public safety?

The PHE has been accused of a violation of consumer trust that has been called “incomprehensible.” Parents agreeing to allow their children to participate in the testing as well as those who opt to receive the vaccines later deserve better.

The EU Clinical Trials Register was created in 2011 for the expressed purpose of allowing the public access to data related to clinical trials for drugs and treatments. The EUCTR were established by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and authorized within the European Union.

EMA representative Lise Murphy has stated that the EUCTR’s main mission was to ‘elevate transparency’ in medical research. The stated goal of the organization is to ‘make it easier’ for consumers to have access to information related to clinical trials across Europe.

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And, yet, when we take a closer look at their actions – nothing they do makes much sense to rational people.

Only HALF of all European research groups conducting clinical trials have reported their results

The largest of the suppressed vaccine clinical trials was conducted in 2016 and included 640 children under 16 years of age. It was created to assess the safety as well as the overall efficacy of a new pertussis (whooping cough) and meningococcal vaccine. The EUCTR requires the registration of study results within one year of its conclusion.

The failure of the PHE to register these vaccine trial results with the EUCTR in effect prevents the public from knowing how the children receiving new vaccines fared.  Unfortunately, such negligence is nothing new.

Recent research published in the journal BMJ titled “Compliance with the European Commission” discussed the requirement of reporting study results to the EUCTR within one year of completion.

But, sadly, compliance has been very poor – with just half of research groups adhering to this standard. Of 7,247 European clinical trials, just under 50 percent had results reported appropriately by the lead researchers.

Should we allow any public health organization or drug company to get away with this?!

Ben Goldacre of the University of Oxford and lead author of the BMJ paper believes this issue is jeopardizing the benefits of evidence-based medicine.  Doctors and consumers simply cannot make informed choices regarding treatments unless all results are reliably reported.

We know that unwanted vaccine side effects are greatly underreported.  They include neurological problems, autism, autoimmune disorders, paralysis, pediatric cancer and even death.

So, not reporting clinical trial results does a grave disservice to the patients and families who choose to receive these vaccines.  Above all else, we should be allowed to make an informed decision about our healthcare.

And, those that commit fraud should be held accountable.

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