CDC reveals marketing plan to create high demand for the flu vaccine

CDC reveals marketing plan to create high demand for the flu vaccine
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(NaturalHealth365) A presentation has surfaced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that lifts the veil on the agency’s ongoing plan to create profitable demand for the flu vaccine. In it, a then-spokesperson for the CDC says the agency is working to “foster the perception that many people are susceptible to a bad case of influenza.”

The CDC goes on to say it plans to create concern, anxiety and worry over flu severity. Meanwhile, a growing number of studies reveal that the flu vaccine is not only ineffective, but can be dangerous.  In fact, here are 25 reasons why you should question vaccine safety BEFORE your next visit to the doctor.

A carefully orchestrated plan of deception

The CDC’s drive to instill fear and panic among the public in an effort to entice individuals to get flu shots was brought to light in a 2004 presentation to the American Medical Association (AMA) by Glen Nowak, the agency’s former communications director for its National Immunization Program. In the prepared presentation, Nowak boldly describes what he refers to as a “recipe” for fostering vaccine demand.

What is noticeably missing from the presentation is any mention of the flu vaccine’s benefits. Instead, Nowak focuses on ways of manipulating perception of the flu threat.

Nowak goes on to discuss the need for predicting dire outcomes, in hopes of influencing mainstream media. He also recommends using phrases like “very severe” to describe the flu season in ways that make it appear to be worse than previous flu seasons.

Click here to see the actual plan.

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Inaccurate flu statistics used to increase profits for big pharma

The CDC likes to volley around numbers like 200,000 hospitalizations and 36,000 deaths each year from the flu. A closer look at how these numbers are generated, however, reveals that patients suffering from flu are counted right along with those suffering from pneumonia, non-flu respiratory conditions, and even heart conditions, leading to greatly inflated numbers.

But that isn’t the only evidence of number manipulation. A closer look at the agency’s flu season analysis from 2012-13, for example, reveals that it used data on influenza hospitalizations from the Emerging Infections Program (EIP). However, because the EIP only attributes hospitalizations to influenza when a flu diagnosis has been confirmed, the CDC labels the EIP’s numbers “underreporting.” It then uses a multiplier of 2.7 to achieve what it deems as a more accurate picture of the situation. In other words, for every one confirmed diagnosis of flu, the CDC multiples it by nearly three before posting its numbers.

The CDC stretches figures further regarding deaths from the flu. While the CDC typically reports that 36,000 Americans die each year from the flu, the true number is just 500 deaths. The CDC is likely including people who died from pneumonia as well, most of whom suffer from conditions having nothing to do with influenza.

Understanding the motives behind the lies

There are obvious ways in which the government is closely tied to big pharma, such as political contributions and lobbying efforts. But what you may not realize is that the CDC also stands to gain monetarily from each vaccination given through excise tax.

Ironically, the tax money collected from every vaccination is then used to fund the “vaccine court,” which was created to allow pharmaceutical companies to walk away from any wrongdoing while the government picks up the tab for any U.S. citizen damaged by a vaccine.

The program has already paid out well over $2 billion since 1989. Beyond the CDC, state and local governments also share a piece of the pie through other taxes collected for every American willing to jump in line to get their flu shot.

Choosing a healthier alternative

If you are still concerned about the flu, there are natural alternatives that are more effective in dealing with the flu. One of the most important of these is the use of vitamin C.

Research, including one study of more than 800 students, has found that treatment with vitamin C can lower symptoms of cold and flu by as much as 85 percent. Scientists have found that this powerful antioxidant works to halt the advance of cold and flu symptoms by supporting and stimulating many critical functions of the immune system.

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