Actor Aidan Quinn speaks out about vaccines causing his daughter’s autism

Actor Aidan Quinn speaks out about vaccines causing his daughter’s autism
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(NaturalHealth365) When it comes to the dangers of vaccines and their link to autism, Hollywood actor Aidan Quinn doesn’t need a script. The actor is more than ready to share his family’s painful experience with vaccine injury.

Quinn’s elder daughter has autism, a condition he is vocal about attributing to vaccination. Blaming the greed of big pharma, the actor is quick to point out that more rigid standards apply to what can be put into household furnishings than apply to what vaccine manufacturers are allowed to dump into vaccines.

Vaccine dangers revealed: Watch this video to see what Aidan Quinn says:

Quinn says: ‘Debate only exists because of the billions of dollars involved’ from big pharma

Interviewed a couple of years ago about a recent film role, the reporter, who had read Quinn’s bio, began asking if he and his wife noticed their daughter’s condition early on, Quinn replied, “Well, after she had an extreme reaction to vaccination. (Before that) she was a normal child.” When the interviewer noted that there was a lot of debate surrounding the link between autism and vaccinations, Quinn simply stated, “This happened.”

In a 2012 interview with a film critic, Quinn describes in more detail what happened to his daughter. “She was a normal child,” he said. “Way above normal, in fact. And then she received a vaccination. She got a 106-degree fever, she turned blue and she woke up the next day a completely damaged child after that.” The official diagnosis was severe autism.

In another media interview, Quinn describes his daughter as walking, talking, and developing at a rate higher than average. But after receiving the MMR vaccine, she experienced a high fever and other symptoms, then suddenly became uncoordinated and her arm lifted up. “Of course the doctors are all saying, ‘Oh, that’s normal,’” he has said.

While official government figures out of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that 1 out of every 68 American children have autism, the agency’s own National Health Interview Survey has the number pegged closer to 1 out of every 45.

Regardless of which statistic you believe, one thing is clear: there is an alarming upward trend in the number of children diagnosed with autism, a difficult hurdle to dismiss for those who want to continue the debate. “Debate is from billions and billions of dollars – drug company money,” Quinn has said.

Vaccine dangers ignored: Big pharma profits from unsafe vaccines

One of the shocking truths about vaccine dangers is the use of toxins in their manufacture. As Quinn points out, even the manufacture of household staples, such as furniture and carpet, involves greater safeguards to avoid toxic reactions.

“You’re allowed to put in vaccines what you’re not allowed to put in that carpet or in furniture, as preservatives. You can put formaldehyde, you can put heavy metals, aluminum, you know…all to increase the profits of drug companies,” he pointed out.

“We keep going, we keep letting them do it. They want flu shots mandated for everybody now…flu shots that don’t work.”

Quinn and his wife, Elizabeth Bracco, are not the only Hollywood celebrities becoming more vocal about their experiences with vaccine dangers. In addition to Robert De Niro, who recently spoke for the first time publicly about his child’s autism and his desire for greater vaccine safety, Rob Schneider, Charlie Sheen, Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy, Alicia Silverstone, Bill Maher, Toni Braxton, and Kirstie Alley have all publicly stated their opposition to vaccinations or at the least, their concerns over vaccine dangers.

Television’s Dr. Oz has stated publicly that he and his wife deviate from the CDC recommended vaccination schedule and absolutely refuse to give the H1N1 vaccine to their children. Yet, celebrities also fall victim to pressures to avoid questioning vaccine safety. Television news personality Katie Couric saw her formerly top-rated talk show canceled soon after she invited two mothers on her show to tell their stories about how their daughters experienced serious reactions following the Gardasil vaccine for HPV.

Coping with a problem that the drug industry and most doctors don’t want to talk about
A mere 15 years ago – only about a childhood back – the CDC was reporting that 1 in 150 children were being diagnosed with autism. Today, the number is estimated to be about 1 in 45, meaning the incidence of autism has jumped to around 0.6 percent of American children to over 2 percent of them.

In addition to staying vocal about the issue, Quinn urges detoxification for those already affected.  “With autism, obviously, the earlier you can get intervention and try to do major detoxing…that’s the thing to do,” he said. “You do the best you can and you get the most help.”

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