CDC director refuses to let vaccine whistleblower Dr. William Thompson testify in court

CDC director refuses to let vaccine whistleblower Dr. William Thompson testify in court
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(NaturalHealth365) The CDC Director Thomas Frieden has just sent a letter blocking Dr. William Thompson, a CDC whistleblower, from testifying. The Tennessee court case in question involves a 16-year old boy with autism who claims his illness was caused by vaccines.

The autistic boy’s lawyers Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Bryan Smith of the law firm Morgan & Morgan wanted Dr. Thompson to testify in the case in order to explain that he believed the CDC manipulated MMR vaccine data in a series of studies. These studies were falsely said to find no link between MMR and autism.

CDC scientific fraud, data manipulation and destruction of evidence is out of control

Dr. Thompson has stated publicly to the Congressman William Posey and numerous others that himself and colleagues in the CDC Vaccine Safety Branch were ordered in a number of cases to commit scientific fraud. They were also compelled to manipulate data and destroy evidence to help hide the link between MMR and autism.

Tennessee State Circuit Judge William Acree ordered the trial extended in length so that Dr. Thompson could be subpoenaed in order to testify. However, in a letter to the court, Dr. Frieden denied this request that would’ve allowed Dr. Thompson to testify. The reason he gave was that Dr. Thompson’s testimony in a deposition would not likely promote HHS or CDC objectives substantially.

The autistic boy’s lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. strongly disagrees due to the fact that Dr. Thompson has co-authored four important CDC studies. These studies exonerate vaccines containing a mercury-based preservative called thimerosal from causing autism.

The scientific link has been established between autism symptoms and vaccines

Dr. William Thompson has been working at the CDC for 19 years. He was formerly employed at their Immunology Safety Office as a senior vaccine safety scientist. Back in August of 2014, Dr. Thompson received Federal whistleblower protection. He then revealed that MMR vaccine safety studies in question showed a causal link between autism symptoms and vaccines, despite CDC claims to the contrary.

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Attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. says the testimony of Dr. Thompson is crucial to this matter. The autistic child and many thousands of others lost their cases in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Kennedy believes that it is due to the Justice Department and CDC submitting fraudulent science that the MMR and autism link was denied.

Up to $1 trillion in compensation lost to victims

Attorney Bryan Smith explained that while he wasn’t surprised by Frieden’s denial, he was still disappointed. Dr. Thompson’s allegation and testimony would imply that the agency deliberately altered the science and facts to undermine autism cases. These cases would have been potentially worth $1 trillion in compensation from Congress.

The autistic boy’s lawyers Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Bryan Smith pledge to immediately appeal this denial by the CDC in Federal court.


CDC whistleblower exposes MMR vaccine fraud

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