Barbeque toxins to beat cancer, says cancer research charity

Barbeque toxins to beat cancer, says cancer research charity
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(NaturalHealth365) Cancer is big business in the United States and around the world, and it could perhaps even be considered its own sub-industry within Western medicine. It’s no secret that healthcare providers and big pharma rake in billions of dollars each year as a result of cancer rates, which continue to rise year after year. However, there is another money-hungry machine that profits from cancer too – charity.

Though not all charities have ulterior motives, many secretly work against, rather than for, the benefit of cancer patients. Parading themselves as “do-gooder organizations,” some foundations, research organizations and charities actually are sham organizations that mislead the public and rake in loads of cash in the process. They suppress the truth about the correlation between lifestyle and cancer risk, all the while encouraging supporters to donate toward furthering ‘research’ for new cancer treatment.

Which begs the question: Do cancer charities really want to see a cure for cancer?

Charity asks supporters to engage in cancer-causing activities to raise money

One UK-based cancer research charity, Cancer Research UK, claims to be on a mission to ‘beat cancer sooner.’ Not surprisingly, their idea of beating cancer begins with raising more money for research. This year, the charity went so far as to ask supporters to hold barbecue fundraisers in their communities.

By ordering a fundraising ‘pack’, hosting the event, raising cash and then returning it to the organization, they claim that anyone can become a “BBQ hero” and help bring forth the cure to cancer.

It all sounds ‘noble’ enough, and the organization certainly makes it easy to make donations in multiple payment forms. However, the way they go about it raises several red flags.

In particular, grilling and barbecuing has proven to be carcinogenic and trigger the growth of cancer. Even healthy foods can go through toxic chemical changes that cause damage and mutations to human DNA. In essence, the very method Cancer Research UK suggests the public use to help eradicate cancer could actually help contribute to the epidemic rise in disease instead.

Higher cancer rates ensure a steady flow of money

The truth is, the more people who barbecue, the higher cancer rates will rise, which helps contribute to the success of cancer research organizations and support their need for more money. Eradicating cancer would put these charities out of business and put their paid workers out of work.

How else could you explain why organizations, like Cancer Research UK, release absolutely crazy information and make erroneous claims the origins of cancer and how to ‘treat’ it.

Beware of cancer organizations that have no regard for human life

In fact, this same organization has published outlandishly insane articles that deny the links between other known carcinogens and cancer. For example, they have gone on record as saying pesticides in no way increase the risk of cancer and only 1 in 20 cancer diagnoses can be contributed to diet.

In reality, study after study has shown that lifestyle factors like diet and exercise can directly affect a person’s likelihood of developing cancer.

People who want to truly prevent cancer should recognize that the keys to beating the disease are in raising awareness about its cause – not in a petri dish or lab study. Perhaps their finances would be better put to use by switching to an organic, pesticide-free diet that does not contain processed ingredients, additives or chemicals. Natural, active and low stress living are the real secrets to a healthy and happy life.


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