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300 toxic “inert” ingredients used in pesticide products, but not listed on the label


(NaturalHealth365) Despite efforts by environmental groups, over 300 toxic chemicals are currently hiding in pesticide products. As “inert” components, these hidden ingredients don’t have to be identified on the label.  Where is the transparency?! And “inert” doesn’t mean “insignificant” – the majority of pesticides are formulated so that the unlisted ingredients comprise an overwhelming 95 percent of the product volume ... Read More »

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Environmental health organization sues Mott’s for labeling pesticide laden applesauce “natural”


(NaturalHealth365) On May 5, 2017, national environmental health organization Beyond Pesticides sued Mott’s applesauce under consumer protection law. They are alleging false and misleading claims by the Mott’s brand that their applesauce is “natural” despite evidence showing that it contains a toxic pesticide. Residues of the neonicotinoid insecticide acetamiprid were found in Mott’s applesauce, says the lawsuit filed by Beyond ... Read More »

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Pesticide that paralyzed a family is commonly used in growing U.S. crops


(NaturalHealth365) Methyl bromide, a chemical that seems to have paralyzed a Delaware family while they were vacationing in St. John, is still in use on U.S. produce. It is a toxic chemical known for causing neurological damage in humans. Methyl bromide use is banned by the Montreal Protocol, an international agreement; however, it still receives “critical use” exemptions from the ... Read More »

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Head of EPA rejects conclusions of EPA scientists, allows neurotoxic residue in food


(NaturalHealth365) A recent action by the head of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ensures that residue from a toxic pesticide can remain on food. Just under the deadline mandated by a federal appeals court, the new EPA administrator Scott Pruitt reversed a tentative 2015 decision to revoke food tolerances of chlorpyrifos – an insecticide linked with cancer and ... Read More »

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Colorado court rules pesticide drift is trespassing against adjacent landowners and people with health sensitivities


(NaturalHealth365)  This is a major pesticide warning for all farmers.  It took nearly six years in the Colorado court system, but justice has finally been served. Rancher James Hopper must pay a $7,500 fine and spend two days in jail for spraying pesticides that drifted onto his neighbor’s property. This “trespassing” of pesticides is in violation of a 2012 court ... Read More »

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Medical marijuana found tainted with dangerous pesticide residue


(NaturalHealth365) Steep Hill, considered one of the most reliable agencies in the testing of cannabis, recently released a report on the existence of pesticide contamination in medical marijuana in California. A shocking 83.2 percent of the samples tested positive for pesticide residue after being assessed by mass spectrometer. Warning: Pesticide ingredient on medical marijuana becomes poisonous when burned The most ... Read More »

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Monsanto says glyphosate is safe as Colombia halts pesticide usage

spraying glyphosate

(NaturalHealth365) It seems the risk of poisoning civilians has been the price to pay in the midst of the United States war on drugs in South America. But officials in Colombia are finally seeing that crop dusting coca fields with the deadly herbicide glyphosate is too big of a health risk, particularly in an area where proper medical attention is ... Read More »

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Research says: Pesticide spraying may spread food borne illnesses

man sprays pesticides

(NaturalHealth365) You’re careful about food preparation and storage; plus you always cook meats at safe temperatures. But, if you’re not eating organic produce, you might still be at risk for food borne illnesses and this news may be quite surprising to many people. While most cases of food borne illnesses such as salmonella come from animal products (poultry is still ... Read More »

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First time ever: Pesticide on food causes life-threatening allergic reaction

blueberry pie

(NaturalHealth365) The benefits of organic food versus conventional became painfully obvious once again when a young girl had a severe allergic reaction to a piece of blueberry pie, leaving family and physicians wondering what went wrong. The reaction, documented in Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, the scientific journal of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), came ... Read More »

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Breaking news: Critically ill family poisoned by pesticide

pesticide warning

(NaturalHealth365) Imagine looking forward to a dream vacation, only to have it turn into a nightmare. It’s about the last thing any family would think about as they looked forward with anticipation to a United States Virgin Islands getaway. But, for one Delaware family, what should have been a blissful dream vacation soon became their worst nightmare. Thanks to a ... Read More »

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MSG disguised health hazard


(NaturalHealth365) MSG is the master of disguises, thanks to the ingenuity of the food industry. To ensure sales of this toxic ingredient MSG has been reformulated into other products. Label ingredients with names like: autolyzed plant protein, autolyzed yeast, calcium caseinate, gelatin, glutamic acid, hydrolyzed plant protein (HPP), hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP), monopotassium glutamate, artificial flavor, sodium caseinate, soy protein ... Read More »

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