Entire vaccination schedule may be contained in a single jab

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infant-vaccination(NaturalHealth365) The vaccination schedule for children has never been more complex, and controversy over its heavy schedule, with a rising amount of vaccine side effects putting the entire process into question by millions of people around the world.

However, now MIT researchers are working on an all-in-one vaccine that would deliver the entire schedule of childhood vaccines in one shot.  This kind of thought process can only lead us to believe that greater health problems are on the horizon – if this “one shot invention” becomes a reality.

Normally, tetanus, diphtheria, polio, whooping cough, hepatitis and other vaccines get administered at eight, 12 and 16 weeks of age.  The meningitis B vaccine is given at eight weeks, 16 weeks and at the one-year mark. A pneumococcal shot is delivered at eight weeks, 16 weeks and one year. Meningitis C and Hib are given at one year, and mumps, rubella and measles at one year and at three years and four months.

Can you imagine what it would be like to get all these toxic vaccines – at one time?!

Is this a ‘miracle’ or nightmare creation: 3-D micro-particle made of polymers that dissolve at different rates

One of the concerns about this vaccination schedule is the possible damage that administering so many chemicals can do in the first few years of life.  Now, we have scientists working on a technology to deliver the whole works in just one shot.

A Massachusetts Institute of Technology team of researchers has designed a “micro-particle” that could combine all childhood vaccinations into one single jab. MIT engineers used 3-D fabrication method to develop a drug-carrying particle that facilitates timed release over months and even years after the initial injection.

But, this creation begs the question: what if the ‘time released’ feature of this jab doesn’t work?  Will the vaccination materials get released into the body – all at once?

Vaccines for each time frame are housed in small containers made of polymers designed to break down and release their contents at specific time frames. As of now, the vaccination time release technology has only been tested on laboratory mice, not humans. Previous efforts had aimed to create a slow-release vaccine; however, the current technology would more closely mimic booster shots given on a traditional vaccine schedule.

Numerous risks with all-in-one vaccination, including toxicity and vaccine side effects

The research was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, major advocates of both vaccines and GMO foods. Those concerned about vaccine side effects are skeptical about this technology – and in some cases, downright frightened. What if a recipient has an allergic reaction and the time-released particles cannot be stopped?

Every physiology is different, and the researchers cannot be certain that the polymer vaccine containers will break down at the same rates for each person. What if certain vaccines are released earlier than anticipated, overloading a child’s system with too much of a potentially toxic substance?

Natural immune system boosters preferable to vaccines

The researchers envision creating a “library” of vaccines that they can mix and match for each recipient. There is a particular focus on using this all-in-one mega-vaccine on children in developing countries where “patient compliance is poor” and follow-up with boosters is low.

Vaccines, while beneficial in some cases, are clearly not for everyone. Vaccine side effects range from neurological disorders and autism to paralysis and death. Receiving a full vaccination schedule all at once leaves no room for adjusting the schedule.

Keeping the immune system strong with a healthy diet and the consumption of natural immune boosters like vitamin D, probiotics, vitamin C plus as many other antioxidants as possible is a much safer (and intelligent) choice.

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  • Diana Reilly

    I just don’t understand how they can get all the toxic materials into one vaccine. I Image the inactive material alone would take up most of the space, If this is called saving the children then I don’t know what they are thinking.

  • Eric Conklin

    The orwellian future is coming and it is nearer then we realize. Amidst of all the so-called pharmaceutical advancements, comes the stripping away of the American’s public’s freedom. This new and dangerous trend puts lives in dangers as well as what we prize most freedom of choice.

  • Anthony

    The relationship between the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry has become more collaborative. This means nothing is being done for the public good. It is for the few who will profit from this partnership,

  • Gracie Smith

    The distinctions between the pharmaceutical companies and medical profession is growing smaller. When i visit any doctor’s office there are pharmaceutical propaganda pamphlets for you to look at and take with you. This is ridiculous and not an ethical relationship.

  • Pauline Kolan

    Translation-if this becomes a commercial reality we just turned the corner. The marketing will be the biggest expense for the everything in one shot. They have never tested or will be able to test the outcomes. That would be too expensive, since advertising will take up most of the budget. No matter how people they harmed in the past we may see record numbers in the future.

  • merrymj

    So what does this do to Big Pharma’s continuing revenue stream, if they put all the vaccines into one injection? Will it still contain the mercury, aluminum and other toxic excipients? Just wondering.

    • disqus_k3oycamN0W

      There is no revenue in third world countries, only costs to sponsors like Bill Gates, for vaccine delivery, bribes for officials, and tracking and forcing unwilling recipients (like the law they adopted recently in Uganda to jail parents whoi refuse vaccinations). Even in US Bill would rather conveniently poison people once and for all, rather than over long time.

      • AutismDadd

        If there was ever a time to be vaccine hesitant its when you hear what these mad scientists are plotting next.

  • Frank

    Just another aspect of Agenda 21 – global depopulation..

  • bobbywho

    Not only risks of all these in one shot but babies don’t need vaccines that early in life. They aren’t exposed to “life” out there. Their immune systems are still growing and don’t need these.

  • Tanya

    And of course this super vaccine will need to be administered at birth because the child’s first injection (Vitamin K) is given at birth. And when it does colossal damage to the child, they will just say, “The child was born that way. It’s the mother’s fault for exposing it to dangers in utero.” This will help to cover up the noticeable behavioural reaction many children have to the MMR vaccine.

  • Mike Condor

    Help us at the InPower Movement develop a Notice of Personal Liability Claim (NoL) to stop these corporations from destroying our children’s lives. We are currently using the NoL to force removal of Smart Meters for people with EMF sensitivity with amazing success. https://inpowermovement. com/volunteer/