Government health officials attack Scottish superstar after he warned that the flu shot contains mercury

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flu shot in arm(NaturalHealth365) Government health officials in the UK and big pharma reps were in full damage control mode after superstar DJ Calvin Harris expressed his views about vaccines. He was trying to warn the public about the dangers linked to vaccines – especially the flu shot.

Harris took to the popular social media platform Twitter to say that the flu vaccine is a “neurotoxin shot” that’s “full of mercury.” The fact that the famous DJ has 12.7 million Twitter followers is likely a big factor in why big pharma paid attention to his statements.

Influential DJ silenced by big pharma over flu shot concerns

Public Health England stepped in quickly to deny these claims, with various health experts speaking up on their behalf. Calvin Harris has since deleted all of his tweets on the subject of the flu shot and their vaccine side effects.

Clearly, big pharma damage control sent their paid experts in quickly to squash this story and reiterate the narrative that vaccines are safe and effective. However, flu shots still do contain toxic mercury and other ingredients that can cause neurological damage plus a host of other problems.

The truth about vaccine dangers is even being talked about in the mainstream media.  For example, on the Dr. Oz show, Dr. Mark Hyman and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. talked about their concerns over thimerosal – which is really mercury.

Of course, if you want to avoid any and all the risks associated with getting a flu shot – look into the many natural ways to support a health immune system.

More and more people are waking up to the truth about vaccines

The bottom line? Thimerosal is a highly-toxic vaccine additive and we can’t forget all the other unwanted (horrible) ingredients inside so many vaccinations like, aluminum.  Aluminum is a known neurotoxin that can cause numerous vaccine side effects – including neurological and immunological damage.

Calvin Harris was right in his statements about the dangers of vaccines – especially within the flu shot.  His high profile and substantial number of followers on Twitter clearly made him a serious threat to the pharmaceutical industry.

And, obviously, he was pressured to remove his tweets and stay silent on the subject in the face of tremendous ‘coaching’ by the powers that be – those self-serving vaccine industry representatives that have little regard for public safety.

Fortunately, the public is waking up to the dangers of vaccines despite the efforts to suppress this information. Many people are now aware of the risks posed by vaccines, and this information continues to spread – on a grassroots level.

While those in positions of influence like Calvin Harris can awaken large groups of people quickly, this information is already is gaining significant ground within the public consciousness.

Think for yourself: ALWAYS strive to support a healthy immune system

The best alternative to getting a flu shot is to do all you can to keep your immune system strong and healthy throughout the year.  For example, eating plenty of antioxidant-rich (organic) fruits and vegetables; consuming high-quality nutritional supplements like, vitamin C and D; reducing your exposure to artificial EMF pollution; getting “grounded;” staying well-hydrated and maintaining an active lifestyle can go a long way toward protecting your life.

Despite what you’ve been told by Western medicine, there are so many ways to stay healthy.  We, at NaturalHealth365, continue to support (and encourage) the effort to discover what works best for you.  Make changes to your diet and lifestyle (today) and experience the difference you can make. (you’ll be glad you did it)

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  • Ramond Jarett

    Mercury is not the only problem with vaccines. It is a big one for sure, but all the fillers and crap they put into the shots it is enough to do harm. I would love to see a list of the ingredients given to everyone before they take the jab. They have them sign a form saying they will hold no one responsible for the possible side effects.

    • 1555

      Yes, DNA from aborted fetal cells are allegedly added as well. And egg material. Since when we need all this to enter DIRECTLY into our blood stream ? In medical schools generally doctors hear that vaccines contain a dead virus and distilled water. Doctors have to actually start researching WHAT is in vaccines in order to know it is more than the dead virus and distilled water. What a whacky and dangerous world, when we give doctors godly powers, while they are often taught lies in the expensive schools.

  • Duke F

    It supposedly a free country that allows free speech. It is a shame that someone is coerced into backing down. We know many so-called experts are bought and paid for.

  • Trudy Lopez

    Why do we allow these thugs to take over the airways. They own the media. They are the advertising dollars that pay for the programs we watch. And news stories can’t cover anything that may be wrong with these pharmaceuticals being advertised.

  • Chuck Steward

    Imagine a world with mandatory flu vaccines. If they can have their way that is the way it would be. Never mind they don’t work and have dangerous ingredients. How many times have you seen vitamin C advertised as a prevention for the common cold or the seasonal flu?

  • Diana Mulford

    I know too many people who came down with the flu a day after they had the shot. In fact I am one of them. I will not go near one ever again.

  • Victoria Gaines

    In my senior development we are offered a free flu shot at the club house. This is where I tell my doctor that I already had it when he asks. This has kept me on good terms with the doc. He thinks I follow his instructions and is happy. Other people who told the truth that they would never take it he dismissed them as patients of his.

    I use him, because he is conveniently located and not any worst them most of the doctors that take our health insurance. It is a world where you have to fend for yourself. Taking care of your own needs by looking our for yourself. The government is tied to the pharmaceutical industry so you can’t trust any of the information out there.

  • Ryan

    Fact the flu shot is ineffective. How come very few people got the message?

  • Mary

    This is a shame. Why would someone who is absolutely right feel it necessary to backdown? I say stand your ground and let people know the truth.

    I understand all multi-dose flu vaccines in the US contain mercury hidden under the name thimerosal. My doctor was pushing me to get a flu shot and when I mentioned concerns about mercury and aluminum ingredients, he looked at me like I have two heads and stated he wouldn’t know what’s in them. I thought really, does anyone believe this guy?

    Seriously, doctors are in deliberate denial about anything that hits their bottom line…who doesn’t know about this great ongoing debate about the safety and efficacy of vaccines? Only a doctor who doesn’t want to know.

    Meantime, my friends here in South Florida ages 65 to 92 all lie to their doctors that they already have had the flu shot. The 3 people I know that got it in October 2017 all came down with the flu, while us just-say-no people are all well.

    Thank god for the internet and the brave souls who publish blogs, websites, books and movies on the problems with vaccines. I no longer trust any doctor drug-pusher with my health after realizing this is all about money, not health.

    It is sickening that doctors knowingly inject us with harmful agents that can destroy our bodies and minds, and never ever offer any information on the adverse side effects nor a copy of the vaccine insert prior to injection. There is no true informed consent under such circumstances and this is against the rules of the medical profession.

  • Govinda-Terryl

    Each flu shot weakens the immune system. Regular flu shots are preparing people to perish when a pandemic is released.