How earthing saved one man’s life from EMF sickness

How earthing saved one man’s life from EMF sickness
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(NaturalHealth365) For Step Sinatra, discovering a “new frequency” literally made the difference between life and death, and he credits “earthing” – a movement spearheaded by his father, noted integrative cardiologist Dr. Steve Sinatra – for his dramatic recovery.

Proponents of earthing, or “grounding,” say that the technique of contacting the earth in order to absorb its electromagnetic energy can help re-establish our primal connection, reverse harmful electrical charge in the body – and dramatically improve health and well-being.

What earthing can do for YOU – “I immediately got better…”

Step Sinatra agrees wholeheartedly, maintaining that his former lifestyle on Wall Street exposed him to massive radiation due to electromagnetic frequencies originating from the urban cityscape and his almost-constant cell phone use. Sinatra’s adverse effects from EMFs included nasal problems, coughing, congestion, fatigue, and a troubling sensation that something was “not right.”

These effects grew so severe that the younger Sinatra was hospitalized for forty days. After his father, author of “Earthing: The Next Great Medical Discovery,” suggested earthing – which included a program of walking barefoot and sleeping on sheets woven with silver – Step noted that he could feel a “new frequency” restoring him to health.

However, he suffered a relapse when a WIFI system and several cordless phones were installed in the house in which he was staying – demonstrating for him the difference between” good” and “bad” frequencies, and confirming his determination to continue earthing – while avoiding excessive EMFs.

You can watch Step’s story – below:

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Modern life physically disconnects us from the earth’s natural energy

Earthing proponents say that we are isolated from earth – and its supply of beneficial negative electrons — by our use of non-conductive materials such as rubber and synthetics in the soles of our shoes, as well as rubber-wheeled cars and bicycles, insulated homes and carpeted floors.

Human beings are already positively charged, and we pick up more voltage when our bodies act as antenna for electrical wiring, WIFI networks, cell phones, TVs and microwaves in the vicinity. This high voltage interferes with the body’s abilities to repair itself during sleep, and can cause unhealthy physiological changes – such as increased cortisol.

How “caveman medicine” can help

Walking barefoot on cool, damp sand, or running shoeless over warm, springy summer grass… there’s a reason that these actions feel so undeniably good – to the point that children, and many adults, intuitively seek out these activities and sensations.

According to Dr. Sinatra, putting bare feet to the ground – what he calls “caveman medicine” – is the cheapest, easiest way to soak up the earth’s negatively-charged electrons and combat destructive free radicals in our bodies. Benefits from “draining the charge,” says Dr. Sinatra, can happen within seconds – and are signaled by the sympathetic nervous system shifting to a more tranquil state.

This relaxed state is accompanied by decreases in muscle tension, changes in EEG brain waves and skin conductance.

Extensive, credible studies show the physiological benefits of grounding

Various studies performed by the National Institutes of Health have shown that the simple act of making contact with the earth can impart profound and measurable physiological benefits. And, these benefits seem custom-designed to help ward off the chronic degenerative conditions – including heart disease, diabetes and cancer — that currently plague many aging adults in the United States.

Earthing decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol, reduces inflammation, enhances immune response, improves glucose regulation, and helps oxygenate the blood while reducing its viscosity – thereby helping to curtail risk of cardiovascular disease.

Earthing also delays the onset of muscle soreness after exercising, reduces the perception of pain, and regulates rates of pulse and respiration. Finally, there is evidence that grounding while sleeping – with the use of specialized grounding sheets – can reduce or eliminate sleep dysfunction.

Watch Dr. Steven Sinatra discuss the benefits of grounding – below:

Small lifestyle changes can add up to better health

In addition to grounding whenever possible, you can make lifestyle changes that reduce your exposure to positively-charged EMFs. Step Sinatra advises techniques such as disabling the WIFI button on the laptop when not in use, leaving cell phones on airplane mode for the majority of the day, using the speaker phone option on cell phones, and using a landline – whenever possible. As leather conducts the energy of the earth, wearing leather-soled shoes is also beneficial.

Many devotees of earthing report that they can physically feel a unique, gentle and life-affirming energy charge released during contact with earth – and they have christened it “vitamin G.”  If you feel you have a deficiency of “vitamin G,” the solution – contacting the earth – is free, devoid of side effects, completely natural and simple to employ.

Happy Earthing!


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