5 ways to reduce your exposure to EMF dangers

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wireless-cafe(NaturalHealth365) Today, we are literally surrounded by wireless technology and EMF pollution.  From cell phone radiation to Wi-Fi Internet to wireless home appliances and electronics, the air is full of electromagnetic frequencies.

And, by the way, if you don’t personally use wireless technology, you are still being exposed by your neighbors’ devices.  Since this technology is relatively new, no one is quite sure what the long-term effects of exposure may be. However, some evidence suggests that these frequencies are causing headaches, migraines, difficulty concentrating, ADHD, tinnitus and insomnia in many people.

In fact, many health experts believe these frequencies could lead to more serious issues such as Parkinson’s disease, arrhythmia, and even cancer.

Being proactive about EMF protection from cell phone radiation and wireless technology

Unfortunately, current Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines are outdated and don’t reflect the potential dangers and risk factors of these technologies. While they warn against thermal damage, there are no warnings about potential non-thermal effects – despite mounting evidence of these dangers.

Because of this, it is essential for you to do your homework and take steps to protect yourself and your family. The following are five easy ways to create EMF protection from cell phone radiation and other wireless technologies:

1. Do you really need a cell phone? The most effective protection from cell phone radiation is to stop using it. If this isn’t possible, at least reduce your usage as much as possible by distancing yourself from the device (as much as possible) and turning it off, when not in use.

2. Go hands-free. If you must use a cell phone, always use a hands-free option like an ear piece or the speaker phone function. If you use an ear piece, make sure it is the corded style that plugs into the phone; Bluetooth or other wireless hands free devices emit frequencies as well.

3. Reduce EMF exposure in the home. If you have a land line, use a corded telephone. You should also opt for wired (Ethernet) internet connections – to all computer devices – instead of wireless (Wi-Fi).  In addition, eliminate any other appliances and electronics that use wireless functionality or at least turn of its wireless capabilities.

4. Don’t be too ‘smart.’  Avoid the use of wireless “smart meter” technology for your home.  Remember, smart meters are toxic and should be avoided at all costs.  And, as far as all of those ‘smart’ technology refrigerators and other appliances, don’t waste your money on these health hazards.

5. Protect vulnerable groups. While everyone can potentially be at risk for negative health effects from cell phone radiation and other wireless technologies, certain groups are at even higher risk. Infants, young children, and teenagers are still developing, and the effects of EMF exposure could affect them more profoundly. Yale and Harvard scientists recently found a correlation between cell phone radiation and impaired brain development in unborn children.

Pregnant mothers, the elderly, the disabled, and those with serious illnesses could also be at a higher health risk. Even males of reproductive age could experience negative effects upon their fertility. While everyone could be at risk, ensuring that vulnerable groups have EMF protection from cell phone radiation is especially important.





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  • Vincent Getty

    Great advice now I have to see if it can be done. It sounds easy, but making it happen is another story.

  • Debra

    I am electrohypersensitive and find it very hard to live in a world where I’m constantly surrounded by people on mobile phones. One thing I think should be included in these articles is that normal wired headphones will still send the signal directly to the brain through the wire. It’s advisable to use tubeless headphones as these don’t send the frequency into the brain, although the rest of the body is still swamped in frequencies that mutate and annihilate the Mitochondria (the bodies energy batteries. No Mito, no life).

  • Miss Chrissy Vee

    I hardly use my “not-so-smart” phone, but I never thought about the WI-FI in my home. Thank you!

  • EMFs

    I am electrohypersensitive and had to move to a non-electric remote location far away from any type of wireless technology to be able to live a normal life. Sure glad I was forced to see the light of day and that I don’t live in a 24/7 artificial EMF radiating coil any longer. My thoughts are clear, my memory is back, and my headaches are gone! Love life.

  • Kevin Doyle

    Pendants and similar items are a scam. I bought something similar that you attach to a cell phone and the static level was the same when I held a vintage transistor radio near the phone. This can harm you by providing a false sense of security. The people who sell these knowing that they don’t work are evil in my opinion and I boycott any “health-oriented” website that sells these.

  • Kevin Doyle

    I believe some of the advice on this web page is well-intentioned and useful, but it may be a bit misleading: The electromagnetic frequency spectrum includes a wide range of frequencies of which items mentioned here like cell phones, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi are only a small part.
    Another type of electromagnetic field, which is just as pervasive in our environment and potentially just as harmful, is from typical residential electrical power including Household electrical current, home wiring, electric meters, service entry cables, electrical boxes, generators, and Power Transmission lines.
    Other common types of EMF that we may encounter are radioactivity, X-rays, Microwave, GPS, etc…
    Why were all of these omitted from an article about “EMF protection”?

  • Kevin Doyle

    The highest risk is long term use of these devices at CLOSE proximity to the vulnerable organs of the body. You need a direct barrier to block a high intensity close proximity field or distance to avoid it. I check the field intensity of electronic devices using a vintage transistor radio. These field levels drop off exponentially with distance and are almost undetectable at a radius of about one foot. I try to keep my phone a few feet away from my body and keep my computer at arms length. You can also carry a phone in a thick aluminum Faraday case. My cell phone radiation is much more intense when the screen is on and especially at the lower end of the phone. Regarding wi-fi signals in the environment, I think they are minimal health risk unless you are near the devices that transmit and receive them. I also don’t use devices that attach to the head.