Learn how vitamin C therapy neutralizes toxins

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vitamin-C-pill(NaturalHealth365) Some of the most serious health concerns to plague American society could be slowed, or even cured, with one well-known, natural nutrient. Research by renowned scientists across the years has produced solid evidence that vitamin C has significant powers when it comes to ridding the body of toxins and improving health.

Unfortunately, the medical community was built on costly, invasive treatments and technologies, and that is not likely to change. But with vitamin C readily accessible, you can reap its benefits and take greater responsibility for your own health.

A simple way to boost immunity and avoid chronic disease symptoms

“Intravenous vitamin C has additional properties above and beyond what vitamin C does. But, just vitamin C – taken orally – is so effective at helping to detoxify the body and helping to boost the immune system,” says Ronald Hunninghake, M.D.

Dr. Hunninghake is an internationally recognized expert on vitamin C and a presenter at the Holistic Oral Health Summit – which features 33 of the world’s top experts in integrative medicine and natural healthcare.

You may be surprised to learn where most chronic illnesses start. “All the major chronic illnesses that consume most of the aging population in our country are due to poor mouth health,” says Dr. Hunninghake.

Dr. Linus Pauling, famous for using vitamin C to treat cancer and heart disease, is among a number of renowned scientists whose research and experiments support the use of Vitamin C to treat chronic illness. Dr. Pauling believed vitamin C, coupled with lysine, was capable of nearly wiping out conditions like heart attack, stroke or cardiovascular disease.

While intravenously administered vitamin C is known to be effective in management and treatment of cancer, the vitamin’s larger notoriety for healing can be traced to its effectiveness in boosting immunity and detoxifying the body. Although its use is not typically promoted by conventional medicine, proponents of vitamin C consider it an exceptional treatment for any chronic infection.

How much vitamin C should I take?

Most individuals will be able to gain benefits of vitamin C by following Pauling’s recommended dose of 1 gram, twice per day. Those who are suffering a serious illness, however, should consider having a trusted healthcare provider administer vitamin C intravenously. Because, in reality, a sick person may need much more vitamin C to feel better.

If you are planning to take vitamin C orally (great), however, you may want to consider looking into the “multi-C protocol“.  Keep in mind, if you have any digestive disturbances, you simply have to adjust the dosage to remain comfortable – on a steady basis.

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  • John Szewczyk

    I’d like to know which vitamin C really works?
    My friends knew a biochemist years ago that had his own lab in the Superior/Duluth area.He tested most vitamin C’s on the market and he stated that they do not work.He would send his results,or call the company up and give them his findings.The companies would go wild.If memory serves my correctly he said only the ‘Daily’ brand,and the ‘Now’ brand worked.Keep in mind this was years ago,I hope the companies did not change ownership or have made any changes to their vitamin C.Maybe the health Ranger here could take a bunch of C’s off the selves and test them in his lab and tell which one works,and who are the frauds !!
    Cheers and God bless.

  • Bob Battaglia

    Great idea, John. There is infinite hype surrounding supplements, especially recently regarding liposomal supplements. Virtually all evidence for the efficacy of liposomal C seems to parrot Livon Labs. It would be a great service if the Health Ranger would research this for us. I used it for 4 or 5 months and did not notice any difference except in my bank account. I’m not saying that I know that it is more or less efficacious than other forms of C, just that I have not seen any evidence that it is.

  • John

    I notice that my comment was deleted or not accepted. Interesting. Not interested in the truth guys?

  • kathleen

    Vitamin C is ascorbic acid and has saved many lives.

  • pam r

    My vitamin C (ascorbic acid)comes from non-gmo corn from Europe and is manufactured in Europe. It wipes out all cold and flu’s within 24 hours as well as for all the people I give it to when they are sick. Works every time for every person for years.

  • pam r

    Ascorbic Acid the one nutrient that cures every virus it has been tested against. It Saved the man from New Zealand who was going to be taken off life support after he contracted HINI flu. Hospital gave him IV C and he recovered and was taken off life support within 24 hours. No wonder the hospitals don’t want people to know this -antibiotics did not work for him but ascorbic acid did.

  • Heather Carson

    Let me say that Livon Labs makes the best liposomal vitamin C, and I have tried others. I did get results and continue to use it even without a health concern. I think of it as insurance, it is there in case I am exposed to something that can cause a problem.

  • Charlie Woods

    Is there any benefits or problems ?
    Using a Nebulizer to inhale a vitamin C solution.
    Using a Nebulizer to inhale a home made Liposomal Vitamin C solution, I would have thought was one of the easiest cheapest and fastest ways to get the vitamin C into the blood system .i.e through the lunges.
    I have looked and looked on the internet but found no one suggesting the neutralisation method to get Vitamin C into the blood system.