Jim Carrey exposes the truth about vaccine dangers

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jim-carrey(NaturalHealth365) Beginning in 2016, California will have some of the strictest vaccine laws in America, as the state strips away all personal exemption rights from parents of school children in the state. State Bill 277 was signed into law on June 30, 2015, requiring all children enrolled in public or private school, as well as children in private day care, to be immunized against a list of 10 named diseases, as well as any other disease “deemed appropriate by the [State Department of Public Health].”

While the mainstream media champions the cause and attempts to drown out the objections of the law’s opponents, many people are also fighting back. One well-known person, in particular, Jim Carrey has been especially outspoken about the controversial new law and has been drawing much attention for his blatant dissent of the new vaccination requirements.

Jim Carrey tweets in opposition of neurotoxins in vaccinations; namely thimerosal

Back in April, when SB 277 was still in the process of receiving committee approvals in the California Senate, Carrey’s Twitter page came alive when he claimed that what America really needed was “a vaccine for corporate greed, government corruption, and the media-sponsored terror that is generated by big pharma profiteers.” As the bill moved closer toward the governor’s desk, Carrey did not back down.

On June 30th, Jim Carrey raised eyebrows when he called the governor of California a fascist for signing the bill into law, tweeting, “California Gov says yes to poisoning more children with mercury and aluminum in mandatory vaccines. This corporate fascist must be stopped.” Again on July 1st, Carrey tweeted, “All we are saying is, ‘Take the neurotoxins out of the vaccines.’ Make them toxin free. History will show that that was a reasonable request.”

The following day, Carrey expanded upon his comments, shedding light on CDC vaccine corruption and the dangers of ‘trace amounts’ of thimerosal in modern immunizations. He referenced an article written by Robert F. Kennedy on CDC corruption and the role money and big pharma has played in expanding the vaccine schedule here in the U.S. While both Carrey and Kennedy claim to be pro-vaccine (Kennedy himself had each of his six children vaccinated), they are disgusted by the widespread use of neurotoxins in today’s immunizations.

Media paints Carrey as loud-mouthed and reckless

It is not uncommon for celebrities use their fame to promote a cause, and the media will gladly rally around those who support their goals. But, those who dare to speak the truth are depicted as loons and branded as irresponsible or fanatical.

Following Carrey’s Twitter comments, websites and news columns wasted no time labeling his remarks as ‘rants’ and ‘nonsense.’ One headline even railed against Carrey’s sanity, saying the California vaccination bill had caused the actor to ‘lose his mind.’

In a country founded on personal freedom, no one should be able to force parents to inject their children with dangerous neurotoxins and vaccinations for any reason. In his signing statements, Governor Brown himself confirmed that “no medical intervention is without risk.” Yet he is willing to gamble the safety of California’s children because it “benefits and protects the community.”

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Keep Reading:

  • Bert Rubio

    I wonder what they mean by reckless, since it seems that there is a reckless disregard by the pharmaceutical companies when they falsify their studies on their drugs.

  • Drake F

    It’s amazing how the medical community wants a one sided conversation.

  • Douglas the Chemist

    One thing that isn’t reported is the drastic effects vaccines have on your chemistry. They alter the normal mineral metabolism and thus make healing difficult. Who ever reported this fact?

    • Stop HR 2232

      I have never heard of this. Where can read more, Douglas the Chemist?

  • Nurse Lori

    As a nurse I have seen the so called minor side effects. From my viewpoint they are a sign that these vaccines harbor a burden on the immune system.

  • Johnny G

    How could vaccines not be toxic. It’s foreign material being injected without any way to see what it does. How can you possibly say they are safe?

  • Marco

    Here is a pretty good website on vaccines that may be of interest. https://www.facebook. com/VASAvax

  • Susie

    Ii think Jim Carey should make a documentary about the dangers of toxins in vaccines. He should use real people who have been vaccine/toxin injured. Bring in people to tell the facts.

    • rgaura

      Robert Kennedy Jr has made one, and is stumping it around the country, to a news blackout, its called Trace Amounts.

  • Wendy Allen

    In an internet article about Jim Carrey, people were rude and demeaning. I am glad Jim had the courage to speak out about vaccines hurt people. Kids may not be totally destroyed my vaccines, but enough to lower brain/body health//lower their immune system and still not be protected by the vaccines. A one day old baby…maybe destroyed by the Hept B shot. Alternative medicine way should be allowed instead only the Conventional medicine way. Freedom to choose is needed. More vaccines are coming out. Any age may be hurt…young/old/healthy etc. Vaccines companies…people should be able to sue them instead of the government. Then they may not force vaccines in trying to make money. Autism maybe 1/2 of kids soon. Who is going to pay to help them? Where are they going to get help? Alternative doctors may help, but prevention is easier/cheaper/protects instead of trying to cure people later.

    • Jim Brandom

      In the words of Tim Minchin-
      “Alternative Medicine has either not been proved to work, or been proved not to work. Do you know what they call “alternative medicine” that’s been proved to work?

      • Alexandra1973

        Yeah right. That’s how come my autistic son started speaking right after I started detoxing him with cilantro and chlorella.

  • Interesting how Angelina Jolie was praised for mutilating her breasts but Jim Carrey is crazy to speak about protecting the body. What’s right is wrong and wrong is right?? Speak on Carrey!!!!

  • Alexandra1973

    Jim Carrey and the like are okay with vaccines as long as there are no neurotoxins. But the thing is, good health doesn’t come from a needle no matter what is or isn’t injected.

  • Paul Maupin

    Yes, and as far as his labeling Brown as a fascist , he couldn’t be more accurate. Fascism is went corporations control the government , so really in whose interest dose Brown really represent?