High levels of aluminum in 80 percent of people tested for toxicity

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aluminum-testing(NaturalHealth365) Aluminum, which performs no identifiable function in the human body, is not a nutrient. Yet, most of us consume this neurotoxic substance – or inhale its fumes, or apply it to our skin – on a daily basis.

According to Analytical Research Labs, a whopping 80 percent of people tested have excessively high aluminum levels – a disturbing statistic, given that metal toxicities are associated with a wide range of chronic disease conditions.

We are living in the “age of aluminum”

Aluminum – the third most prevalent element on the planet – already exists naturally, in the environment – but, just to be clear – has ZERO benefit inside the human body.  This cheaply-produced metal has literally dozens of commercial uses – leading concerned natural health experts and environmentalists to dub the present day the “age of aluminum.”

Sadly, aluminum is used in cookware, soda cans and packaging for processed foods – not to mention: aluminum foil.  An ingredient in many over-the-counter antacids such as Rolaids, aluminum is also found in various cosmetics and hygiene products, particularly antiperspirants.

Disturbingly, exposure to aluminum begins almost immediately after birth – aluminum is used as an adjuvant in vaccines given to newborns.  In fact, the number of aluminum-containing vaccines children receive has quadrupled over the past 40 years, with children typically receiving 17 aluminum-spiked injections in the first 18 months of life.

Finally, aluminum is used liberally in the foods we eat, including kitchen staples such as cocoa, salt, flour and baking powder. Aluminum is even found in municipal tap water – which is a very good reason why we should purify our drinking water as a top health priority.

What does all this aluminum do to us?

For one thing, it accumulates in the kidneys, brains, lungs, liver and thyroid, causing oxidative stress and attacking the central nervous system. According to Dr. Edward Group, aluminum competes with calcium for absorption, and can affect the mineralization of bone and slow growth in infants. It also creates inflammation in the brain, thereby contributing to the development of neurodegenerative diseases.

Aluminum toxicity has been linked with a staggering list of specific diseases, dysfunctions and conditions.

A recent study shows that aluminum exposure causes brain oxidation and inflammation – while increasing amounts of the beta-amyloid proteins linked with Alzheimer’s disease. The University School of Medicine in Belgrade reports that drinking water with a high aluminum concentration is associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s.

But the damage doesn’t stop with Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminum’s ability to inhibit the uptake of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine and 5-hydroxytryptamine contributes to mood disorders, anxiety, insomnia and cognitive deficits.

And, aluminum is associated with anemia – an unsurprising finding, as aluminum has been shown to interfere with iron metabolism. It is also linked to other blood disorders, such as hemolysis, leukocytosis and porphyria, as well as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS.  In addition, exposure to this unwanted substance can cause an increase in cavities, as it interferes with bone calcification and competes with fluoride.

And, finally, it is associated with kidney and liver dysfunction due to fatty degeneration.

How do I find out if I have aluminum toxicity?

Early symptoms of aluminum toxicity include headaches, depression, abnormal heartbeat, frequent colds, dry skin and heartburn, colic and other gastrointestinal problems. Later symptoms of toxicity can include paralytic muscular conditions, memory loss and confusion.

Integrative healthcare providers note that blood aluminum levels fail to reflect the total body burden, so accurately measuring aluminum toxicity can be tricky. If you think you have aluminum toxicity, it would be wise to undergo a hair tissue mineral analysis. This non-invasive test is considered the most reliable way to detect aluminum levels. However, look for a laboratory that doesn’t wash the hair before testing, as this can nullify results.

Note: if you are undergoing nutritional therapy for heavy metal toxicity, expect to see a rise in aluminum levels in the hair when it is re-tested – a result of aluminum and other metals being flushed from storage.  It’s also extremely important that you ensure the safe elimination of toxins from the body to avoid harm.

Safe and natural detoxification is essential for optimal health

The first step in detoxifying is preventing additional exposure to aluminum. Avoid the use of aluminum cookware and cans, and carefully check the labels of health and beauty products – especially antacids. Be on the lookout for aluminum-free alternatives – for example, the” Tums” brand of antacid contains no aluminum.

You should also avoid processed foods – which are often packaged using aluminum – and opt for sea salt over table salt. As for drinking water – a water purification system is a MUST and/or drink spring water – from a trusted source.

Natural substances that can help you detoxify include high-dose vitamin C, chlorella and cilantro.  Your healthcare provider may advise melatonin and 5-hydroxy-L-tryptophan as well.  Just make sure that your doctor understands the best ways to detoxify the body safely.

Garlic, onion and other sulfur-rich foods help to manufacture glutathione, the body’s master antioxidant and detoxifier.  N-acetyl-cysteine also boosts glutathione levels, while binding to and detoxifying all heavy metals.

And don’t forget about curcumin, a flavonoid found in turmeric. This natural antioxidant has been shown to have a protective effect against aluminum-induced damage, modulating the extent of oxidative stress and combating the beta-amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Although aluminum and aluminum compounds sometimes seem ever-present, it is possible to reduce or even reverse toxicity from aluminum and other unwanted metals, thereby preventing disease, protecting health and help to extend the quality of your life.



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  • Cindy W

    Most prescription drugs and even over the counter ones contain aluminum. Drugs seem to make a whole host of other problems. Some of them are due to this metal and other fillers used in them.

    • Whatever

      Fillers ! Key words . Trash for Profit .. They would use Dog Shit if they thought they could get away with it !

    • John

      The entire medical paradigm is based on BAD SCIENCE! Drugs suppress the immune system and the immune system is what heals a person. Go figure! How could anyone create a scenario that stupid? So you feel better while you deteriorate faster!

  • Kirby Shumer

    Aluminum has been used for years. It is just recently that its use has been expanded. As the number of convenient household items, personal hygiene items, beauty items, and pharmaceutical drugs increase we are going to be exposed to more.

    Many of the items can be avoided. However, it may become impossible to avoid the every expanding use of it. Detoxing is important and using the most natural approach when we can.

    • John

      The worst abuse of Aluminum is in VACCINES! Much of the neuro degenerative diseases are coming from aluminum being injected into the body. That Route of Entry into the body is a heinous, vicious, terrible BAD SCIENCE that medical terrorists are ignoring and refusing to stop. Within 24 hours of birth the medical terrorists are injecting 10 times the aluminum into that infant with the hep-b Poison Injection that the EPA claims is safe! Now they have doubled the Aluminum being injected from that HPV-16 vaccine shot that is causing more cancer and does not work!

    • Jay Maxner

      If you breath, you can’t avoid it. They are spraying tons of it in nano particles into the atmosphere daily. It is bio-terrorism and everyone seems to be asleep or indifferent.

  • Ed Walker

    Aluminum has its place, but not inside us. Industry knows this and disregards the overwhelming evidence that it is harmful.

  • Betrice Hoover

    Something’s not right with the way almost every item, which is meant to help us harms us. There is very little out there that isn’t toxic. Is this our idea of progress?

    • GunzRloaded

      I know what you’re saying,and I say the same thing.A person has to be on a constant detox with the way it is today.With all of this ‘glyphosate’ that is found in just about most of our foods we are all sick and toxic.When glyphosate is declared cancerous ALL of us should get tested and if found in our system should class action suit against the producers for slow kill murder charges…!! Then the firing squad without a blindfold…!!

      • John

        I am working on a detox kit that I have had to rename it to a body & brain overaul because my research has led me to so many assaults on humanity today in order to see a person be able to reduce the toxic load not only from heavy metals, but from the foods many think are healthy for them. Humanity is in deep trouble and we need to fix this problem so our children will be able to grow up normal and live happy healthy lives. If this keeps going the way it is, those children will be living shorter lives, far sicker, and have very damaged children.

    • Lou

      Do you think this can possibly be “accidental”?

  • HealthIsPossibleAgain

    Wonder why nothing is mentioned about chelation with EDTA? This is a great way to remove heavy metals and also kills candida according to recent studies.

    • John

      EDTA is a good chelator, but it does very little for Aluminum removal, especially the nano forms. Candida is in us all as a way to help alleviate the problem with heavy metals. It resides in the parietal cells in the lining of the stomach. Wi-fi microwave radiation increases the damage of mold and mildew in your home and Candida in you by over 600 times the damage if you don’t have wi-fi. Microwave radiation flies below the 3 protections the body has against electrical radiation like microwave and so you have NO protection from that nasty technology. Think of the little girls in school that are getting bombarded by that trash and mutating the embryo’s with no protection. Not your children, but your children’s children will see the mutations at 60% more still births, miscarriages, and mutations far worse than the thalidomide drug that caused all those mutated children.

    • Georgi

      Probably because chelation may remove indiscriminately
      good substances together with the bad, according to what i’ve read and heard.

  • Jana Williamson

    They are spraying us almost daily with chemtrails and there is aluminum, barium ands other heavy metals. Our soil, air, rain water is poison..

    • John

      We need to see the PROOF of this problem. I feel the jury is out on this based on discussions with NASA people and others. The air pollution from coal burning plants and other manufacturers that have metals in their processes is far and away more damaging than what “seems to be the case” with chemtrail conspiracy theorists. I simply want to see hard cold evidence they, whomever “they” are, are doing this.

      • Lou

        You will find all the “proof” you need on the underside of the lid of your coffin. A million words to the wise should be sufficient. AVOID this multimodal toxin especially by the NEEDLES stuck FORCEFULLY into your and your loved ones bodies.

  • Whatever

    And don`t forget that the Greedy Trash that sells all this Toxic Garbage could Care Less about Your Health ! Its all about the Money ! Research the ingredients in the Food that You Eat . You will find that most of it is loaded with Poison ! High Fructose Corn Syrup for one ! Look at the Diets of Other Countries ! Look at the People of other Countries , and You will notice the Difference ! Most of the Crap that is Passed Off as Food in America , is Banned in Other Countries ! Do You think 75% of Americans are Obese Accident ? I don`t know about You , but I would rather not Eat , than to Eat Poison !

  • J.G. D’Amico

    They actually mentioned VACCINES…I am Impressed~

  • Tom Armstrong

    I do not understand why this article has not included global Geoengineering by heavy aerosol spraying for which one of the the dangerous metals sprayed all the time for its selectivity is nano aluminum. Tons of nano aluminum are being dumped overhead. Even national and internationally noted brain surgeon, Dr. Russel Blaylok says in video “What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain – Reveals Shocking Facts” that the dumping to nano aluminum in the atmosphere to geoengineer the plant is what has lead over the past decade to a major increase in Alzheimer, dementia, and other brain issues. [https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=X3lW-TGGlk0] Nano aluminum crosses the blood brain bearer. It cannot even be caught with a HEPA Filter. It also does not even address the very significant increase in respiratory illnesses and diseases globally that has moved death by respiratory from eighth place to second place as the leading cause of death. We have reached a point in history that we need to detox daily. But that is not enough. If this insanity of weather modification by geoengineering is not stopped, all life on planet earth will eventually cease. Geoengineering has now been associated with the “sixth greatest extinction level event”. And this issue is not include our food supply grown in soil outdoors that are also absorbing the aluminum. Can vegetables and fruits grown in aluminum contaminated soil really be considered as organic? Are fish that are caught personally or commercially in lakes, rivers, and oceans than are now contaminated with high aluminum contamination that are considered unsafe levels by EPA; are those fish aluminum free. I would think not. Also, what about cooking in aluminum pots and pans that can and do leach aluminum during use. It all adds up to a bigger picture than can be imagined when you factor in every way we are being poisoned with aluminum.

    • John

      The primary problem with Aluminum is that it has NO nutritional value to the body whatsoever and requires your body to deal with it as a major toxin. The “Route of Entry” is the key to the damage it can do. You eliminate all but about 1% of the aluminum that enters your body in the nose, mouth, and underarm pores.. It is the VACCINES as INJECTED POISON that is the real damage! It gets into your tissues and blood and continues to express constantly causing oxygen deprivation due to how it coagulates red blood cells limiting oxygen transport to all your cells especially in capillaries!

  • Jen S. Jones

    It’s transhumanization

  • Gail Fischer

    My cousin is a cosmetic chemist and thinks this is a safe substance. The small amounts are harmless as far as he is concerned. Evidently, all these small amounts add up.

    • John

      YOU can’t fix stupid. People will resist what you tell them because they live in a paradigm they have created to feel comfortable. When they have to step out of that comfort zone, it becomes a scary thing to think they may be wrong about how they have carefully crafted their world. You can get Aluminum out, but not with the typical medical route. YOU have to look beyond mainstream medicine to be healthy. We have created a kit to get major heavy metals out in an efficient way with the least amount of pain. Good luck to you.

  • John

    Horsetail herb is a small bandaid that works a little, but does very little for relieving you of the Aluminum. There are far better things.

  • Favourites

    Given aluminium is toxic to the brain and found in just about everything plus sprayed into the atmosphere (geo-engineering) so, could this be a major part of the reason why so many people are so plumb crazy these days and our whole society is falling apart?

  • Eric

    HERE’S THE PROBLEM. Yes metallic aluminum is toxic to the body…. BUT….. Plant Derived Aluminum is very beneficial to health. In fact it is so abundant you will be eating plenty of healthy plant aluminum in your green vegetables. The affect of this misunderstanding of this critical difference between plant and metallic elements is what gives the authorities the ability to ban healthy supplements. See: http://www.PlantMineralsNews. com

  • DofG

    Always a lot of what and how but never the “why”- the real why!

  • joe

    We’ve been sprayed with aluminum and other toxins since at last the early 90’s and jabbed with killer vaccines for decades so why are people surprised. If you tell them that they call you stupid, lol!

  • Rachel

    For the current generation exposure begins BEFORE birth. Pretty well all mothers are contaminated, and they pass some of the aluminium on to their babies. Exacerbated by the insane policy of vaccinating pregnant women, giving their babies another hefty dose. Then day one of life — even more added with the Hep B. And it is well known that baby’s kidneys are not very mature, so they don’t even have the chance to get rid of the stuff. The wonder is that any escape neurological damage…