Flu vaccine effectiveness is far worse than advertised, according to scientific research

Flu vaccine effectiveness is far worse than advertised, according to scientific research
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(NaturalHealth365) At drug stores, on billboards and even in grocery stores, we are inundated with messages encouraging us to get a flu vaccine. However, what isn’t advertised is the potential ineffectiveness of the shot as well as its dangerous side effects.

Research is now showing that on average the flu vaccine protects less than 60 percent of those who receive it.  However, in certain years the vaccine is only around 10 percent effective.  While some say this is “better than nothing,” others point out that these rates are highly inadequate for a vaccine.

Is the flu vaccine grounded in good science?

The blunt answer is ‘No!’  You see, the intention of a vaccine is to stimulate the body into creating antibodies that will have a protective effect against viruses. However, the influenza virus is highly mutable, meaning that it will be different every year.  In fact, multiple strains of the flu virus are possible within any given year.

In addition, the vaccine strain itself can be to blame for its ineffectiveness. The most common influenza vaccinations contain an inactivated virus strain – which is grown in eggs from chickens. However, the virus can grow and mutate while inside the eggs; this results in a vaccine that’s too different from the current circulating influenza strains to be effective against it.

Another factor complicating the effectiveness of vaccines is that our immune system is shaped based upon our first exposure to the flu virus as children. This exposure leaves an imprint that affects immune response to future vaccines, which is why, in a given year, vaccines can work for some people – but not others.

Repeated vaccinations can also blunt the effectiveness of future vaccines over time, raising more doubts about why there is such a push for people to get the flu vaccine each and every year. Engineered flu vaccines have shown minor promise going forward, as has the hope of ‘improved techniques’ used in selecting the strains for vaccines.

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No doubt, investing more time (and money) into ways of enhancing our immune function would be a far more intelligent way to go.

Undeniable truth: The flu vaccine is a collection of toxic ingredients that cause unwanted side effects

In addition to its spotty track record, however, the flu shot also brings with it a host of scary side effects. Its content of mercury, aluminum and other additives have been linked with neurological disorders, dangerous levels of inflammation, blood disorders and (in too many cases) paralysis or premature death.

The flu vaccine has been referred to as a “witch’s brew” of sickening ingredients.  In addition to mercury and aluminum, some types have been found to contain traces of ethylene glycol (antifreeze), the laboratory detergents Triton X-100 and betapropiolactone, and phenol (carbolic acid).

A strong immune system is the best defense against a flu virus

Of course, as expected, flu vaccine makers hope to one day create a “universal influenza vaccine” that works on many flu strains for many (consecutive) flu seasons. However, it’s hard to imagine that such a shot would really ever work based on the past performance of the pharmaceutical industry.

So, what’s the best defense against any flu virus?  Take steps (now) to keep your immune system healthy year-round. A nutritious (organic – as much as possible) diet; good habits involving physical activity; consume high-quality nutritional supplements; stay well hydrated with pure (clean) water; reduce stress levels and getting plenty of sleep to provide powerful protection against the flu.

To learn more about the flu vaccine – check out this NaturalHealth365 article about the 10 dangers of the influenza vaccine and a very informative NaturalHealth365 Podcast about boosting immunity – safely and effectively.

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