5G wireless rollout blocked by small town over cancer concerns

5G wireless rollout blocked by small town over cancer concerns
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(NaturalHealth365) The San Francisco Bay area is undoubtedly a technology hub. However, there are certain “innovations” that residents aren’t on board with – including controversial 5G wireless internet service.

The wealthy Mill Valley enclave, a small town located just north of San Francisco, recently decided in a unanimous vote by the city council to block the deployment of small-cell 5G wireless towers in residential areas.

Successful block of 5G wireless technology could set a precedent

An “urgency ordinance” will be put into force immediately regarding 5G telecommunications equipment in residential areas. This development was driven by community concerns regarding the unwanted health effects of 5G wireless antennas.

Mill Valley officials reported receiving 145 letters from citizens voicing opposition to 5G technology and just five in support of it. Blocks on the deployment of 5G technology aren’t new for Marin County. In addition to Mill Valley, the cities of Ross and San Anselmo have passed similar pieces of legislation thwarting 5G expansion over health concerns.

Restrictions like those successfully enacted in the town of Mill Valley could slow down and complicate the nationwide 5G rollout. Based on the health problems and lack of thorough research on the effects of 5G exposure, this is a very good thing.

EMF protection even more important in areas using 5G technology

Wireless radiation has been linked with many health issues including cancer, reproductive issues and neurological problems. Children are at particularly high risk of health problems from wireless technology due to their smaller size.  And, many countries – including Israel and France – are banning the technology in schools.

5G networks operate in the 24 to 90 gigahertz range, using higher frequencies than ever used or thoroughly tested before. The technology will require one transmitter per two to 10 homes, leading to a higher density of the hardware than ever before.

WARNING: EMF pollution from wireless devices can damage our DNA

EMF radiation is known to disrupt cellular functioning and cause serious health risks, including cognitive issues, DNA damage, cardiac (heart) problems and impaired fertility. It is also linked with cancers of the breast, prostate, liver, skin and lungs.

To make matter worse, EMF pollution from cell phones, appliances and smart meters pose an even greater health risk.

This is a very real threat: People who have electromagnetic hypersensitivity – which affects up to five percent of the population – can suffer from symptoms that include severe headaches, chronic fatigue, dizziness, nausea, difficulty concentrating, sleep disorders and depression.

EMF protection can be as simple as avoiding wireless and plugging in

With such a sea of different EMF waves surrounding us, especially in cities, it’s important to take measures to create EMF protection. Using non-wireless technology – whenever possible – will help to minimize any potential harm.  Simply put, just ‘plug in’ any electronic device.

And, when it comes to cell phone use – minimize it and always use the speakerphone feature or text.  Remember, you can always call your friends or family later – from a landline ‘hard-wired’ telephone as a healthier option.

You should also stay vigilant and aware of what types of programs are being implemented in your community. If a big 5G rollout is planned, consider forming a group to raise awareness.  Petition your legislators to vote against it.

Never forget: Your community’s health is at stake!

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