Nattokinase: A powerful enzyme to help prevent blood clots and heart attacks

Nattokinase: A powerful enzyme to help prevent blood clots and heart attacks
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(NaturalHealth365) An extract from a traditional Japanese fermented food is showing tremendous promise as a natural way to combat heart health issues. Research has found Nattokinase to be more effective than pharmaceuticals in fighting blood clots and helping to prevent heart attack – and without side effects.

Heart health is a major concern for Americans, with well over 700,000 people suffering from a heart attack each year, according to the American Heart Association. Additionally, over 700,000 people suffer a stroke each year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Nattokinase is an effective natural alternative to riskier heart health treatments

Some of the top causes of heart disease are too much stress, too little exercise and an unhealthy diet – loaded with too much refined sugar and (toxic) factory-farmed meat products. Other risk factors include smoking and not getting enough fiber in the diet. Ultimately, these poor lifestyle choices generate too many toxins for the cardiovascular system.

While pharmaceuticals such as statin drugs for cholesterol, hypertension medications to reduce blood pressure and warfarin to thin the blood can be prescribed, these drugs treat symptoms instead of root causes. Angioplasty and bypass surgery can help to deal with clogged arteries, but all of these approaches come with risks and unwanted side effects.

Nattokinase offers a safe, natural alternative to these methods. Studies are confirming its ability to regulate blood pressure and address blood clot problems. This is just one example of the power of nutrition to reverse the damaging effects of a poor diet and lifestyle.

Nattokinase called “unmatched” by researchers in its ability to prevent a heart attack and blood clots

Nattokinase is an anti-clotting (fibrinolytic) enzyme complex extracted from Natto, a traditional Japanese food. Natto is a cheese-like fermented cuisine enjoyed by the Japanese for over 1,000 years. It has also been used in their traditional medicine for cardiovascular issues.

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For Americans, it should be noted that, natto (as a side dish) has an unusual smell and taste.  Simply put, it’s an ‘acquired taste.’

Natto is made through a fermentation process that combines soybeans with the bacteria Bacillus subtilis.

This results in the Nattokinase enzyme, which has been shown highly effective against the blood clot issues that can lead to heart problems. The researchers studying Nattokinase say that its potency in helping to prevent heart attack is “unmatched” by any other enzyme.

At least 17 research studies confirm the effectiveness of Nattokinase

Heart health issues are currently the top cause of long-term serious disability in the U.S. The combination of heart attack and stroke account for more fatalities than all cancer types and injuries combined, with one of every 2.4 deaths in the U.S. related to heart health and cardiovascular disease.

To date, there have been 17 studies on Nattokinase, with research confirming this natural enzyme dissolves blood clots, helps reduce blood pressure and restores healthy blood circulation. This natural means of preventing heart attack is an extremely exciting prospect.

Nattokinase offers a safe alternative to both aspirin and pharmaceutical blood thinners. And, while making other key (anti-inflammatory) lifestyle decisions would be equally essential to improving heart health, Nattokinase offers additional support.

Note: If you’re dealing with a cardiovascular issue (especially if you’re taking medication) – be sure to ask a knowledgeable healthcare provider about any changes to your diet.

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