FDA warns: Drugs cause over 2 million ‘adverse’ reactions per year

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pill-overdose(NaturalHealth365) For years, proponents of natural health have been pointing to horrific statistics that show conventional medicine is falling woefully short when it comes to providing safe and effective treatment options, particularly when it comes to the use of pharmaceuticals. But the health-conscious aren’t the only ones pointing out the number falling prey to adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and other medical incidents.

Incredibly, the very same federal agency approving pharmaceuticals for the masses has significant warnings to those seeking out information on its website regarding the drug approval process. In its resource materials on labeling and drug interaction, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cautions big pharma that the industry is at the root of a problem that causes over 2 million deaths each year due to reaction to approved drugs.

FDA identifies adverse drug reactions as leading cause of death and injury

But perhaps one of the most striking statements made by the FDA on its website is that in identifying reasons why there are so many adverse drug reactions, the agency lists as its top cause the fact that over two-thirds of patient visits to medical providers result in a prescription. This strongly implies the agency is linking an overabundance of drug prescriptions to one of the leading causes of death in the nation – adverse drug reaction.

Could it be at least some at the FDA are in agreement with a growing number of informed citizens that the profit-hungry pharmaceutical industry is too influential when it comes to conventional medical practices?

The agency even goes so far as to suggest the top issue on every healthcare provider’s mind should be, “Why is it important to learn about ADRs?” The answer, of course, is because ADRs are one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in health care.

Editor’s Note: To read all about what the FDA says – click here for the entire report.

Numbers don’t lie: Shocking story about the impact of big pharma

The Institute of Medicine reported back in January of 2000 that anywhere from 44,000 to 98,000 deaths each year occur as the result of medical errors. Of those, the report estimates at least 7,000 deaths occur because of ADRs.

But other studies since have put those numbers considerably higher when it comes to the overall incidence of adverse reactions to prescription drugs, with many estimating as many as 7 percent of all hospitalized patients experience a serious drug-related reaction with a resulting fatality rate of about 0.32 percent.

Based on these figures, there are likely well over 2 million serious pharmaceutical-related reactions in hospitalized patients every year, with over 100,000 deaths as a result. Further studies conducted on hospitalized patient populations have placed much higher estimates on the overall incidence of serious ADRs.

Based on those statistics alone, ADRs could be considered the fourth leading cause of death, just behind health issues like cancer and heart disease, yet ahead of such killers as pneumonia, pulmonary disease, diabetes and fatal car accidents. Yet, these statistics only consider reactions that occur during hospitalization.

Legally prescribed drugs are causing massive collateral damage

An estimated 350,000 serious pharmaceutical-related reactions occur every year in nursing homes in the U.S. There are few available estimates for the number of injuries and deaths linked to pharmaceuticals that occur in clinics, ambulances, personal residences and other settings outside hospitals. Add to that the unknown number of unreported or wrongly attributed ADRs, and the picture becomes very clear that a hugely significant number of deaths and other serious reactions are occurring that are almost entirely preventable.

ADRs are only a part of the story, however. Other risks include unnecessary surgical procedures and surgical errors, over-prescribing of antibiotics, unnecessary x-rays, unnecessary caesarean sections, infection exposure during unnecessary hospital stays, unproven therapies, and mistreatment and malnutrition of the poor, the disabled and the elderly.

Protect your health: Investigate the benefits of natural solutions

You and your loved ones do not have to be at risk of becoming a part of these frightening statistics. Become knowledgeable about the many effective ways of preventing and treating health concerns to avoid reliance on pharmaceuticals.

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  • Velma Litchfield

    With a problem this large, you wonder how the pharmaceutical industry gets away with this carnage. The lawsuits do not cover all the damage they do.

  • Penny Clark

    All the adverse reactions aren’t easy to find. There are so many people on seven or more drugs. In fact doctors ask their new patients to bring in all the drugs they take so they are aware of what they are on.

    I have sat in a doctor’s office looking at people with a shopping bag of prescription drugs to show the doctor. These same people were so overweight that I was sure the doctor would spot the real problem for the need for all the medication.

  • Ginny Cooper

    I had more than one adverse reaction, so I have become quite aware of the problem. One of the medications hurt my liver and the other made me feel so terrible that I couldn’t finish the dosage.

    I have taken responsibility for my health and realize no prescription will solve the problem. It may cover up the symptoms. The real problem for me is it may produce worst symptoms.

  • Shelly Coleman

    My father was offered a new medication for type 2 diabetes many years ago when he was 50 years old. He didn’t believe in taking medication. He change his diet and survived till his 96th birthday.

  • Laura Nickolas

    I know the numbers of adverse reactions is many times higher. The reason is most of the time the illness gets the blame and not the drugs. I have seen this time and time again.

    To name a few:

    I had a cousin who when into heart failure and then had a heart attack. I was aware that he was treated very aggressively with chemo and radiation for thyroid cancer. This is what weakened his heart. No one in his family had any heart problems and lived into their nineties. He had no heart problems before.

    I had another cousin on the older type diabetes drug linked to heart attacks years later. He was as fit as can be except for a slightly high sugar level. In no time he was in the hospital with heart problems.

    I have a friend who was given a long round of antibiotics for pneumonia. The problem it turned out to be a virus type illness and the drug would not work for that. She wound up in the hospital from an allergic reaction to the prescription. That was never reported, because it a common reaction.

  • Ricky Harper

    It is not easy to refuse medication. Doctor’s will drop you if you don’t follow the protocol. If I wasn’t untruthful before, I sure learned how to be. This is a sick system, so how can it help us get well|?

    • Anti Everything

      So what you’re telling us is that if you take responsibility for your health and use good judgement the doctor does you a favor and refuses to poison you for profit? Sweet!!!!! So that does work!

  • Pauline H

    Seniors are always warned of becoming a victim of some fraud. This is one that no one is warning them about. They are targeted for flu shots, which do not work well in this age group.

    The only intervention offered to this group of people are medications. They are the most vulnerable and must protect themselves. The one way to do this is start on a healthy lifestyle. The earlier you do it the better.

  • Cash Johnny

    In the endless battle of Lyme and Bartonella, I had to use some strong stuff to get back on track, the antibotics for Lyme didn’t do too much in a bad way. However the Floride Antibotics for the Co-Infection Bartonella…like Leviqin and Cipro…they bad news….and I’m still using naturals to help get me back from being “floxed”. Just the other day a man went in with the “sniffles” to the Oathless Doctor trained by the drug sales men… prescribed this man knowing and not telling him of the dangers…(He was of good health and a track runner)….Leviqin….the man DIED! The corner actually did his job…and the death was……..caused by this drug!!……..Interesting as sad as this is, is that……..someone kept houndin’ the FDA like …5 times last year to Ban all naturals and supplements…that have done very little harm….Thank GOD it did not go through, cuz only that was allowed to be used are these killer drugs allowed by the FDA….
    With this endless non-stop Epidemic, now a Pandemic…of Lyme+Co-Infections and NOTHING being done for the Victims……CDC admits close to 1000 each week, each year will be INFECTED!! It’s not only Ticks but other insects and it’s sexually transmited and in our blood/organ supply…..so..I think we are in a “catch 22” situation. Kinda like a “do or die” anyways situation…Don’t you think it’s time now to get CDC, IDSA, NIH, FDA, Big Parm, Oathless Doctors to be accountable and to start working on solutions and not corrupt coverup or what have you….????

    • Anti Everything

      I just helped a friend CURE bartonella with hemp oil, garlic, kombucha, dark leaf greens, as much vitamin C as she could handle, fresh spring water… the antibiotics profit driven pharmaceutical ‘medical professionals’ where murdering her.

      • Cash Johnny

        Wow, that’s too weird..wild…on my own, no reason…I’ve been doing the Garlic, kombucha(I call it scooby) greens and LOTS of Vit C…I also found I need Magnesium…I have no way to get the hemp oil….so I bummed there…I sneak in a pulse of a product called A-bart….I’m better….but far from well…..Thank you for this reply!!! This of course is my Bart program…I use others to combat the Lyme roamin’ around….find that using Biofilm busters and Detox…..important methods as well…….all the best to all!

    • Someone

      My daughter developed what she thought was a urinary tract infection, went to a doc who she trusted to do no harm. The doc prescribed Cipro. Her life changed forever as a result of the neuro toxicity cause by Cipro. What she went through was inhumane torture. She never had a day of depression in her entire 47 years of life…always smiling. Had been through several traumatic events in her life and handled them with grace and a positive attitude…never depressed. Cipro caused such torture…this past Christmas Eve, she was on her way to my place, stopped on the interstate and stepped in front of a semi truck. I am devastated and don’t know where to turn for help for her wrongful death from taking a simple antibiotic

      • Cash Johnny

        OMG…..I umm honestly don’t have words…I know this being “floxed” by these aweful drugs have different effects on everyone. I was lucky that the depression part didn’t happen to me…my muscles and other things…different story. You should be devastated, there is no reason at all these drugs need to be given and if they are, the Doctor should explain every freakin’ detail……but..on the devastated part, I hope in your daughters name you can find away to fight for others ….use groups, lawyers….what ever you can that will help you plus….. you will give your daughter justice along with many others…As we all are told..blah blah..that our stages of grief will be “anger, acceptance…blah blah what ever the shrink says…I feel…ok fine perhaps we go through all that…but I know for me with Lyme+…I went through all that…..but it does not change or fix a wrong… I let that be known in many ways… I speak up for when others can’t…etc etc….I let many Doctors know they are WRONG…I write…I talk…I do what ever I can to try and save others…to spread awareness……to join groups where we can share things of some sort of treatment that might help the side effects…the symptoms that been left to us by these awful things. I could end this with I’m sorry…..but I don’t think that will give much comfort…I will light a candle tonight in both you and your daughters honor……reminding me also why I fight each day for better health and to spread the word of these awful wrongs…..being done(BTW, this very thing just happened to a man, they gave him one of these Flox drugs to try and fix some simple dumb thing…in 4 days or so a wife and kids lost their healthy father… Would your reaching out to this family help you or them? Sometimes doing things with others might help get the ball rolling?) People ask me…”why do you do what you do, why do you put so much energy forward?” I say…”that’s simple..I don’t want to go backwards into some cave of darkness….I want to move forward…and I want to bring who ever I can with me…I’m gonna fight….fight! for what’s right! I want others and myself to get better from these diseases..I want to prevent others if I can from becoming a victim……nuff said….I WILL light that candle

  • GunzRloaded

    All pharma drugs are toxic,bad for liver,and other major organs!
    Talk about scam,snake oil and quackery.

  • Bertha Hauser

    Thanks for alerting us. This is a horror story and it would seem like fiction if not for all the people who can attest to this as fact.

    Will the public eventually wake up and see the truth? Everyone who commented here has seen it. In my neighborhood many people complain about all the medications they take and still go back for refills.

  • Genie Olson

    My neighbor took the pneumonia shot along with the flu shot. She is now in the hospital with pneumonia, which isn’t responding to any of the medication for it.

  • Anti Everything

    We are just “collateral damage” when the ‘legal’ shit kills us, I see. If we trust someone who profits on our illness then expect to get sicker.

  • Anti Everything

    Sometimes we heal and sometimes they kill us, but ‘they’ NEVER heal or cure anything. If the human body heals while under ‘medical care’ it is in spit if the medical care of the medical industrial complex.
    “Either way =$$$$$”