Senator Pan runs away from producers of the movie Vaxxed

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pan-ran(NaturalHealth365) For a man sworn to serve the people, California State Senator Richard Pan couldn’t get away from them fast enough. The state senator behind California’s SB277 forced vaccination law showed off his talents as a sprinter during a recent visit to his office by filmmakers from the movie, Vaxxed.

Rather than engage in a discussion of vaccine dangers and attempt to justify his unwavering push for a vaccine mandate that takes away parental choice in the matter, Sen. Pan refused to face Vaxxed director Andrew Wakefield and producer Del Bigtree. Instead, as the Vaxxed team spoke with Sen. Pan’s secretary to request a few moments of the senator’s time, he slipped out a back door and quickly made his way down the hall and out of sight, even as Bigtree called out to him.

Controlled politician in the pocket of big pharma

The movie Vaxxed brings to light fraud and deception on the part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in covering up data revealing a link between the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine and the autism epidemic. The film documents the events surrounding the confession of Dr. William Thompson, senior scientist at the CDC. Dr. Thompson led the agency’s 2004 study on the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine and its link to autism, and later confessed that the agency had omitted crucial data in its final report revealing a causal relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism.

The movie includes gripping interviews with physicians, pharmaceutical insiders, politicians, and parents of vaccine-injured children. The end result is the divulgence of a disturbing deception that contributed to the steeply risen rate of autism, a situation some experts believe to potentially be the most catastrophic epidemic of our lifetime.

It should come as no surprise that Senator Pan did not want to speak about vaccine dangers with the film’s team. Senator Pan’s persistence in pushing for a vaccination mandate that strips parents of their rights to make medical decisions in the best interest of their families should also come as no great surprise. Pan and other California lawmakers have been described as puppets of big pharma – and for good reason.

According to the Sacramento Bee, pharmaceutical companies, together with their trade groups, gave more than $2 million to members of the Legislature in the session year just prior to the introduction of SB 277, a figure that represents about 2 percent of the total raised, records show. Nine of the top 20 recipients were positions of power, either legislative leaders, or Assembly or Senate health committee members.

The top recipient of big pharma’s boatload of cash?  None other than the camera-shy vaccination mandate champion Sen. Richard Pan, at $95,000.

Big pharma’s generosity did not stop there. The industry also donated more than $500,000 to outside campaign spending groups with the power to help elect certain legislators. According to state filings revealed by the Sacramento Bee, the leading pharmaceutical companies also spent nearly $3 million during the 2013-2014 session lobbying lawmakers, the governor, the state pharmacists’ board and other influential agencies.

Pro vaccine advocates use scare tactics to gain favor with the public and media

California’s struggle with the mandatory vaccination issue was spurred further by an outbreak of measles at Disneyland in 2014. Vaccination proponents, with the very vocal backing of mainstream media, blamed an increasing number of unvaccinated children for the upsurge in measles associated with the theme park. This accusation begs the question, however: If the MMR vaccination is effective, then can an unvaccinated child with measles put a vaccinated child in danger?

Despite media reports to the contrary, no scientific-based link between unvaccinated children and the measles outbreak at Disneyland was uncovered. In fact, there is strong evidence that newly vaccinated children may have caused the outbreak, since live-virus vaccines shed, potentially infecting both unvaccinated individuals and vaccinated individuals alike, the latter due to the known ineffectiveness of the MMR vaccine.

Parents forced to choose between dangerous vaccines and education

Senate Bill 277 eliminated the personal belief and religious exemptions for California schoolchildren. SB 277 was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown on June 30, 2015, and will go into effect on July 1, 2016, becoming the most stringent vaccine mandate in the country.

Parents who did not already have a “Personal Belief Exemption” on file by Dec. 31, 2015, lost their right to a free education in public or private K-12 schools for their children, unless they obtained a difficult-to-get medical exemption from a physician. The law is far-reaching, affecting not only K-12 public and private education, but use of licensed daycare facilities, in-home daycare, public or private preschools, and even after-school care programs.

The law also leaves the door open for the State of California to add to the list of mandated vaccinations at any time it feels necessary. At the time SB277 was signed into law, California parents were forced to allow their children to receive 40 doses of 10 federally recommended vaccinations or lose their rights for a classroom education for their children.


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  • tamajam10

    The fact that he ran only reveals to a logic-minded person that he has something to hide. He’s a politician….a public servant. His job requirement is to serve the public – not run from them. He owes his constituents an explanation and a reasoned discuss on the very real dangers of vaccine ingredients.

  • carol

    Awe afraid to face the public, maybe if he has kids let them give them the vaccines see what he has to say about it.

  • carol

    I’ll share the video doesn’t bother me they need to be found out.

  • tsimitpo

    Well – in Senator Pan’s defense – he IS representing those who “paid” to get him elected.

  • tsimitpo

    How is that “ironic”? Cameras don’t care who’s holding them.

  • AutismDadd

    Pan the cowardly lion

  • AutismDadd

    Without a Pharma mouth to tell him what lies to tell, he panicked, or his mommy was calling him

  • Bessarabyn

    I am deeply troubled and saddened to have to treat week by week children for vaccine damage. 36 years in practice using the sophisticated Homoeopathic Medical Therapy. Particularly the few unvaccinated children are through contact (I hate “day care”) from the airborne warped viruses given mainly respiratory type diseases including asthma. In induced cases of so called whooping cough I had to use remedies not used in real whooping cough 20 to 30 years ago which usually solved it in 3 to 5 days. I am dealing with victims of bio warfare. Only difference between them and the totally vaccinated ones is that they do not expose the myriad of neurological and psychological symptoms of the ones who were given the Frankensteinwarpviruses directly into the blood (the most intricate and most unknown organ) causing brain stem injury with life long impairments. To impair even annihilate the bodies’ own defense (immune) system creates dependent weakened and thus completely compliant slaves. The dream of the City of London come true.
    Join the NWO. : Give your child at least 50 shots before school !
    Do not inform yourselves.
    Be lazy.
    Give parental responsibility to the (fascist) “authorities.
    Comply at all costs.
    Have total faith in the utterances of the Main Stream Media
    Hate whom they want you to hate.
    Be nice.
    Be like the English.
    Lust for world dominion;
    and for total war.
    Believe in your exceptional superiority.
    Deny consequentially all genocides (except for one or two).[grin]
    Love Glyphosate on yer vegetables.
    Round up dissenting neighbors.
    Believe that there are are too many people / Euthanasia/ fascist sterilisation
    which has been done via vaccines . Nazi Bill Gates is trying it in Africa now…
    Babylon rules.
    Hail !!!

  • Maryanne

    What a gutless wonder.

  • Kenneth Tys

    Mandie i AGREE with you

  • Bob

    This is a man that is true human garbage. It is amazing he is still alive given the horrible harm he is attempting to put on children. It does not get any lower than that. Someday a vengeful parent will give him what he deserves.