NH365 082: Dementia – The secret ingredient to healing

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naturalhealth365 podcast(NaturalHealth365) As you may know every 3 seconds someone gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia? In fact, as I’ve stated many times before, Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death, kills more people than breast and prostate cancer combined and Western medicine fails to offer a solution.

I know all too well what dementia does to someone – because my own father is going through this – as we speak. You slowing see the person you once knew fade away and that’s why I felt so compelled to create the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Summit – which can be located at: AlzheimersDementiaSummit.com

You can overcome dementia – despite what your conventionally-trained doctor might be telling you

Before we launched the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Summit – this past summer – I asked my good friend Linda Kordich to fly out to New York and create a very special video for all the summit participants – talking about her own experience with dementia as it relates to her husband. Since then, so much has changed that I asked Linda to join me today to see what’s happening now.

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Linda has been helping her husband overcome the symptoms of dementia for quite some time and today, on the NaturalHealth365 Podcast, you’re about to hear a truly inspirational message.

It is my hope that this program offers hope and a way of winning – despite what your conventionally-trained physician might tell you.

Podcast highlights include:

  • What exactly happened to Linda’s husband, Jay Kordich – which forced Jay to be placed inside a dementia care lockdown facility.
  • A shocking look at what these facilities are really like – even when you are paying top dollar for healthcare.
  • Linda’s best advice about how to stay out of these elder care centers.
  • The ‘secret ingredient’ for successfully overcoming a dementia diagnosis.
  • Linda’s 3-step plan to better understand and care for elderly people experiencing dementia. {You’ll want to hear this show – all the way to the end!}

About Linda Kordich

Linda Kordich grew up in vegetarian family dating back to 1965. Becoming a vegetarian at the age of 12 stood her apart from most people in those times. In her late teens, she fell into a life threatening disease known now as anorexia/bulimia, but learned through studying and observing the natural healing qualities of fresh vegetable juices and living foods, she became well after 9 years of suffering.

Recovered now for well over 30 years, Linda attests living foods and virtuous living a major part of her complete healing.

In 1973 she became an undergraduate student in primary education, specializing in understanding children’s psychological and emotional challenges. By the time she was 25 she married Jay and started teaching weekly vegetarian food classes for many years with Jay, along with fresh vegetable juicing classes beginning in 1981. In 1992, she helped Jay co-write “The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing”, and it became a New York Times best seller with over 2 million books sold to date.

In 2012, Linda and Jay have created their SCHOOL OF JUICING online program to help educate others to understand that learning to juice successfully and to eat a predominately living foods diet takes effort, education and focus. Their School of Juicing Program has been embraced by thousands of people from around the world.

Drawing on over 30 years of experience with natural foods, in 2006 Linda helped write and produce, their highly successful multi-media program entitled “Live Foods, Live Bodies.”  She now helps to teach, inspire and motivate people to eat more living foods and drink fresh organic juices. Linda is now a vibrant and healthy 61 – living happily with her her husband Jay Kordich and their children, John and Jayson.

Linda’s Mission Statement:

“To share all that I have learned in the past three decades….. to help uplift, inspire, guide and motivate….to those who are in the dark. Whether it’s to guide or to inspire others towards living foods, juicing, hope or faith, this is my passion!”

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Keep Reading:

  • rgaura

    The interview won´t play for me.

  • Ricki Tyler

    WOW, thanks Jonathan and Linda for an uplifting message. Linda is wonderful and so informative, great guest. Please keep putting out these type of interviews.

  • Becky Synder

    Linda is speaking for so many people. I love the truthful story, it is something many people have experience. My father had to be placed in a nursing home after living with me for many years. It wasn’t the right choice as Linda is saying. I was also talked into it by caregivers. Thanks Linda for getting this message out.

  • Lucy Rosen

    What a story, I am so happy to have had a chance to listen to this interview. I want many people to realize there is an another choice.

  • Nathan W

    Inspiring story love wins out. Good job Jonathan and Linda. Who would think this is possible?

  • Judy Olson

    Get rid of these nursing homes and change the culture. Everyone, can learn from this interview.

  • Paul Johnson

    We need more loving people like Linda and the world would change. I have seen older people treated terrible by their so called loved ones. I live is a retirement community and have seen how some are treated by their adult children. They are not visited and also some of them don’t even talk to their parents.

  • Tracy Hanson

    I am buying a juicer right now. How can you not be impressed by this interview? Linda thank you for such a heartfelt interview.

    • barb

      two step masticating is what I’ve read on the gerson site.

  • Kathie Ableson

    What has love to do with it, apparently in this case everything. I loved that Linda pulled no punches, she tells it like it is. She didn’t make it sound like there is no work involved or that the elderly person is now in the best shape ever. It was realistic presentation of the situation.

    In fact it is so inspiring that this will carry more weight with anyone facing this situation than any other way of detailing the journey. I have witnessed caretakers doing the best they can, but Linda shined a light on the spirit of the task and made it seem so worthwhile.

  • Nancy Leventhal

    There is truth to this, but there may be other factors. When I was growing up two income homes weren’t the norm. In fact I never knew one family where the wife worked.

    There was a value placed on life that just doesn’t seem to be the same at this time. Hard work had value, while material gains weren’t the only driving force behind acquisitions.

  • Sidney Benson

    Glad to hear from someone that gets it. I watch all the working mothers go back to work after maternity leave is up. Then they put so much effort into their jobs that home life is just an afterthought.

  • Nicholas Rochell

    Perhaps nursing homes would go out of business, if we knew how to take care of ourselves. It is true there would be some people that would need intervention.

    At the rate they fill up their rooms, I say there is a problem and it is not only the nursing homes. I watch people in my retirement community fall apart sooner then they should.

    All kinds of health problems are prevalent in people in their 60″S from replacing parts, diabetes, high blood pressure,vision and hearing problems and obesity.