How to fight the flu effectively with elderberry

How to fight the flu effectively with elderberry
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(NaturalHealth365)  Elderberry syrup could be one of the worst nightmares of the vaccine industry.  Why?  Because when flu season hits – every winter – big pharma wants us to believe that their vaccinations are the ‘only way’ to protect us from harm.

Yet, you and I know that’s not true.

In fact, nature has provided us with an excellent solution: the elderberry.  Today, we’ll take a closer look at the research and how elderberry syrup is used effectively to defeat the flu.

Elderberry syrup is not your only option to defeat the flu naturally

Elderberry is a strong antiviral that has been studied for its effects against influenza A and B, resistant and non-resistant staph, herpes simplex, salmonella poona, and several others. It can be used in tincture form as well as in syrups, lozenges and as cooked or dried berries.

And, yes, it’s commonly available as syrups, tinctures and dried berries in natural health food stores – along with many other natural remedies.

The science is solid.  For example, an Israeli double-blind study found that patients taking elderberry at the onset of flu-like symptoms saw improvement within 48 hours, as compared to those receiving a placebo who took 6 days to begin seeing improvement.

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This fits in well with a similar Norwegian study that found that patients receiving elderberry began to recover four days earlier than those who received the placebo.

Simple Elderberry Syrup Recipe:

  • 1 quart filtered or purified water
  • 2 cups dried elderberries
  • raw local honey to taste

Soak the elderberries in the water overnight, then bring to a boil and allow it to simmer for 30-40 minutes. After removing from heat, mash the elderberries and then strain the entire mixture, squeezing out any remaining liquid.

Measure your liquid and mix in up to equal amounts of honey, then heat gently and stir to combine. I like to add a stick of cinnamon, a few whole cloves and a teaspoon of ginger root during the boiling process for synergetic effects and flavor.

Adults should take two tablespoons every four hours at the first symptoms of a cold or flu.

How long is elderberry syrup good for? It can be kept refrigerated for 2-3 months in a sterilized bottle.

What exactly does elderberry syrup do for us?

Simply put, elderberry improves the immune system response.  So, a word of caution, this remedy can increase symptoms related to autoimmune disorders.  In other words, talk to a qualified integrative healthcare provider to help you decide if elderberry is right for you or not.

And, remember, to always use cooked elderberries, as raw ingredients can cause digestive issues.

Ultimately, the use of natural remedies – like the elderberry plant – to fight influenza can certainly help you to avoid the need for toxic medical interventions.

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