New study: Vitamin C kills ‘untreatable’ cancer cells

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cancer-cell(NaturalHealth365) Findings from a new study offer further evidence of the cancer-fighting properties of vitamin C. This time, research shows the powerful antioxidant may be effective in combating a class of cancerous tumors – including colorectal cancer cells – that can be particularly difficult to treat by conventional means.

Findings of the study, which showed the vitamin was effective in curbing cancer-causing mutations in mice, were published recently in the journal Science. Vitamin C is already known for its effectiveness in detoxifying the body and boosting the immune system. Notably championed by globally respected scientist Dr. Linus Pauling and other advocates as a treatment for cancer and heart disease, these latest findings on vitamin C may open the door for its use as treatment for some of the most challenging cancers.

A safe way to attack ‘difficult-to-treat’ cancer tumors

It may sound incredible that a deadly disease like cancer could be treated by something as simple (and safe) as vitamin C. For decades, naysayers denied what Nobel Prize-winning chemist Pauling and others outside the conventional medical establishment had discovered: Vitamin C can be effective against many of the serious illnesses that have plagued mankind – including cancer.

The most recently published study using cell culture and mice shows that vitamin C was effective at killing tumor cells that carry a common cancer-causing mutation. The hope is that the findings may eventually lead to the ability to use vitamin C to create a variety of targeted treatments against deadly cancers.

In the study, researchers from Harvard Medical School, Weill Cornell Medicine, The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Tufts Medical Center teamed up to investigate the effect of high doses of vitamin C on colorectal tumor formation. Using roughly the equivalent of the amount of vitamin C found in 300 oranges, the scientists were able to document impaired growth of KRAS-mutant and BRAF-mutant colorectal tumors in cultured cells as well as in mice.

Vitamin C acts as Trojan horse in cancer cells

Typically, the health benefits of vitamin C are associated in large part with its role as an effective antioxidant, helping to prevent or at least delay certain types of damage to cells. However, this latest study shows an entirely different role regarding its effect on certain forms of colorectal cancer, with it actually inducing oxidation in cancer cells.

In oxygen-rich environments, like arteries, a portion of vitamin C is oxidized and transformed into a new compound known as dehydroascorbic acid or DHA. This new compound is able to act as a Trojan horse and pass through the cancer cell membrane, thanks to a protein glucose transmitter.

Once inside, the cancer cell’s natural antioxidants attempt to convert DHA back to ascorbic acid, but are unable to keep up and instead become depleted, with the cancer cell then dying of oxidative stress. Because certain colorectal cancer cells produce greater amounts of reactive oxygen than other cell types, they need more antioxidants to survive. This makes them more susceptible to the action of DHA than normal cells or even other types of cancer cells.

Can vitamin C help people with pancreatic cancer?

While the results of this latest study need to be evaluated via human clinical trial, researchers believe these preclinical findings hold much promise in development of a new treatment strategy for certain types of colorectal cancer. Further study may also later lead to similar treatments for other cancers as well, particularly those expressing high levels of the protein glucose transmitter, including renal cell carcinoma, bladder cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Continued research could also lead to development of biomarkers. These could aid physicians in determining a more precise mode of treatment and a better understanding of which cancer patients would most benefit from this type of vitamin C therapy.

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  • Jenny Gates

    These results are exactly why paid for by the medical industry scientific studies show that vitamin C does nothing. They know and downplay any competition to the standard money making treatments.

    They have fooled the public long enough-time for the truth.
    Good article and start to a new way of preventing and reversing this condition.

  • Nurse Lori

    I am a nurse and as such exposed to every virus going around. The reason I have not caught anything is I have my own arsenal of vitamin C. I have been on the vitamin C bandwagon for many years.

    It is a shame that every doctor I have worked with has dismissed my advice. So when they are sick they repress their symptoms with medication and never look for a natural treatment.


      My father-in-law was a chemist. Thirty plus years ago he told me to take vitamin C to prevent colds, etc. From then on, I have never missed a day of taking it and have never had a cold. Just luck? I don’t think so…

  • Isabel Rosen

    There are clinics that use vitamin C and have great results. They are expensive so the next best thing is to incorporate some quality vitamin C into your daily routine.

  • Henry Bellisky

    Up to now I have been getting vitamin C from orange juice. I now will look for a good brand of vitamin C. I guess most people need to wake up to the fact the only way to protect their health is not to become vitamin C deficient.

  • Laurence P

    You would think that your doctor would know this. Let’s get real this isn’t going to happen. I hope this research makes it to center stage, yet I will not hold my breath.

    It seems there are quite a few natural treatments that work. The problem they are not reaching much of the public. Except for this type of article the news is scant on any competing treatment options.

  • Marcy H

    When a doctor tells you diet has nothing to do with you surviving this condition, you know he will not be talking about vitamin C therapy. Great article and one every patient should show their doctor.

    It may not do much good, but if everyone did that it would make an impression eventually.

  • Trico

    I’m going to guess that the Vitamin C you are talking about is Whole Food Vitamin C and not Ascorbic Acid posing as Vitamin C.

    • pam r

      Ascorbic acid is Vitamin C there are 2 forms l-ascorbate and D-ascorbate it is l-ascorbate that cures scurvy. All studies on Vitamin C killing cancer cells or curing viruses are done with ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate. All IVC treatments are not done with a bag of oranges just pure ascorbic acid. There are more than 50,000 pub med studies done only with ascorbic acid. Big Pharma would love for people to believe that ascorbic acid is not Vitamin C for than they can call it a drug and patent it.

  • Camaman

    Whats the delivery system, how much it costs and who owns it?
    Those are the real questions.

    • pam r

      High Dose IVC. But liposomal is great also.

      • Jay

        Any idea how much liposomal is needed to eliminate a mild case of cancer – stage 2?

  • Alice

    The medical establishment which includes all of the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA will never let natural cures that actually work become part of mainstream medicine. They are not going to give up the obscenely high profits that they make on chemo and other treatments.

  • AnotherLover

    No, really, at this point in history; in this day and age — HOW FRICKIN’ HARD IS IT TO INJECT SOME VIT C INTO SOME CANCER PATIENTS? How can this effect not be known by now? Rhetorical question…

    • Reptilian Hunter


    • We need to start a revolution to get Dr. Klenner’s protocol of a 10 g IM shot or push upon seeing your doctor or the ER or having them add 25,000 mg to the IV they invariably start when you get to the ER plus both before surgery as well as post-surgery to accelerate healing and decrease infections!
      bit dot ly/out-ahead

  • Henry Bellisky

    This information is helpful as I drink orange juice daily. Now, I will change that and get my vitamin C other ways.

  • thegiver

    Natural juice from oranges is loaded with sugar and therefore it is better to eat isolated vitamin c from a lab? Low dose chemo, which has proven very effective, is delivered via straight glucose which yes cancer cells love and gobble up thus delivering the poison of chemo directly into the cancer cell and killing it. We could go straight for drinking orange juice delivering vitamin c into the cancer cell via the “sugar” the cancer cell loves. God and his creation trumps the handiwork of man always. Maybe high doses of vitamin c is effective but low doses of vitamin c delivered naturally is just as effective to maintain health…. and just as God intended. Fearing natural sugar is a media created falsehood.

    • Jacqui

      Molecules of processed sugars have a “right-spin” and are not metabolised by our bodies. Fruits and vegetables have a left-spin which is. All non-processed sugars i.e fruit are left-spin.
      Cancer will not disappear with the reduction of sugar in the diet. They can adapt to that situation and will feed on whatever is available, be that fat or protein. They are survival organisms and will adapt to the environment.
      So many other types of therapies and protocols need to be adopted to beat cancer cells, such as Detoxes, Oxygenation, Emotional Health, Non-toxic therapies, and support of the Immune System.

  • trumpsahead

    Good quality of C is expensive. It’s actually cheap to make your own liposomal Vitamin C. Buy on Amazon or elsewhere Vit C powder, Lecithin, and an Ultrasonic Cleaner (generally used to clean jewelry), and follow simple instructions on youtube or websites.
    You can make hundreds of thousands of mgs for pennies.

    Self-reliance is freedom.

    • Damon Albarn

      It’ll mostly make emulsion not liposomal form. Read about the difference.

  • Correct, mainstream medicine is corrupt to the core. They are legalized drug dealers who kill millions a year for profit. Worse, they actively suppress natural healing remedies.

  • Vincent Ng

    300 oranges? There got to be a better way than that!