Nagalase testing finds cancer cells early and GcMAF cures it

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cancer-testing(NaturalHealth365) Any cancer diagnosis can be terrifying. But when patients are told that cancer cells have already spread, a physician’s words can hang in the air like a death sentence, leaving behind confusion and despair.

Yet soon, scenarios such as this could become part of the past. Research shows a pair of proteins appears to hold the secret to a long-awaited means of identifying, and then reversing, deadly metastatic cancer.

Science-based evidence for fighting cancer cells

Two bioidentical, naturally occurring proteins – glycoprotein macrophage-activating factor (GcMAF) and nagalase (alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase) – have the potential to wipe the world clean of cancer. While that may sound too good to be true, the prediction is supported by over a quarter century of research, much of it spearheaded by Dr. Nobuto Yamamoto, founder and director of the Socrates Institute for Therapeutic Immunology.

Timothy J. Smith, M.D., points out that Dr. Yamamoto’s research provides critical scientific evidence that the two bio-identical, naturally occurring protein molecules – GcMAF and nagalase – can be used to identify, and then reverse, metastatic cancer. Nagalase screening, along with early treatment using GcMAF, has the potential to “rid the world of the scourge of cancer,” he says.

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Dr. Smith has been studying and practicing alternative, nutritional and conventional healing principles for over four decades. In addition to their usefulness in wiping out cancer, he says the two proteins hold promise for curing HIV and other chronic viral infections.

Admitting that he is making strong statements about the potential for ridding the world of cancer with GcMAF and nagalase testing, Dr. Smith predicts that anyone who carefully reviews the science behind GcMAF, nagalase, and the molecular biology of macrophage activation, will realize it is true. The approach can even be used to target and reverse cancer so early in development that it is not even visible via conventional imaging technologies, he notes.

Identifying and reversing cancer safely and effectively

GcMAF is made by your body and acts to spur anti-cancer immune activity, activating very large cells, known as macrophages. These macrophages track down and kill cancer cells and sometimes, viruses.

Cancer cells have adopted a means for blocking the production of GcMAF by manufacturing nagalase. When the body does not produce enough GcMAF, macrophages become inactive, leaving your body at risk of disease.

Nagalase testing provides the technology to identify cancer, even when it is just a handful of cells, by detecting levels of nagalase, manufactured by cancer and virus cells. This early detection will enable the reversal of cancer with just a few GcMAF injections to boost the body’s natural immune system against cancer and viruses.

As demand grows – natural cures will become easier to obtain.

While certified, pure bioidentical GcMAF is not yet available, raising awareness about the potential for slowing and stopping cancer should eventually lead to enough GcMAF being made available to ensure every patient receives it who needs it.

In the meantime, the establishment of nagalase cancer screening programs for all adults and all high-risk populations is highly recommended, according to Dr. Smith. Nagalase testing enables very early identification of cancer, then gives an opportunity to reverse its growth with a few GcMAF injections.

“For me, the Holy Grail of cancer eradication is finding it early and nipping it in the bud,” says Dr. Smith.


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  • Gary Fuller

    Thanks for this exciting news I appreciate this article.

  • Wendy Allen

    Where can you get naglase testing in the U.S.?..Can’t find any lab to do it. Internet is blocking lab information?

    • pam r

      The second link under references takes you to the only lab in the US that offers this test. They send the test off to Belgium and results take about 6 weeks.

  • Cindy

    The Florida doctors who died of gunshot wounds???

    • Tammy

      Dr. Nicholas Gonzales supposedly died of a heart attack although he was in stellar health.

    • Julie Berry Clark


  • Cindy

    The FDA, working as the long arm of Big Pharma, will make sure we never have access to any of this. And i would suggest that Physicians utilizing or speaking about this subject start using fake names. 6 natural type doctors in Florida either were killed or had attempts made in their lives. I believe 4 died of gunshot wounds.

  • New Era of Healing

    I totally agree, Julie. Dr. Smith is courageous, in my opinion, and needs to be on the defensive. Nicholas Gonzales, a hero in my mind, was just one of the docs that appears to have been “knocked off” after his work with GcMAF, which is a huge loss to modern medicine. Also, I understand GcMAF has been made “illegal” and unavailable in this country.

  • SibyllasStuff

    I was at a work wellness BMI checking for our health insurance plan the other day. I was quite surprised that the young woman who was taking my blood pressure and weight and height knew about the holistic doctors in Florida dying under mysterious circumstances. Still more people need to hear about this and make it better known. Just like learning how there really are other ways to stay healthy and live better.

  • Mariawildflower

    Hello Johnathan and team,

    Have you heard of Bravo Yogurt? I’m considering buying it. Supposedly it helps your body make GcMAF naturally. What do you think? Anyone have any thoughts on this?

    • jazzfeed

      1. Supposedly according to who/what?
      2. What is the ingredient in that product that supposedly supports GcMAF production?

  • Friday

    What does bio-identical mean? Nagalase is an enzyme that destroys GcMAF how could it be the same thing as GcMAF?

  • Joe

    Dr Jeff Bradstreet was one of the Drs killed and he thought that vaccines have nagalase in them and causing autism in kids

  • Dave Halsall

    bio-identical gcmaf is available now. everyone, please do the research. and check out the science papers posted there.. also the testimonies.. the evidence is irrefutable. the corrupt CDC, FDA. the MHRA (uk) have raided their labs in england 2015 and seized all their stuff. they moved their facilities to somewhere in europe and began distributing again from there. there’s lots of products on the market now from creams to yoghurts but some of these cause herx reactions. i’ve used the gcmaf,se stuff without adverse effects and it works wonders!! if steve jobs and patrick swayze had used gcmaf they’d still be with us..