NH365 056: Music therapy – Amazing discoveries in healing the body naturally

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naturalhealth365 podcast(NaturalHealth365) Today, on the NaturalHealth365 Podcast, we’ll talk about music – more specifically music therapy – and its role in our spiritual development. This will be a real departure from our normal conversations about diet and healthy lifestyle habits. But, make no mistake, music therapy has tremendous healing potential for all of us.

The BIG picture: We all have a music inside each and every one of us; we hear music from musical instruments and, finally, there is a music generated by the planets, stars and the cosmos. So, the question (today) is can we fine tune our inner music to harmonize with the music of the heavens?

And, more importantly, when we are harmonized with this ‘universal music’ – will we actually experience a higher level of consciousness – that enables us to gain deeper understandings and wisdom? The answer to all of these questions is YES!

As you listen to this podcast, you’ll quickly discover the incredible power of music therapy and its potential to help all of us experience an expansive, cosmic, heavenly peace. (no exaggeration)

Links related to the show:

1. For more information about David Sereda – visit: DavidSereda.net

2. Click here to watch “The Lost Scale Extended Version” video

3. Click here to discover the meaning behind “The Vortex” – mentioned on this show.

Program highlights include:

  • How sound and harmonics work to active our light and energy body.
  • The danger associated with poor quality sounds or music on our physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Discover one of the greatest threats to our spiritual development. (Hint: You’re surrounded by it everyday)
  • An amazing discussion about the “Lost Scale”. (Musician will love this part of the show)
  • Find out how the “Lost Scale” can help expand your awareness.
  • Plus, much more!

david-seredaMeet our guest: David Sereda

David Sereda has been practicing meditation, yoga and health, studied world religion, science and consciousness for over 35 years! He has appeared on dozens of radio and TV shows for 15 years, including Art Bell, George Noory, Alan Handelman, CNN Anderson Cooper, History Channel, TLC, Fox News and Fox TV

Editor’s note: Although I must admit, David’s views are NOT mainstream (and initially hard to understand) – as you listen you will be amazed at his intelligence and compassion for humanity.  Quite honestly, you owe it to yourself to listen very carefully and experience this information for yourself.

Please feel free to post your comments (below) and let us know if you want to hear more spiritually-oriented programs, like this one.

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  • Lee

    Jonathan, you asked for feedback regarding our interest in hearing more spiritually-oriented programs, like this one. My answer is YES.
    1.) For the sake of greater understanding:
    Spirituality points to an unfathomably large picture. Through that lens–especially when wedded with science–untold doors of new understanding can open. The enormous value of a big picture perspective is that it fosters great efficiency in
    coordinating less comprehensive views. Such connections can easily be missed if considering only piecemeal solutions.
    2.) For the sake of healing:
    Adopting a “top down” perspective is highly efficient. Why? Because the coordination of spirit and mind, as higher vibrations, can directly influence the lower vibrations beneath them. For example, Bruce Lipton, in “The Biology of Belief,” proved that our attitudes/beliefs turn DNA switches on and off. The placebo effect points to similar outcomes. Of course, so does the David Sereda information presented here, which indicates that the vibrations of the cosmos are able to re-order our health.

    Feedback on this interview:
    With great interest, I listened to it, plus watched both videos, & checked out Sereda’s site. I grasped enough of the basic ideas to appreciate that Sereda is a brilliant investigator, and at the end, I was delighted to notice how eager my mind now is to reflect further on this content.
    At the same time, I unfortunately often felt overwhelmed and lost (despite my having two Master’s degrees). Contributing factors could be Sereda’s rapid, information-dense delivery style, combined with my lack of familiarity with the math of music and cosmic vibrations. I thus wish I knew of a “translator” who could take his brilliance and make it a little more user-friendly.
    Of course, Sereda has put his discoveries into products. Hoorah! Surely the unique and transformative content he offers is well worth the cost. Even so, those prices lie outside my budget. As one option, it’d be helpful if there were a way to pay online for individual sessions to sing along his advanced music. If this arrangement were possible, it’d make access to his healing methods more manageable.

  • Patricia Hope

    Jonathan, this type of subject goes very well with the health subjects you’ve been covering, because we do not just have physical bodies, but emotional, mental and spiritual bodies too. To be totally healthy we need to nurture all of them.
    This is new information to me, and I know the difference between harmful and healthful music. It’s unfortunate that the popular music of today is very harmful, not only to our health (of all our bodies) but also to our civilisation. The best book I’ve read on the subject is The Secret Power of Music by David Tame.