High fiber diet found to protect against food allergies

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high-fiber-foods(NaturalHealth365) Some of the most common food allergies include dairy, wheat, peanuts and shellfish. Food allergies can reduce quality of life for those who suffer from them and make everyday diet decisions more challenging. However, recent research has found that eating more foods with high fiber can help to reduce food allergies and their unpleasant side effects.

A study of mice found that the development and persistence of food allergies was directly linked to their gut bacteria health. Gut bacteria are known to release a specific fatty acid in the presence of fiber, changing the immune system in positive ways and reducing allergic responses.

High fiber foods improve the health of the gut microbiome and immune system

The study results, published in the Cells Report journal, found that mice receiving a typical diet with average amounts of fiber had more severe peanut allergies than mice fed a diet that was high in fiber.

Gut bacteria break down dietary fiber into short-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids bind to T cells and support the immune system by regulating gut inflammation.  In cases of food allergies, the gut can be out of balance before and during allergic reactions to various foods.

Beneficial bacteria thrive in the presence of fiber in the gut, which promotes the healthy development of regulatory T cells and helps to control gut inflammation. The result is a reduction in allergic reactions. A vitamin A deficiency in infants is also linked with food allergies developing later in life.

The health benefits of fiber are incredible

These findings have led researchers to come to the conclusion that the higher incidents of food allergies in recent years are related to diet and gut microbiome. Previous theories blamed microbe exposure in the environment; however, these study results show that a fiber deficiency in the gut could very likely be a strong component in many allergy cases today.

Compared with our ancestors, the modern diet has become far higher in sugar and fat, and lacking in foods with high fiber content. A high fiber diet is already linked with numerous health benefits, including blood sugar regulation, heart health, reduced risk of stroke, bowel and colon health, and weight management.

Foods with high fiber are easy to put into a healthy diet

There are many delicious, nutritious foods that are loaded with fiber. They can be easily incorporated into the diet to increase fiber intake and its range of health benefits.

Beans and legumes are excellent fiber choices, as are avocados, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, artichokes, squash and turnips. Asian pears, raspberries, blackberries, coconut and figs are excellent sources of fiber from fruit. Walnuts, almonds and flax seeds bring more fiber into the diet along with healthy omega-3s.

And, don’t forget the value of chia seeds and ancient grains like quinoa – which will greatly improve your fiber intake.




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Keep Reading:

  • Ruth Benelli

    We are learning that gut bacteria runs the show. It dramatically influences many functions. Food allergies alone can account for chronic sinusitis, chronic sinus and postnasal drip, headaches, weight problems indigestion, diarrhea, PMS, chronic skin problems such as itching, hives and eczema.

    Food allergies play havoc with the immune system and for some people that causes them to have more colds, flu and even bronchitis more often. If something like a diet with enough fiber will protect against it then everyone owes it to themselves to start adding some wonderful whole foods with fiber to their diet.

  • Loraine Taylor

    The health of our gut influences our overall health. An unhealthy amount of bad gut bacteria is being shown to affect general health. It regulates mood, rate of infections, digestion and the ability to absorb nutrients from our food.

    The health of the digestive tract depends on beneficial bacteria. Fiber from a plant based diet helps supply prebiotics, which are essential to good health. It is evident from the newest research that almost all of the body’s immune system is found in the gut.

    I wish I knew this when I was diagnosed with a compromised digestive system. I lived on prescription and over the counter medication for heartburn, nausea, IBS, and indigestion. It took me years to wean off the drugs, I did this by changing to a healthier diet.

  • Bret Newman

    Fiber is meant to be in our diet. The fruit and vegetation were at one time full of fiber. That is what has changed and it is why there is so many people have intestinal problems.