Is GcMAF the real reason why holistic doctors are being found dead?

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holistic-doctors-dead(NaturalHealth365) It is a fact learned way back in elementary school: the immune system plays a critical role in helping the body resist and fight disease. Yet, that simple fact has become the link in a growing controversy that includes everything from accusations of quackery to conspiracy to commit murder.

Nearly a dozen holistic doctors have been reported missing or dead, though none were known to have any life-threatening health condition. Naturally, many people are wondering: What’s the link among them?

Shockingly, all were in some way involved in activities related to the use of a naturally occurring immunity-boosting protein known as GcMAF to lessen the effects of autism and other health-related conditions.

Big pharma does NOT want you to know about GcMAF research

Holistic-Oral-Health-Summit-Hate-This-Man-300x300GcMAF is a protein made naturally by the body that helps the immune system ward off cancer and other disease on a day-to-day basis.

Human GcMAF, sometimes referred to as ‘vitamin D binding protein macrophage activating factor,’ is believed by many to hold great potential in the treatment of autism, cancer, chronic fatigue and possibly Parkinson’s disease plus other chronic health conditions. Nearly 60 research papers have been published on GcMAF since 1990.

GcMAF is a critical component of the body’s immune system. In fact, the immune system can’t function without it. GcMAF is found naturally in the blood and stimulates what is known as the macrophage component of the immune system to help it destroy cancer cells and viral invaders. It also works by blocking the supply of nutrients to cancer cells by squeezing off blood vessel development at the site.

Research has shown these same actions can also help the body in reducing the effects of a number of neurological diseases, including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, as well as inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis. You can learn more about the effectiveness of GcMAF by watch this YouTube video below:

In addition, here’s (video) proof of the search warrant issued to raid Dr. Jeff Bradstreet’s office and seize everything related to GcMAF – just days before his death.


Was Dr. Jeff Bradstreet killed because of GcMAF?

The use of GcMAF to treat autism was a hallmark of ongoing research by Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, a man-of-the-cloth-turned-physician who was also a prominent voice in the anti-vaccine movement. Dr. Bradstreet was himself the parent of both a child and stepchild who suffered from autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Bradstreet had treated 1,100 patients with GcMAF, with an 85 percent response rate.

Sadly, Dr. Bradstreet was found dead on June 19, the victim of a gunshot wound to the chest that local officials suggest was self-inflicted. Family members believe otherwise.

Like several other holistic physicians among those to die mysteriously or disappear over just a few week’s time, Dr. Bradstreet had been working to identify the link between vaccinations and autism.

Are the police or investigators looking into the link between toxic vaccines, GcMAF and the death of these doctors?

In the months preceding his death, Dr. Bradstreet began delving into the study of nagalase and its potential role in autism and other conditions. Nagalase is an enzyme produced by cancer cells and viruses. But, wait, there’s more…

Thinking it unlikely children with autism have undiagnosed cancers, the doctor turned his attention to viral etiology. He concluded the often-observed autoimmune issues – found in autistic patients – was likely due to persistent, unresolved viral infections. In fact, Dr. Bradstreet claimed to have tested over 400 children with autism for the viral marker nagalase, finding nearly 80 percent had significantly elevated levels.

The plot thickens: Evidence reveals a ‘secret’ cause of disease

What Dr. Bradstreet and the other dead or missing holistic doctors may have begun to suspect was that nagalase has been intentionally added to vaccines. This would be one reason for the vaccine/autism correlation, and it also explains the broader array of health risks associated with vaccinations.

Whether Dr. Bradstreet and others like him had strong evidence to support this, they at least had begun to reveal the secret. It is known that most, if not all, of the doctors who recently died or disappeared were somehow connected to treatment practices involving GcMAF to prevent the negative effects of nagalase.

Less disease leads to a lowered need for pharmaceuticals and a negative impact on big pharma profits.  In addition, the growing doubt in vaccinations weaken health official recommendations to follow vaccination programs and reduces profits for the pharmaceutical industry.

For many, these facts are enough to fuel suspicion that pharmaceutical companies are adding nagalase to their products and that there is more to these doctors’ deaths and disappearances than mere coincidence.

Stay tuned to NaturalHealth365 as this story unfolds.


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  • Pretty scary stuff! The videos referred to nagalase and how it may have more of an effect on certain blood types for autism. This hit home for me as I had often wondered if certain blood types were affected as my eldest daughter, her biological father, and my brother all have Asperger’s Syndrome to some degree. The men are more high functioning while my daughter needs assistance and lives in a rest home. But, they ALL have O negative blood type. Though that was very interesting, this is huge news and reminds me of Royal Rife in the 30s and 40s when the AMA burned down his facilities because of his findings for a cancer cure. Will we ever be able to beat big pharma?

    • Angel_3

      Probably not because they have so many politicians in their grasp.

    • Anatolius

      Georges Lakhovsky, the inventor of the multiple wave oscillator (MWO), a machine somewhat similar to the Rife machine, was struck by a limousine and died in hospital 3 days later. This was in 1942 and the MWO became yet another suppressed cancer cure.

      I also often wonder about the rhesus negative factor of (all) blood types and whether these RH- people are being targeted deliberately for some reason. There are various “conspiracy” theories out there about the RH- factor.

  • linzi

    I think big needs to be replaced with a word that better describes it as an evil entity. Nasty pharma will only be beaten if we beat the government as I now believe they are one and the same thing.

    • noddy

      linzi Agreed what about Psychopathic Pharma? Government thrives on tax money so a way has to be found to stop tax being taken from people who are not legally obliged to pay any of it. There is a fantastic documentary about this called From Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo proving that there is no law anywhere in USA requiring people to pay tax. Also, you might disagree, but if people are going to still pay tax (only because they are not aware they do not have to etc) then that tax can fund a state health care system and then the medicines will be paid for using that and not by insurance which allows PP (Psycho Pharma) to charge anything they want for treatment because wealthy insurance companies are paying. Governments could not even attack other innocent countries without taxpayers money which is wasted on everything but the citizens needs. Of course, until we change it, other countries are usually legally bound to pay tax

  • Debora Lee Meehan

    Colonicslady. It is coming thru Heavy Metals being put into children and dental work!!!! There has to be a bridge that introduces this. ALL HEAVY METALS STOP THE IMMUNE SYSTEM FUNCTION!!! I wrote books 15 yrs. ago connecting this just did not have the science that you are now giving. Thank you!

  • CMRedwood

    Another possible explanation for the apparent nagalase upsurge may be vaccinations are routinely contaminated with extraneous viruses, as the polio virus was contaminated with SV40. The hypothesis of widespread viral contamination of viruses has been examined in detail by Judy Mikovits, PhD, although considered a controversial figure by some, clearly, she has deep knowledge of the subject.

    All possibilities should be considered. Given the deliberate introduction of human chorionic gonadotropin into vaccinations, that alone should tell us all bets are off on what TPTB would inject us with by stealth or by force. Finally, let’s not forget the numerous unsolved and suspicious deaths of molecular biologists and virologists ~15 years ago. What exactly were they working on??

  • Jack Carone

    I distrust Pharma also, but any chance the nagalase is being added for some ill-advised effect not intended to harm? That it’s just a bad mistake being covered up?

  • Dzndef

    Living in a “free” country we should all be allowed to put whatever we want into our own bodies – approved, unapproved, experimental, etc. Let the consumer/patient decide if they want to take the risk. So I hate that this warrant was issued. I didn’t know Dr. Bradstreet, but it does not sound entirely unrealistic that he might have killed himself being despondent that his life’s work was decimated. I find it hard to believe the FDA actually pulled the trigger, but they certainly motivated him to.

    • Vito Goldfarb

      Hey dunceden you dont live in a free country?? Cmon are you serious????theyll let you think that but step out of line

    • d-dectiri

      well…….. considering the revolving door at the FDA/CDC and where those people REALLY get their ‘incentives’, the idea that there is not, among them, some whose full career and fortunes are totally decimated by the near-surface existence of public knowledge of the GcMAF and would easily ALSO know about CIA-MEDICAL uses of killer drugs&weapons AND THE PEOPLE TO DELIVER THEM (unconscionably eager for the opportunity in fact) , then your lack of belief in their ‘pulling the trigger’ is not so compatible, even though naively trusting….

      you surely know about the government massive expenditures on armaments for all departments so there’s full alarm in DC……. as you may expect, that sort of indication is contagious…… ttyl

  • Vito Goldfarb

    There arent enough of us to make change so do the best you can for urself and shut up and comply when questioned or plan on a 6 mos vacation in a fema work and reeducation center or be a tough guy and squawk and go missing its very simple

    • Anatolius

      I agree, fly under the radar!!! You will never win in the current climate of complete and utter ignorance, best to keep quiet and fly under the radar.

      • d-dectiri

        .. and snipe as available opportunities present.. like sending the NH365 article on aluminum toxicity confirmed in vaxes to any representative or senator whose website you are a constituent of.. or their facebook pages…… because the ignorance is accompanied by bad faith and hostility by some, help the decent and expose the non-decent…… ttyl

        • Xmen442002

          Are you serious? Congress is deeply involved with these companies and get the kick backs and donations for these madmen and women to stay in power.
          Money is not what attracts them……it is power overpeople they are addicted to.

    • noddy

      I understand what you are saying ie if you speak out you are likely to die or suffer but I do not agree with you that there are not enough of us to change things – there are millions of people on earth and even a small proportion of that number could radicallly change the world (for hte better) if they knew the facts and banded together. America is a police state it seems and the UK is not far behind. I dont think Fema camps are up and running yet so there is time do do something still to stop the Big Pharma and other psychopathic organisations from taking over the world completely. It will not be easy but it has to be done.

      • Vito Goldfarb

        Ok noddy whats the plan the clock is ticking

  • signalfire1

    When a death appears to be politically motivated, the police and the Medical Examiner are going to need a LOT of courage to call it murder – lest they be next in line…

  • Stewart Mitchell

    Is this a Nostradamus prediction coming true….. ” impurities will come to light”

  • Heidi Detty

    It is also interesting that he is killed right before the whistleblower confirms that the CDC destroyed evidence that the vaccines were causing increased autism based on race. Lower vitamin d less Gc protein?

    • Seth Rutledge

      nice observation

  • Vito Goldfarb

    As a psychopath I can truly say If I had a money factory going and that flow of money was threatened in any way shape or form like the proverbial tiny black ant on a side walk it gets crushed

    • Vlad Vondoom

      They already have all the money on this planet. This is to keep the slaves dumbed down and weak.

  • allensouth

    In the Spring of 1944, Merck and Company, Inc. received a large cash infusion from Martin Bormann…. This at the time Merck’s president, George W. Merck, was advising President Roosevelt, and initiating strategies, as America’s biological weapons industry director. According to CBS News correspondent Paul Manning, the lion’s share of the Nazi gold went to 750 corporations, largely including Merck, to secure a virtual monopoly over the world’s chemical and pharmaceutical industries. This was done not only for Germany’s economic recovery, but to assure the rise of “The Fourth Reich.’

    Merck, then, along with Rockefeller partner I.G. Farben, received huge sums of money from the Nazi war chest to actualize Hitler’s proclaimed ‘vision of a thousand-year Third Reich (and) world empire. This was outlined with clarity in a document called ‘Neuordnung,’ or ‘New Order,’ that was accompanied by a letter of transmittal to the (Bormann led) Ministry of Economics. ‘Bury your treasure,’ Hitler advised Bormann, ‘for you will need it to begin a Fourth Reich.’11

    Bormann apparently ignored his Fuhrer, and in a momentary burst of Christianity, heeded Christ by not burying his treasure, but investing and increasing it. https://thewebfairy. com/911/missilegate/rfz/swaz/chapter15.htm

  • d-dectiri

    Although I prefer the ‘evolution’ by collapse plan, the idea that depression and related trauma are a lock on your future is rather at odds with others’ experience, including prisoners of war survivors… and the escape is engineer-able with suitable caution…. see Dr Saul’s and Dr Hoffer’s document on Niacin (at high & divided doses) with specifics…… and you can thank the orthomolecular medical journal and news media for promoting the escape freely…..

    http://www.doctoryourself. com/hoffer_niacin.html

  • Janis Urban

    I have no doubt that the Big Pharma’s are behind the deaths of these Doctor’s..none. As I have been enraged the last several years to amount of Greed, Graft that controls the regulation of Medical Devices that then allows them to Fast Track them onto the Markets with no tests and trials and this is okay. Recently the 21st Century Cares act was overwhelmingly passed which makes an already unsafe regulatory environment for Medical Devices even more unsafe. It obvious that our Legislators think more of Commerce then the safety of the people they represent. The Big Pharmaceutical companies are only interested in their bottom line and they will continue to manufacturer and market untested, defective toxic drugs and medical devices that harm 100’s of thousands of people annually and could care less with our Government and the Agencies that were put into place to protect us watching. Oh well!! They will soon be out of business when more data and research is available on GsMAF. That is my wish and hope that GsMAF can restore my life from the harm a Toxic Polypropylene Pelvic Mesh Medical Device has caused. Think of the possibilities…..

  • southernyankee05 .

    Our own government is making all of us sick and we are now paying for our own demise especially with this Iran deal !!! Our biggest enemy is the government and big pharma companies.

    • Xmen442002

      What does Iran have to do with our health that is under attack here?

  • Seth Rutledge

    the viral theory of autism is not new, thats the whole basis of the body ecology diet. I wonder what her take on this is?

  • Redheaded Stepchild

    Healthier? Who is “we?” I don’t know what planet you are living on, but here in the USA we are 34th in infant mortality (behind Cuba, Croatia, Cyprus…and even Greece). Cancers are increasing exponentially. Autism is increasing exponentially. Per capita, we live with more heart disease, diabetes, liver disorders, etc., than ever in modern medical history. Our schools are filled with kids who are allergic to peanuts, or who have behavioral problems, or are on drugs for ADHD, or have severe gluten intolerance, bowel intolerance, brain cancers, etc.

    The USA has some of the best trauma responders on the planet, and if you are in need of trauma care, being in the USA is a major plus. However, over 200,000 people die in our hospitals every year from causes linked to their hospital care. Thousands more die from incorrectly prescribed medicines.


    Big Pharma is running the medical societies;) Doctors are under their thumb.

    • Paula Okeefe

      AMA is pretty bad too. Most docs don’t even bother with it any more

      • NOLIKEO

        Do you think that physcians take a flu shot? I’ve never had one. My doctor is British and he doesn’t push me to take meds or flu shots.

        • Paula Okeefe

          Idk, some do and some don’t. Many docs r sobusy, they r clueless as to what is really going on

  • olf

    Cradle to grave. They want pin point accuracy. Those who are smarter than God want to save the planet. They think control will eliminate God. Sorry, He’s our creator, and that will never change. Mathew 6 : 33

  • Me

    Huh is that why autism went from 1 in 2500 in the 80’s to 1 in 50 today…per capita cancer has also rapidly increased. You should check your facts before you blow your poo trumpet.

  • davol

    So nagalase is kind of the fluoride of vaccines.

  • Zfree23

    Yea you be that one to sell out everyone too just to make sure you can live longer…

  • dianedraytonbuckland

    We have an Autism Explosion in Australia – and many more with behavioural disorders, seizure disorders, learning disorders, allergies, sensitivities etc..

    With the Government’s forced/mandated vaccination Policy NO Jab, No pay, No play it is absolutely reckless, failing all due diligence, failing to inform and also gross violations of Individual Rights to Informed Consent to Treatment and Individual Rights to Refuse Treatment, not to mention the gross violations of other rights and freedoms. This is a rare one to get this information because mostly is all covered up.

    If Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism, Why Is It A Side Effect On the Package insert with the FDA?

    Published on Jul 2, 2015

    http://www.undergroundworldnews. com

    UK to give pertussis vaccine to newborns? Autism and SIDS are on the package insert

    Here is a clear measure of medical insanity and the threat it represents to the health and life of your children:

    UK authorities are considering giving the pertussis vaccine to newborns, even though there are no safety studies to support vaccination of newborns.

    Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and autism are listed on the pertussis vaccine package insert (filed with the FDA) under serious adverse events reported during post-approval use.

    ‘Events were included in this list because of the seriousness or frequency of reporting.’

    It’s on Page 11…

    “Adverse events reported during post-approval use of Tripedia vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS, anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence and apnea.

    Events were included in this list because of the seriousness or frequency of reporting.

    Because these events are reported voluntarily from a population of uncertain size, it is not always possible to reliably estimate their frequencies or to establish a causal relationship to components of Tripedia vaccine.2″

    VAXXED The movie

    Real News Australia – Vaxxed Documentary

    Forced Vaccination, Forced Fluoridation or any forced Medical Procedure is a gross violation of Medical Ethics/Individual Rights to Informed Consent to Treatment/Individual Rights to Refuse Treatment – NO GUNPOINT MEDICINE.

    • pacman925

      FIRST, we Must give ALL of those shot’s for the Politicians & Top CEO’s & Company crony’s !!
      We demand 100% transparency of our fine “Leader’s” backgrounds too !!

      • NOLIKEO

        I would love everyone in Congress, in politics in DC to have to reveal their backgrounds, like 0 did not. Guess he had a lot to hide. Will it ever come out? Doubt it.

  • saziakazia

    Great information shared..Thanks for sharing

  • Paula Okeefe

    Yeah, like aborted fetal cell lines from poor baby whose mom was a severe psychiatric case. No matter what, it is depicable

  • Paula Okeefe

    Healthier? Wow, autism has blown out the roof and many other neurological disorders are growing. Obesity(look around) from Frankenfood causes sickness and death way to early.
    Addiction from prescription drugs out of control. Yeah, I don’t trust big pharmacy or anyone connected to monsanto.
    If I didn’t know better and don’t want to sound crazy…I would say Alinski red are leading in big money areas with the goal to destroy us. Even if that is crazy, I know Alinski edification of Lucifer was real. And surely the old tempted runs these power and money Hungry groups.
    My friend was a microbiologist and admits to cut throat tactics in academia….one if the reasons she finally quit.
    Pray folks….we need prayers