CDC director refuses to let vaccine whistleblower Dr. William Thompson testify in court

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cdc(NaturalHealth365) The CDC Director Thomas Frieden has just sent a letter blocking Dr. William Thompson, a CDC whistleblower, from testifying. The Tennessee court case in question involves a 16-year old boy with autism who claims his illness was caused by vaccines.

The autistic boy’s lawyers Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Bryan Smith of the law firm Morgan & Morgan wanted Dr. Thompson to testify in the case in order to explain that he believed the CDC manipulated MMR vaccine data in a series of studies. These studies were falsely said to find no link between MMR and autism.

CDC scientific fraud, data manipulation and destruction of evidence is out of control

Dr. Thompson has stated publicly to the Congressman William Posey and numerous others that himself and colleagues in the CDC Vaccine Safety Branch were ordered in a number of cases to commit scientific fraud. They were also compelled to manipulate data and destroy evidence to help hide the link between MMR and autism.

Tennessee State Circuit Judge William Acree ordered the trial extended in length so that Dr. Thompson could be subpoenaed in order to testify. However, in a letter to the court, Dr. Frieden denied this request that would’ve allowed Dr. Thompson to testify. The reason he gave was that Dr. Thompson’s testimony in a deposition would not likely promote HHS or CDC objectives substantially.

The autistic boy’s lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. strongly disagrees due to the fact that Dr. Thompson has co-authored four important CDC studies. These studies exonerate vaccines containing a mercury-based preservative called thimerosal from causing autism.

The scientific link has been established between autism symptoms and vaccines

Dr. William Thompson has been working at the CDC for 19 years. He was formerly employed at their Immunology Safety Office as a senior vaccine safety scientist. Back in August of 2014, Dr. Thompson received Federal whistleblower protection. He then revealed that MMR vaccine safety studies in question showed a causal link between autism symptoms and vaccines, despite CDC claims to the contrary.

Attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. says the testimony of Dr. Thompson is crucial to this matter. The autistic child and many thousands of others lost their cases in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Kennedy believes that it is due to the Justice Department and CDC submitting fraudulent science that the MMR and autism link was denied.

Up to $1 trillion in compensation lost to victims

Attorney Bryan Smith explained that while he wasn’t surprised by Frieden’s denial, he was still disappointed. Dr. Thompson’s allegation and testimony would imply that the agency deliberately altered the science and facts to undermine autism cases. These cases would have been potentially worth $1 trillion in compensation from Congress.

The autistic boy’s lawyers Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Bryan Smith pledge to immediately appeal this denial by the CDC in Federal court.


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  • MrsB123

    Where does the monies rewarded from the vaccine injury fund come from? Is it the US taxpayer or the corporations who sell the vaccines?

    • George Henry

      It’s the taxpayer of course.

    • 0or8afh

      As I understand it, “the monies rewarded (sic) from the vaccine injury fund” come from a tax/fee on the sale/use of the vaccines themselves. So basically, those who purchase/receive the vaccine are funding the “injury fund.”

    • Joe Morgan

      Vaccine makers have been made immune from liability for adverse events caused from vaccines. Congress did this at their request several years ago. They now feel they can work with impunity and put whatever they want inthe vaccines since they are now not liable for anything.

  • Logan T

    Who do we trust? Of course it is all the agencies looking out for us such as the CDC. Wrong conclusion. How do we stop them?

    • mark

      Major Carrington Event.

    • Mullet Flaps

      Support the following: and the

  • Gil Regan

    The vaccines are said to be tested for efficacy and safety. The real purpose is profit which is the driving force. If this wasn’t true then ethical researchers would look at the systemic effect over a long period of time.

  • Hirsh Wright

    They say trust can’t be measured in this case it can be. Zero trust speaks loud and clear, when talking about either the pharmaceutical or government agencies. A jubilant big pharma exists, because of the CDC and FDA.

  • david

    CDC is NOT above the law. Therefore can NOT block his testimony, if ordered to do so by a judge.

    • Suzy

      I agree with David. I don’t understand how an employee’s boss can say “no” to a court subpoena on behalf of the employee. Can this possibly be true? If it is, William Thompson should be pressured to find himself a job in which he can maintain his integrity.

      • eyesandears

        That’s assuming he possesses a level of integrity to be maintained, an area in which, for numerous reasons, I’ve come to believe he falls drastically short.

    • eyesandears

      In the reading of another article pertaining to this court hearing, it was stated that it IS the law which enables the head of the CDC to block employee testimony. The tendency for many of us is to assume that government heads and employees share our adherence to basic principles; we’ve been shown time and time that such is not the case. Government shelters and protects its own lawlessness.

  • Mullet Flaps

    Big Pharma lobbying the CDC for decades. Its all about money, power and eugenics. They’re a satanic cabal that hates the common man. Here are two, non-profit action groups fighting the vaccine scam: The Vaccine Reaction: and the National Vaccine Information Letter:

  • People’sArmy

    the same medical con job is greater in the religious community , Satan has mankind praying to himself thinking its Jesus how evil is that all catholics all muslims all buddha and all hindus think they serve God but its really satan! age of deception and willingly ignorance!

  • Joe

    How can CDC block anyone or anything once it has been in the public domain. The head of any government agency can’t nor do they have any jurisdiction to block anyone’s testimony especially one who has the protection as a whistleblower.

  • iamli3

    revelations happening all over the world at blinding speeds , this is fantastic….

  • 0or8afh

    First, as others have mentioned, how is it possible that a federal subpoena to appear can be blocked by the employer of the individual subpoenaed? But, like the vast majority of things related to Government, the laws of physics can easily be suspended.

    Second, I would consider it non-sensical that Dr. William Thompson would either want or expect to stay on with the CDC. Why not just quit? I mean, it seems to me he could easily generate enough income for himself and his family by going on the “anti-government-regardless-of-what-it-does” circuit (no ridicule intended).

    Then whatever weird hold his CDC boss has over him SHOULD be dissolved.