Quercetin and vitamin C dramatically reduce the risk of inflammation and premature death

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nurse with sick woman(NaturalHealth365) Quercetin is a potent antioxidant that is abundant in vegetables, berries and other fruits. It can also be taken in supplement form and is among a group of healing compounds called flavonoids that have a range of healthy properties, including a natural anti-inflammatory.

Vitamin C is also known for its positive effects against inflammation and infection. While it is a well-known ally in fighting the common cold, vitamin C can do so much more for human health. In fact, in high enough doses, vitamin C has been shown to be quite effective against diabetes and cancer.

Quercetin and vitamin C combine for huge health benefits

Additional research has shown that combining quercetin and vitamin C can have profound, beneficial effects on reducing both cell damage and inflammation that can otherwise lead to illnesses and premature death.

A 2012 study looked at 60 healthy young males ages 19 to 23. These individuals were given either just 250 mg of daily vitamin C, 500 mg of quercetin, or both vitamin C and quercetin, or just a placebo daily for eight weeks.

Interesting to note: The subjects avoided other vitamins and supplements during the study. They also refrained from using both prescription drugs and herbal remedies known to affect the immune system both before and during the study. Participants provided information on their current diet, exercise activity, and any side effects experienced during the study.

The results showed that the most noteworthy improvements to inflammation levels and cell health came from the group taking a combination of quercetin and vitamin C. Researchers found a nearly 50 percent decrease in C-reactive protein levels compared with a 35 percent decrease in the control group, vitamin C-only group, and quercetin-only group.

Vitamin C enhances the beneficial properties of quercetin

Researchers also saw a 62 percent decrease in IL-6, an inflammatory protein marker, compared with a 47 percent increase of this marker in the placebo group. The vitamin C-only and quercetin-only groups showed no statistically significant improvements.

The reason for this strong benefit from the combination of quercetin and vitamin C is believed to be due to the enhancing effect of vitamin C in regenerating quercetin and supporting its antioxidant qualities. Ingesting quercetin and vitamin C may also improve the bioavailability of quercetin.

Levels of key inflammatory markers can predict risk of premature death

Elevated levels of IL-6, a C-reactive protein, and other inflammatory cytokines are known markers of a higher risk of inflammation which can lead to major health issues like a stroke, heart attack and Alzheimer’s disease. The medical world has known about this correlation for some time.

However, a recent study has shown that IL-6 and C-reactive protein levels are actually predictive of mortality from any cause. When both compounds are elevated, the risk of early death can be up to 2.6 times higher. This correlation with inflammation and a higher risk of illness and death can be useful in determining who would be best served by a quercetin and vitamin C regimen. However, it’s clear that anyone who wishes to lower inflammation and boost their overall health can benefit from getting more of these powerful compounds.

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  • Eva Wyatt

    I didn’t know quercetin and vitamin C worked together to produce powerful health benefits. Thank you for this important piece of information. I am going to take both for an autoimmune condition, which is caused by an inflammatory response.

    • Wendy Allen

      Quercetin is in apples/onions etc…helped lower cuts in my tongue maybe due to scury. Vit C may help scury. Citrus…granny apples/organic oranges makes my gums ,more rubbery…would also help blood vessels.

  • Bonnie Green

    My husband has elevated levels of C-reactive protein.
    This concerned me now at least I have some tools to work with.

    • Wendy Allen

      This is what helps me.:No gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO…taking vitamins/good oils/minerals..probiotic…LDN..detoxing may help. Gluten may hurt intestines so less nutrients absorb. Vit B12 methylcobalamin with intrinsic factor/folate/Vit D3 5000IU/Zn/Mg/fish oil 2000mg/strong probiotic before a meal/HCl and enyzmes with meals/Vit C/Nature’s plus- Source of Life multiple/rhodiola/coenyzme Q10 and more help me. Hidden gluten maybe in food with a label/certified gluten free food/nuts not sold in the shell/meat basting/some spices/air. LDN/gluten enzymes may help block hidden gluten.

  • Collin Schneider

    Inflammation comes from diet, stress and toxins. This means just about everyone should be concerned. All my friends that have a serious health condition seem to have diets that would encourage inflammation.

    Inflammation should be something that can be avoided with a healthy lifestyle and some good supplements.

    • Wendy Allen

      Gluten is wheat/barley/rye..oats/corn/tiny amount in rice which may cause inflammation and hurt the gut lining so less nutrients absorb. Food with a label may also have chemicals/GMO/bad fats/colorings/pesticides etc. No gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO…taking vitamins/good oils/minerals…probiotic…LDN..detoxing helps me.

  • victoriadelacy

    Turmeric, bromelain, tart cherry extract, MSM and ginger also help to eliminate inflammation.