Quercetin dramatically reduces risk of death from coronary heart disease by 68%

Quercetin dramatically reduces risk of death from coronary heart disease by 68%
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(NaturalHealth365) Plant extracts, like quercetin, provide some of our most potent healing properties in the world. Compounds called flavonoids in certain vegetables and fruits can help to protect you against oxidative damage and stresses like environmental radiation and other toxins. Flavonoids can help fight diseases like cancer, diabetes, chemotherapy side effects, and cardiovascular issues.

One of the most widely available and powerful flavonoids is quercetin. It is found in dark or brightly colored vegetables and fruits, leafy greens and other healthy foods.  Researchers have seen this particular flavonoid help to reduce the risk of death from coronary heart disease by 68 percent.

Protect your life: Quercetin benefits include protection against coronary heart disease

Quercetin has already been linked with immune system benefits, fighting free radical damage, reducing inflammation in the body, and offsetting the aging process. This flavonoid effectively scavenges for and attacks free radicals, reducing oxidative stress and the effects of toxins. It also helps to fight infections, allergies, and autoimmune reactions in the body.

Of course, the heart health quercetin benefits are also substantial.  As mentioned earlier, a study of around 800 men ages 65 to 84 years revealed that those who consumed the highest amounts of quercetin and other flavonoids were 68 percent less likely to have fatal coronary heart disease.

Quercetin helps to naturally lower cholesterol, improve blood pressure and reduced fat storage

Researchers believe the heart health quercetin benefits are due to a focused synergy among several processes. It helps to reduce cholesterol, assist blood flow and pressure, and reduce the amount of dangerous fat stored around the liver and abdomen.

One quercetin cholesterol study found that seemingly healthy male smokers who took 100 mg of quercetin per day had significant improvements in cholesterol numbers. Their blood sugar was also reduced – another coronary heart disease and general cardiovascular risk factor.

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A larger study of non-smokers found a 33 percent increase in beneficial HDL cholesterol, a 27 percent reduction in LDL levels, and an 18 percent reduction in total cholesterol.

Even small amounts of quercetin bring health and anti-aging benefits

Quercetin has also been found to help lower blood pressure and increase blood plasma levels of healthy nitric oxide. Quercetin’s ability to block the oxidation of LDL cholesterol helps to reduce blood vessel inflammation that could otherwise lead to atherosclerosis. One study found a 28 percent reduction of LDL oxidation after just two weeks of quercetin supplementation at just 30 mg per day.

Higher quercetin doses (730 mg/day) have been shown to help lower blood pressure. Other studies found that even low doses (100 to 200 mg per day) had blood pressure benefits. Quercetin reduces blood platelet “stickiness” and contributes to the health of artery linings, relaxing them to facilitate better blood flow and a reduction in pressure.

Quercetin found in abundance in dark-colored vegetables and fruits

With so many quercetin benefits, supplementation for both current health issues and as a preventative measure is a potent step against fighting disease and the aging process.  Obviously, eating more quercetin-rich foods should be a part of everyone’s daily health regimen.

A smart choice would be to eat more leafy greens, dark colored vegetables, berries and fruits, green tea, olive oil, beans, legumes, whole grains, and cocoa.  Those taking blood thinners or other medications should consult their healthcare provider before taking quercetin supplements.

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