Previous flu shot weakens your ability to fight the flu

Previous flu shot weakens your ability to fight the flu
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(NaturalHealth365) The flu shot can often be grossly ineffective in fighting the flu. Unfortunately, most conventionally-trained medical ‘experts’ refuse to look at the scientific data – which supports this disturbing reality.

For example, in some years, these vaccinations are no more than 10 percent effective. Plus, to make matter even worse, there is now research out of Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center showing that getting a flu vaccine can actually make you more likely to get the flu during subsequent flu seasons. (See what your doctor says – after reading this report below)

Although the title of the article – referenced above – states that ‘the flu shot helps mom’ – the details tell a very different story.  In truth, the women studied showed evidence of a weakened immune system response with lower antibody responses after receiving the flu vaccine two years in a row.

This study is just another example – added to the mounting scientific data – that flu shots are not really helping the public to avoid the flu.  We, at NaturalHealth365, suggest you do your own research – before you decide to get any medical treatment.

Flu shot in consecutive years leads to weakened peak antibody responses

Pregnant women and infants are at the highest risk for hospitalization, complications and death from the flu. However, they are also the most vulnerable to flu vaccine side effects from the harmful ingredients they contain, such as mercury and aluminum.

While some people are assisted in developing antibodies after receiving a flu shot, responses can vary widely. This new research is showing that repeated vaccinations may actually lower antibody responses going forward.

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For the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center study, researchers administered the vaccine to 141 pregnant women. Of these women, 91 had received a flu shot in the previous year, and 50 had not.

Women who hadn’t received a flu shot initially had better immune responses to the vaccine. Those who had received a flu shot showed weakened peak antibody responses.

And, just in case your doctor is wondering: the results were published in the journal Vaccine.

Flu shot also linked with dramatic increase in fetal deaths

Other research has shown persons who received a flu shot in 2008 experienced a 250 percent increase in incidents of influenza infections in the following years. Babies were also tested, during pregnancy, in the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center study and upon delivery to determine if any flu protection had transferred to them while they were in the womb.

While their immune systems did not seem adversely affected, one wonders how they might fare down the road, especially if they continue to receive flu shots. Another study published in Human & Environmental Toxicology found vaccines containing mercury caused a staggering 4,250 percent increase in fetal deaths for the 2009 season.

Natural flu remedies are always your best option

The risk versus reward ratio of flu vaccines is showing itself to be skewed toward doing more harm than good. With its content of mercury and aluminum, there are fewer reasons to take a chance on the flu vaccine. Why subject yourself to known neurotoxins with no guarantee of any benefits – and in many cases, a weakened immune system if the shot is received in consecutive years?

Natural flu remedies are always the best choice whenever possible. They strengthen your immune system versus weaken it, and there are few if any harmful side effects. In addition to eating a healthy diet rich in organic vegetables and fruits, take probiotics as well as vitamin C and D to strengthen your immune system and avoid unwanted disease symptoms year-round.

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