AMA issues new threat to outspoken holistic doctors

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dr-oz-testimonial(NaturalHealth365) If it was not already clear that natural medicine was in the cross-hairs of organized medicine, it certainly is now. Recently, the American Medical Association (AMA) began crafting its ‘ethical guidelines for physicians in the media’ to ‘defend the integrity of the profession.’  The new guidelines will target unorthodox medical information that the AMA deems dubious and unsubstantiated and create disciplinary guidelines for doctors who make public claims that do not align with the ‘best available science’.

On the surface, these ethical guidelines may sound like a responsible way of discouraging doctors from making vague or erroneous statements and claims. A closer look, however, finds that the AMA is actually attempting to censor the free speech of doctors in media who draw attention to holistic medicine rather than the traditional Western treatments and medicines typically promoted by the pharmaceutical industry and conventional medicine.

The AMA continues to monopolize Western medicine and silence opponents

The American Medical Association is a powerful organization that uses the brunt of its influence to manipulate healthcare in America. In fact, the AMA spent nearly $20 million on lobbying in 2014 alone. Its roots go deep into American medicine, and it has a powerful influence over the way state licensing boards oversee and discipline physicians in the U.S.

The new ethical guidelines will make recommendations for how state boards might discipline doctors who are public figures or make statements in the media that do not align with the AMA’s stance on medical treatment. Those who helped craft the guidelines call doctors who support natural medicine ‘quacks’, and specifically name Dr. Oz as one of the physicians making bogus claims based on pseudoscience.

Interestingly, a look at the Doctor Oz website or one of his televised shows tends to reveal the opposite is true. Dr. Oz tends to recommend healthy lifestyles and natural remedies. He also encourages his viewers to eat whole foods and avoid processed foods and sugar to achieve better health. Yet organized medicine managed to call him before a senate committee to answer for ‘flowery speech’ and ‘unscientific claims’ he has made on his talk show.

Watch out: The health of Americans is at stake

Censorship is the easiest way for big pharma and organized medicine to maintain their monopoly on Western medicine. These new ethical guidelines will restrict American access to valuable natural health information and funnel people into the offices of traditional healthcare providers who will support traditional medical science rather than holistic medicine. Organized medicine would like nothing more than to continue lining their pockets with the profits generated by Americans who are dependent on medications rather than taking charge of their own health and wellness.

What will happen to doctors who stand by their beliefs rather than cave to the AMA? Will a physician be stripped of his license for deviating from the CDC’s mandated vaccine schedule? Will doctors be fined for recommending any course of alternative medicine that is not considered acceptable to those in power?

It is important to remember that the AMA is not a licensing or regulatory body – the states are. We must remind our lawmakers that freedom of speech is a fundamental right and demand that they not accept the AMA’s ethical guidelines, which themselves are unethical for the American people.


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  • knowa1

    Google Rockefeller medicine.

    • barb

      Read rockefeller medicine men. It is all about profit

  • Sherri

    AMA does not want people healthy–that want people induced in drugs with toxic side effects so they can get more money–they are in bed with pharmaceuticals

  • Susan Ford Keller

    The irony here is that for my child with autism, I can’t even get doctors to take his physical problems seriously. His pediatrician, at our first visit, said “We don’t have that [autism] here.” He’s run labs and that’s the extent of his interest. Nothing jumped out at him so, the end. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise…..

    • Tonio

      Big mistake. You are barking at the wrong tree…
      As a parent, get rid of the tv and study as much as you can. Only then you’ll be able to judge the best for your child.

    • Michelle

      Hi Susan, I was just doing some research for a friend on essential oils and Autism. There are quite a few oils that were recommended. My friend hasn’t tried them yet, so I can’t say for sure how they work. Just wanted to share.

    • pegasi

      Most MDs have no clues, good tools or perspectives to use with autism and its myriad conditions. They are far better at making it worse, as they are with chronic conditions in general. And they have plenty of toxic drugs that can bring those immune disorders on also. Their diagnostic methods usually fail miserably. A good chiropractor, D.O., or naturopath who works with autistic individuals would be worth some time and energy.

  • Neo

    Ahh yes…the good ole must suppress the truth of real medicine agianst the corrupt real snake oil Alopathic medicine!
    If Pharma science is so indisputable like vaccines and other medicines, then why are they afraid of looking at true studies that show the real dangers of these toxins that kill and maim hudreds of thousands a year?!!
    Because they know what would happen if and when the truth is exposed.

  • Joanne Cooper

    The track record for modern medicine is dismal at best. So going after alternative methods of healing would seem ludicrous, but because of their power to control opposing forces they get some traction.

    However, in the long run it is a no win situation for western medicine. More of the public is getting it and that is why the audience is not only loyal but growing.

    • Tonio

      Stop calling poisoning medicine. And real medicine is no alternative. But they got you by your addiction to tv. Learn from your grandma and books, not from an MD that was trained by bigpharma.

  • Laura Parker

    I like watching these shows and find they are informative. What happened to the free market place of ideas. The medical and pharmaceutical industry run commercials on every channel all day long. These I don’t care to watch, yet I am subject to them.

    These advertisements are not only not informative but present blatant lies. They use actors who are young and vibrant and tell you how their drugs made them that way. Whey to go accuse others of misleading the public.

    • Tonio

      Someone said not to swallow anything advertised in tv. Be it what they call medicine or food.
      The problem is taking your info from the mass media. They are all in the medical mafia pocket. Throw your satanic tv in the garbage and hit the books.

  • Ron P

    Yes, I agree shut up holistic doctors as they may influence the public, not good for profits. Our country runs on pharmaceutical profits, we can’t afford to fool with that. The country will run the risk of an economic decline.

    The government is well aware of where their money comes from.

    • Tonio

      Wrong, the medical mafia SUCKS money from the government. The ones that get paid by this so called “industry” (of death, for certain) are the politicians and the pseudo scientists for their services to cheat and maim and kill people in good time.

  • Talking with a German doctor not so long ago, and he said in Germany they also use natural remedies mixed in with their allopathic practices. They seem to have no problem with it, and have incorporated natural remedies in the national health care system. What on earth is going on in this country that the doctors are not allowed to do that here?

    • vcragain

      money, money, money………………..simple !!!!!
      Stil looking for a non-drug fix for my BP problem and if I find one that works eventually I will stop taking the prescription altogether –
      but right now I get my prescription filled in Canada for $49 monthly and in the US the price is $245 – (Aetna will not cover it !!)
      Of course one of the things the TPP is trying to achieve is to stop people like me from getting a drug across borders – ie: make me pay that $245 month !!

      • Kimberly Murphy

        Look into Mukta Vati by Ivy.

      • George Henry

        You might want to visit with a Doctor of Chinese Medicine or herbalist. I’ve cured my high BP with exercise, diet and a Chinese Herbal prescription called Hypertensure. You can’t get this in a health food store though… it is thru a licensed health care provider. Worked great for me. Good luck.

      • Blood pressure problems are easy to remedy. Diet, no sugar, no grains, CoQ10, magnesium, etc. Try the Rosedale Diet. It’s a book written by Ron Rosedale, MD and available at Amazon. Goes through a complete menu of foods that will change your life for the better. I’ve tried it with great results. Blood pressure pills cause weight gain, which increases the need for bp control.

  • no1uknow1 com/health/doc-told-hundreds-of-healthy-people-they-had-123370855698.html “admitted that he misdiagnosed patients — 553 of them, according to prosecutors — and ordered chemotherapy and other unnecessary treatments for patients who didn’t even have cancer” – guy was probably just following the code of the AMA.

  • Truthsayer

    If holistic drugs were as successful as they claim, then Big Pharma would embrace them and dump their other extremely expensive to make and test drugs and fire 2/3 of their staff.

    • George Henry

      Completely untrue. Holistic medicine uses natural herbs and foods as medicine, not drugs which are synthetic pharmaceutical creations. Secondly big Pharma will not embrace anything that cannot be patented. If they can’t patent the substance then they can’t make enough money on it. It has nothing to do with efficacy.

    • Lisa McLaughlin

      Holistic drugs are as successful as they claim. Big Pharma doesn’t like them because most are made from nature and they can’t patent plants.

    • vongoh

      Oh absolutely. Because actually curing a disease with minimal to no side effects – which requires little to no further purchase of products in the future – is *so* much more profitable than the model they use now – which creates crippled customers for life.

      This is why what you’re saying here would definitely happen.

    • Andrea Snell

      Big Pharma creates customers not cures. My sister died Saturday from Chemo and Radiation. They knew her heart couldn’t handle the toxins and they never told her of the risks. But, the doctor made 40,000 from the “treatment”. We know now she could have lived longer with no treatment at all.

      • Gail Seib

        I’m so sorry to hear that. If your sister had been on natural treatment and died they would now be witch hunting the physician but it seems to be fine to kill people with chemotherapy.

    • LastGasp

      Big Pharma doesn’t care about cures,,,they care about ‘treatments’ that are lifelong and strip the wealth and health of the masses.

    • Sandy

      “Truthsayer” you lie. A corporation (as all pharmaceutical manufacturers are) is bound by law to serve the interests of its owners (stockholders) by maximizing profit while minimizing risk of loss. Natural cures are not patentable, so no monopoly can be established for any effective cure.

      Instead, risks are minimized by lobbying for immunity from prosecution (e.g. vaccinations) while maximizing profits by establishing monopolies for patented products. That is the Western-medicine business model in a nutshell. Preservation of life and quality of life are not even part of the equation, let alone the foremost objective.

  • JohnTwo:TwentyFour

    AMA are Scums!

  • Garth

    Most of the real quacks have “MD” after their names. I can give a long list of health problems in the family that MDs were unable to help, but that were healed up later either by changes in diet, acupuncturists, homeopaths, or chiropractors.

  • Disqus-ed

    Perhaps a little history of these “clowns” is in order…Dr. Morris Fishbein (1889-1976) originally studied to be a clown.
    Realizing he could make more money as a doctor,
    he entered medical school (where he failed anatomy), then barely graduated.
    He never treated a patient in his life.

    Why is he so important? Because he became
    head of the AMA, a position that he used to enrich himself and crush legitimate
    therapies out of existence. He appeared to be motivated solely by money
    and power.

    As head of the AMA (and editor of the
    Journal of the American Medical Association from 1924-1949), he decided
    which drugs could be sold to the public based only how much advertising
    money he could extort from drug manufacturers, whom he required to place
    expensive ads in the JAMA. There were no drug-testing agencies, only Fishbein.
    It was irrelevant if the drugs worked.

    Fishbein was a shakedown artist. Yet,
    today, there is a Morris Fishbein Center for the History of Science and
    Medicine at the University of Chicago.

    • grumpy1938

      Thank you for this information, the more we educate ourselves and learn the true healing facts the more you will not just blindly follow your doctors orders that may be dictated by the drug companies. Also research the 4th leading cause of death in the USA (hint doctors)

  • Karin Pine

    I lost my beloved PA (30 years of amazing holistic medical endocrinology experience) exactly this way: the CA State Board went after her for minor infractions of regulations but the defense and disciplinary action for which, was so expensive and extensive that, even had she won (and they did have her dead-to-rights on the minor infractions), she wouldn’t have been allowed to practice for 3 years. She retired.

  • I have a history of failed medical “treatments” which either made the condition worse, or made another condition worse than what was supposedly being treated. Have had great results with homeopathy, natural treatments, and drug free remedies. Medical doctors live in a box, and they know of no other way to treat things, and in fact, diagnosis is not a strong point with them.

  • Bob

    The purpose of the medical license is to ensure obedience. The medical purge in the US has begun so all that will remain if allowed by the population will be Allopathic Rockefeller medicine based on profit. What our planet will look like in a few years will be interesting to see.

  • carolyn mordecai

    If you go to a regulated hospital in the U.S., you could die because they refuse access to a natural treatment or are unfamiliar with it. We need integrative hospitals like the Queen of England goes to in order to save ourselves and our familites.

  • LastGasp


  • craigamunson

    this is getting OLD!!!!! the chiropractors sued the AMA four times and won. The AMA then shut the f— up. Getting tired of the AMA file a law suit. the odds of winning are very good if history is any indication.

  • Giovanni

    I spent 18 years in bed,35 doctors,4 psychiatrist and 2 Universities left me to die by September 1996. In 2008 my 18 year old daughter had a stroke and almost died Today she is a senior in college on the deans list. She had a 100% recovery.It was Natural Medicine that saved our lives! I am the most healthy,happiest and productive 67 year old man on the planet! One year ago I had a PSA of 22 and cancer. I cured my cancer without chemotherapy,radiation,surgery or drugs! This is the power of Natural Medicine! I thank God everyday for the people in Natural Medicine!!!! God Speed To All!

    • suncat777

      That’s awesome! How did you cure yourself from cancer?

  • Jen

    What a f… is wrong with all of us? How certain people who are just regular human beings as the rest of us can control us so terribly? We are the ones who give them these rights, we are the ones who follow! Everyone on this Earth has equal rights to live and we shouldn’t settle for any dictatorship or censorship… what a heck???? Each of us will one day die so why to make our journey the miserable one? Is someone going to start “killing” people for our opinions on public media too?

    • John Adams

      Time for mass civil protest about this westerm medicine BS.
      Let those @$$ wipes know the truth……WE control our bodies…….THEY DO NOT.
      Until we rise up screaming in their faces THEY WILL CONTINUE TO PUSH their AGENDA.
      This must be addressed collectively, in civil protest. LOUD protest with massive numbers of people protesting.
      Also, time for MiKE ADAMS to begin a white house petition to demand that oncologists make NO peofit from selling chemo drugs……NOW is the time for this given the lawsuit re. The doctor who was abusing his patients by prescribing chemo for people who did NOT have cancer.
      Rahm Emanuel said it best……..never let a good crisis go to waste.
      How about it Mike Adams……….time for you to lead this charge.
      But, Mike may be controlled by handlers too. I just watched a video this morning re. AJ and the TIME WARNER news company. Who is Mike good friends with? Hmmm,mm,mmmmmmmmm………………

  • Sean Alexander

    You must be doing something very good when the AMA is after you, when the AMA says that natural remedies are is bad for you, is very good for you………….

  • John Adams

    I tend to despise western medicine and rarely use it anymore. But, I did need a hip resurfacing because there were no other effective options. Severe agony for several years made even me say “uncle” and I had the procedure. It was a good decision and I had a superb surgeon.
    Other than that I try to stay away from the MD profession, and I am a Registered NURSE!!!!
    I tried to never push the crap that western medicine promotes and I chose to work in places where I was able to follow my passion of holistic health. I educated my patients at every visit and during all encounters. They loved it because they realized they could take charge of their health.
    But, there are situations where western medicine is necessary. For instance, my older dog somehow injured his cornea and he rapidly developed an ulcer and a melting cornea. He is on 4 medications for the eye and all I can say is THAnk god for those meds and his vet.
    I also give my dogs heartworm prevention monthly because there is no other way to prevent heartworm infection……..
    So, my point is this………use western medicine when there is really no other effective treatment or relief………but ONLY then. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. It could mean that you lose your life, a limb, or an eye.
    I have used “alternative” therapies to treat my dogs and have achieved astounding results…………i treated a small dog who became paralyzed in the rear end, and she fully regained function in less than a day. She recovered fully during the exam at the University Vet hospital and the neurologist almost had a stroke…..LOL! He was very interested in knowing everything I had done during the 5 hours of paralysis…..he wrote it all down and was just flabbergasted. He said that there were only 3 things that could have caused the abrupt onset paralysis and that NONE of those would have resolved in less than 3 months under standard care.
    Another dog developed life threatening thrombocytopenia after a vaccination. The same university hospital treated her for 6 months……without a sustained remission or resolution. My dog would have died from the meds she was taking. I finally said….enough. I went to the bookstore I love and bought at least 20 books for homeopath practitioners. I read like crazy, picked a remedy and started treating her. Within 3 days of beginning the treatment her blood tests were FINE. She never needed any medication or further treatment. Her vet was deeply perplexed by the abrupt turn around. When I explained what I had done this vet became a caustic smart-!ss and I called her that! I then laughed and began to walk away and stated to her…..” It simply p!sses you off that analternative therapy provided full resolution of this problem in 3 days. You had 6 months to resolve it and did nothing but put my dog at risk.” I laughed all the way out the door.
    BTW……….none of my dogs have been vaccinated ever again…….since 1997!

    • technicallysane

      Good for you John and I’m glad you have had very successful experience with the holistic approach. I think the reason conventional medical doctors are perplexed when they see good results from alternative medicine is because they just don’t know about holistic or natural medicine. I’ve heard that medical schools never teach them anything but Allopathic medicine and almost nothing about the effects of nutrition on human health.
      I definitely agree with you about not completely dismissing conventional medicine because there are times when we do need it… especially in times of trauma etc. Like you though, I visit a conventional doctor as little as possible and have managed to stay very healthy for a soon-to-be 80 y/o.

    • Good points John. Of course Western medicine has it’s place, for intervening treatments such as surgeries, life saving measures etc.

      For 10 years i had no health insurance, and had a variety of health issues. I started reading alternative health news sites and self treating, by simply adding certain ingredients to my diet and eliminating toxins (which i feel is a major issue and contributes to many health issues of others in this country), after so much research it was quite telling how toxic the industrialized food system and our environment was becoming. Then…learning how abysmal the regulation standards were for our foods, meats, environment, water, etc. So many rude awakenings. I went thru dramatic health improvements once i started taking this approach and it was relatively inexpensive. It was very empowering taking my health back, on my terms.

      Rarely do i get sick now and i have changed what my entire family consumes for foods, water as well as detox methods. Of course, if i need an antibiotic, i will get a prescription – but it will not use any of the new ones on the market (medications are fast-tracked), the tried and true ones are still very effective.

      • CanadaCindy

        John. Should the need for an antibiotic arise, you may want to consider Oil of Wild Oregano.

    • Margaret Sturman

      I consider some surgery the same as mechanical work and needed sometimes, like in your case. I just don’t trust Big Pharma and their pet government body, the FDA.

  • John Adams

    Where the hell is my comment?
    Censorship is the new forte of the alternative media,

  • Suzy

    The AMA is nothing more than a trade union. A very small percentage of doctors are even members anymore. Their power should be proportional to the wretched membership they serve.

  • Brian McKee

    “What will happen to doctors who stand by their beliefs rather than cave to the AMA?” ~ This https://www.healthnutnews. com/3rd-alternative-prominent-doctor-from-florida-found-dead-in-2-weeks-authorities-say-md-was-murdered/

  • Glen

    As a chiropractor (who was in school at the time of the Wilkes v. The AMA victory by the chiropractic profession in 1991) I have seen the gamut. I started my career as a Registered Respiratory Therapist and have seen things that make you unable to move or speak. My education and career as a chiropractor gave me the opportunity to see even more. Then a rare brain disease that mimics a brain tumor took me out of the field permanently. My health forced me into the MEDICAL mill and the things that happened to me only served to reinforce my knowledge of how terrible, corrupt, immoral and unethical the medical profession is. I have finally decided to write the book I have been wanting to for years now, My prayer is that my book will help at least one person’s life to be saved by educating them from my terrible experiences.

    • patriciaicon

      Go to abYoung Living Essentisl Oils representative who can give you the separate page of testsmonials.

    • Margaret Sturman

      Good luck, can’t wait to read it. Wishing you all the best. Our freedom of choice is under permanent attack.

  • Nicole Richardson

    Every medication is derived from something in nature. IE carbon based. IE organic. So, with that knowledge, it shows how ignorant the American people are to not comprehend that the healing properties in ALL medications derive from nature. The only reason big pharm can patent a product is because it’s filled with fillers and useless compounds so the company can patent it. Remember, the main ingredient is all you really need the rest is bull.
    Americans get what Americans are willing to vote for. Americans stopped being responsible for their government long ago.

    • Nancy Ryer

      It doesn’t matter what we vote for. The American political system has been bought and paid for.

      • NicoleminCT

        If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t allow us to do it. LOL

        • Margaret Sturman

          If voting did not make a difference, they would not spend billions to influence our votes. We are only powerless when we believe we are.

          • Mike Lashewitz

            Not when Hi LIAR y is concerned, she will just defraud the system.

  • Seabreezes1

    “Freedom of Speech is the principle pillar of a free government; when this support is taken away the constitution of a free society is dissolved and Tyranny is erected on its ruins.” – Benjamin Franklin

    The AMA is a private organization that represents 17% of physicians. A Pew survey found close to 70% of physicians feel the AMA is NOT representative of their views. Yet, they are a very powerful lobby. I find it very sobering that on the heels of the attack on Dr. Oz and announcement of AMA plans to institute sanctions on doctors who do not support the AMA platform, 3 doctors in FL who support alternative approaches to treatment were found murdered. No, I don’t think the #AMA hired hit men, but this type of DOGMA is promoted by power brokers, it gives loose to violent tendencies. That is why freedom of speech, informed consent, and individual rights were protected in our Constitution. Allowing government or professional organizations to erode those rights may sound rational, but they should be considered un-American acts of TYRANNY.

    • patriciaicon

      Better feelings from cancer using Young Living Essential Oils, e.g. Frankenscense is proven…….MRSA goes away…….because this oil leaves the good bacteria alone and kills the MRSA. A website of testamonials bears witness.

    • craigamunson

      I live in florida, who was murdered???

      • rgaura

        At last count, 5 doctors murdered or at least suspicious deaths, and 5 missing, starting with the brilliant Dr Bradstreet. Google it on youtube.

  • M. “Wyatt” Howell

    This medical depraved indifference means we must resist. We, the people must be responsible for our own health and liberty, and defer this to no man or political hack.
    This is WAR – and one we must win to live healthy and free !!! Wake up folks !!
    Resist – dissent – ignore – rebuke – Tyranny must be eliminated !!




  • Dr. Peter Rost is a former vice president of Pfizer and a whistleblower of the pharmaceutical industry. Author of “The Whistleblower, Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman,” Rost is an insider expert on big pharma marketing.

    https:// youtu. be/TrCizlAOBAo

  • bev

    they are just worried about their pharmacutical sales dropping

  • Cary

    Beautiful. I’ll pass this on to my homeopath. she’ll get a good laugh.

  • spoonwood

    As if the holistic medical community isn’t just as guilty as big pharm of pressing their wares. Non regulated sawdust pills to cancer patients . Science free claims .

    • Nancy Ryer

      Homeopathy is holistic. Mostly foods and herbs. What’s wrong with that? Common sense would dictate that it is better to prevent disease than treat it with pills that make a company wealthy. The American public has been duped. Gmos and processed foods kill 80% of ur immune system, your gut bacteria. Without it, you get sick. Most Immunizations corrupt the immune system. The FDA and EPA are complicit in the systematic poisoning of people for profit. A crime against humanity. An educated RN.

      • Glamslinky

        Just because you are an RN does not make you educated in all areas of scientific statistics. You are licensed in healthcare, not biophysics. You are going on what proof? If you are truly educated you would cite scholarly articles from the American Journal of Medicine – and even then you can not depend on non-biased information. If you are truly that much of a radical, maybe you should seek out another career.

        • Mike Lashewitz

          Wow her response elicited yours? Aren’t you a little over the top?
          RN’s are not idiots and Nancy is sharing experience. Even nurses can see the difference between good and bad.

          • Glamslinky

            As am I. 🙂

          • Glamslinky

            Good point. But anyone can say they’re an RN on the internet and not really be one. Right? 🙂

      • patriciaicon

        I work for a lady with pain from arthritis…..her doctor does not tell her that avoiding eating nightshade foods would reduce her pail….no she has to spend $$$$$$$ for pain refief. Waste of money.
        CNA in St. Louis, MO

      • Lynn Daykin

        You are 100% correct. I got through breast cancer using common sense, nutrition, and alternative natural therapies that were used long, long before big pharma came along with all their harmful chemicals, My family members that had cancer all died after doing chemo, radiation, steroid etc. Killing every good thing in your body in order to ‘build it up again’ just doesn’t make sense. When an immune system is already at it’s lowest, it just doesn’t have the strength to fight to build itself back up so why make it even worse? There’s just no logic to this.

    • tsimitpo

      Well, to be completely fair, sawdust has fewer [side] effects on our health to the negative than pretty much anything Big Pharma puts in a pill. Being that placebos have been shown to be as effective as many medications, perhaps the “sawdust” pill model is not such a bad way to go…

      • Mike Lashewitz

        LMAO! You are correct! Though be careful of which wood the saw dust comes from. Some can be really bad.

    • Margaret Sturman

      A holistic doctor kept my Mom alive without any pain until her death at 97. She had cancer and when she was diagnosed she was given one year. She was able to travel, enjoy her family, have a good life and die with dignity. Sorry, I only go to the doctor to find out what’s wrong, my decision after that.

    • Mike Lashewitz

      Wow do you ave any proof of that claim? Any supporting evidence? Or will you like most others trolling liberal lame “o”s just tell me to go and look for the information you provided as if it is truth? If you are going to make such claims then back them up with supporting evidence because I for one do not blindly accept unsupported bullshit claims.

  • Dave Gradney-El

    They have a license to practice they can’t cure anything or say the word cure, maybe they are afraid people have figured it all out that the body we were given with heels itself. Hum? Also science and health are two different areas and departments and don’t belong together and one can’t control the other or speak for it.

    • patriciaicon

      Who is looking at what Pres obozo promises, lies and changes his story…now that is hurting US citizens with his failed Obama care……unreliable and rising in cost

  • Lynn Daykin

    Why do all you haters, and people who don’t believe in Natural Health, waste your time reading websites like this? Why not spent your time wisely by going to all the POISON websites that you obviously think have our best interests at heart… Monsanto, the FDA, the AMA, all the big drug companies etc. Why bother preaching to those of us who are living proof that Natural remedies work?

    • chemfreemom

      Because they work for, or make money from pharma, or have a vested interest in keeping the sick care system in place, and are trying to prevent the obvious progression to natural health methods.

  • Glamslinky

    So aggressive, Larry. Are you a health professional? Didn’t think so. 🙂

    • Mike Lashewitz

      Are YOU? A “health professional”? Just what are your qualifications”? You see I am a person who cured my own stomach cancer with homeopathic medicine. I also got rid of a MRSA infection with homeopathic medicine. I also got rid of COPD and emphysema with homeopathic medicines.

      I also reversed Barrets Esophagus with homeopathic medicine.

      So tell us again your qualifications?

  • drfoy

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. The AMA membership is approx. 17% of the licensed MDs in the country. How can an organization with such a low membership and past history of dirty deals have such a large effect as to how a physician runs their practice? Pound salt AMA.

    • ffonz

      Time for the other 83% to form their own AMA (Alternate Medicinal Alliance) and ‘licence’ their ‘members’ so ‘we the people’ have a TRUE option instead. WHY are these corrupt $luggard$ in the ‘existing’ AMA minority ‘dictating’ ‘their will’ over every doctor everywhere -?? Doesn’t make sense. Let them dictate to the fools who choose to ‘belong’ to their fail-AMA if they like(and boy do they ‘like’) but that is as far.. and is where.. their ‘authority’ should end.. and not a jot beyond. To give a simple analogy… ‘they’ are no better than a ‘neighbor’ forcing their way into your house and dictating what you will do with every aspect of your life when it comes to the meals you eat for your health and well-being. Who would put up with that for even one minute -??

  • Blablathingy

    Here is the “best available science” on vaccines. This is another doctor who was murdered. And this is SCIENCE. His methodology follows the practices put forth by the AMA and whatever other medical organization is out there making rules. When the best available science is squelched, and researchers and doctors who put it forth are murdered for it, there is no such thing as the best available science. There is only a pack of lies. youtube. com/watch?v=C6Pb2gqbkyk


    Fascism at its finest.

  • CanadaCindy

    What the hell are you talking about! Now who’s QUACKing!

  • CanadaCindy

    Short, sweet and to the point Larry. Nicely done. Nancy Ryer presents an informed opinion for which I respect her.

  • Healing is a Choice

    ObamaMurder is here.

  • tsimitpo

    Vaccines haven’t been “scientifically proven” to do ANYTHING. They use the toxin aluminum in all their “placebos”!

  • Josh Bare

    All of our medical acronym societies are fronts for the pharmaceutical industry. In marketing, we call this “establishing an authority” or authority marketing.

    The idea is to get your authority to sell your products for you, and people do not question it because, well, they’re the authority.

    This is why we see so much disinformation in the medical field. A great example are statins, which are completely useless at best, and quite harmful at worst. Now suddenly saturated fats aren’t the enemy anymore – because they never were. This is just one example.

    • Mike Lashewitz

      Statins nearly killed me.

  • Janine Burke

    I don’t agree with many of the guidelines of the AMA, in fact, just recently their change in particular guidelines prevented me from receiving a treatment that had once helped me, had brought to me better health, and relieved me from years of suffering. My doctor was no longer allowed to perform the procedure on me because the guidelines had changed and his hands were tied. Thankfully I struggled through it, though my quality of life was very diminished at the time and could have been greatly helped by the procedure. I was given only one other treatment option which would have meant damage (ablation) to my organ and caused the organ not to function ever again as it was created to do and may have even caused new health concerns. I believe many of the guidelines of the AMA are somehow profit producing, generating new work for doctors.

    Although his heart may be in the right place, and he does encourage a healthy lifestyle, I really think Dr. Oz does step over the line at times. He broadcasts his remedies and findings over a broad audience of people who have many other underlying conditions. He shares his findings with desperate folks who have no idea the remedy for one condition could complicate or cause another. Sadly, many people still look to doctors as being the only intelligent being in their lives and so cling to their every word with all trust and assurance, never seeking out details or weighing careful study concerning their own health. I hope he continues promoting whole food eating and a healthy lifestyle through exercise and diet, but he really needs to consider the words he speaks concerning alternative medicine truly has a potential to be dangerous and to many people.

    • Mike Lashewitz

      If I could up vote this multiple times I would. I agree completely about Dr Oz and some of the others who at times place profit and sensationalism over total honesty,

  • FedUpWIthInsanity

    I have been on both sides of the medical field. And as far as I’m concerned, as a former ICU RN, the AMA and FDA should be charged with Crimes against Humanity. Their “Damn Doctor’s Deadly Dance of Denial and Delay” is KILLING thousands. They are WRONG about the statins, they are in DENIAL about Lyme’s disease, They Deny their very EYES–preferring to continue to trust antiquated ink-blots (lab tests) in THYROID disease. But then–it took the “grand establishment” 200 years to accept the evidence of germs! Because God forbid, the demi-gods admit they could be wrong.

  • Madeleine Innocent

    Holistic health is SUCH a threat to Big Pharma as it can actually CURE – no money in that

  • jboog

    Big Pharma has no interest in curing ANYTHING, they just want to treat you so they can stay paid and reap those annual bonuses…its painfully obvious what these companies are all about….MONEY!!!!!! its disgusting!!!!

  • Kyle colbert

    The new guidelines will target unorthodox medical information that the AMA deems dubious and unsubstantiated and create disciplinary guidelines for doctors who make public claims that do not align with the ‘best available science’. These new ethical guidelines will restrict American access to valuable natural health information and funnel people into the offices of traditional healthcare providers who will support traditional medical science rather than holistic medicine. For More info visits us on
    divinehealthwellness. com

    • Mike Lashewitz

      Just remember “the best available science” is unethically altered or completely made up and reported by Big Pharma shills to an uneducated population bred to believe their rhetoric.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    I hope the “AMA” is reading this.
    So you want to talk about “ethics”. How ETHICAL is it when 98% of chemotherapy “patients” die as VICTIMS?
    How ethical is it when we have a government that forces gun control over 14000 +/- deaths but NEVER MENTIONS the 220,000-440,000 deaths by medical malpractice every year nor do they mention the 800,000 MAIMED by “AMA” quacks!

    How about those “ethics” in the recent HPV vaccine marketing to boys that lies blatantly and manipulates the data? How about the fact that Big Pharma is the #1 cash making industry on the planet and you assholes are the ones who create “patients” for LIFE?

    How about the ethics of pushing cancer medications when thew roots of cancer are an ingredient in many vaccines? How about the FACT that there are MANY MODALITIES to ficht and cure cancers as well as diet changes to keep it away?

    How about the FACT that IN ONE YEAR 50 homeopathic practitioners have died under ‘mysterious circumstances” and nearly EVERY ONE has been reporting their findings regarding how the cancer epidemic is a MANUFACTURED EPIDEMIC created through supposedly contaminated vaccines?

    Do I trust the medical establishment today? HELL NO. Now why? BECAUSE OF MY OWN EXPERIENCES WITH THE VA. What did they do? They let me live in a wheel chair for 17 years with a broken neck and a broken back. They destroyed my pyloric valve, they destroyed my manhood, they diagnosed me with ALS and realized after 12 years Oops they were wrong! They infected me with MRSA during a minor skin cancer operation. (I am one of many) They diagnosed a Hiatal Hernia TWICE using the Barium Swallow method and the hernia can be readily seen in the images and BOTH TIMES two weeks later on seeing the doctor I was told I did not have a hiatal hernia. When it was previously POINTED OUT during testing!

    I was diagnosed with COPD and put on 3 medicines then I learned about how effective L-Glutamine is and no longer have COPD. Now they even deny they medicated me for COPD.

    I was given Statin drugs for cholesterol and ended up with severe shoulder and heart pain. The VA was ready to prescribe a power wheel chair. I said NO! instead stopped the statins. Within 30 days the shoulder pain dropped to nothing and within 2 months the heart pain was gone.

    I went from being in the US NAVY on no medications to being at the VA on 19 medications within 2 years!!! I felt worse after every visit. Then I started doing MY RESEARCH.

    Come on you ethics bastards lets have an OPEN DIALOG in front of the WHOLE COUNTRY and really talk about ethics in the medical establishment. BLOOD SUCKERS

    Today I am out of the wheel chair, I have 7 fused vertebrae and I am mostly pain free. Only because the VA finally let me see an OUTSIDE NEUROSURGEON who amazingly could read an MRI. His first words to me were, “Please tell me about this terrible accident you were in?” 27 years after the accident I learned I had broken my neck. I served 9 years with a broken neck and 2 years with a broken back while the active duty doctors DID NOTHING. 19 years waiting to be diagnosed with a broken lower back.

    Where is my lawyer so I can go after the military medical system for malpractice???

    • NICK

      Hi Mike what is happening is pure insanity the assholes lawyer is part of the cabal. BUT I CAN TELL YOU…… IT IS DANGEROUS FOR THE TO PLAY THIS GAME WITH SO MANY ARMED CITZEN GOD BLESS YOU NICK

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Paid out $3.4 billion of taxpayer monies to the vaccine injured.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Seriously? So you will believe government controlled mainstream disinformation over doing your own research? Would you care to speak with the parents of vaccine injured and dead children? Or are you so dishonest with yourself that doing so would injure your delicate sensitivities?

    https://www.facebook. com/groups/CharlestonNonvaxxers/

  • Mike Lashewitz

    I do. Only because I went in for “pain relief” and left with more pain than ever it took 2 months to get past the additional pain they did.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    https://www.facebook. com/MyIncredibleOpinionWithForrestMaready/videos/1659385367718570/


  • Lak

    God bless you Mike lashewitz! I pray for your continued well being! Thank you for your service!

  • Glamslinky

    Let us know when the coronation is. After Trump wins the election of course, you don’t want to steal his thunder.