Why green juice is better than water

Why green juice is better than water
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(NaturalHealth365) When we search for life on another planet, what we are actually looking for is water. If there is life anywhere “out-there”, there must be water. No water, no life – it’s that simple and yet, that profound.

It has been said that “water is the new gold” because it is actually safer to eat out of your toilet than the ocean.  There is even “designer water” from $8 to $60 a bottle sold at Harrods in London or in Beverly Hills.

One problem: Pure water is almost impossible to find anywhere on planet Earth

In recent years there has been a tremendous amount of interest and research regarding water. Thanks to G.W. Pollack, PhD at the University of Washington (and others), we now understand that water actually “structures” itself, such that its ‘fundamental biological property of being the medium necessary for life’ becomes possible.

This ‘structured water’ is referred to by Dr. Pollock as the “fourth phase of water”; the other three being, of course solid (ice), liquid and gas (vapor or steam).

The water in biological systems is not like water in a glass

In life forms, the molecules are actually ordered much like a crystal and it is these qualities of water that permit life to happen. The water inside a cell is more like a crystalline-gel rather than a simple aqueous solution found outside of biological systems and referred to as “bulk water”.

We have also come to understand that water, when “ripened” by the Earth is distributed into the biosphere through springs for all creatures, from plants to microorganisms to animals. This ‘ripened water’ is potent with minerals, or in other words, ‘alkaline’.

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Unfortunately, today unpolluted springs are only to be found in our memories.

How do plants make water ‘special’ to drink?

Plants not only filter (purify) water but ‘structure’ it in such a way that it is more readily absorbed and assimilated into the biology of the creatures who consume the plants. When ingested, this “biologically activated” water permeates readily into the cells and tissues as easy as water flows down hill.

This structuring of water results in hexagonal sheets of water molecules, which form what are known as, “exclusion zones”. These zones actually modify the order in which the atoms are arranged within the molecules as well as change the electrical potential of the water.

This process allows the water to adhere to proteins and form bonds with other charged surfaces. These changes imbue “biological water” with a multitude of many additional properties not found in bulk water, one of which is the reason that water does not “leak” out of cells.

The health benefits of freshly made juice

Freshly made juice is approximately 95-99% water. This water, unlike bulk water has been exquisitely prepared for its’ journey ‘down-stream’ to be incorporated into our physiology as, “bio-available water”.

The quality and nature of water in fresh, organic plant and fruit juice cannot be artificially duplicated, not even by Armani.

Since, in health our bodies are 70%+ water, our fundamental and essential life-processes require ample hydration both inside our cells and in the ‘ocean’ of water that surrounds our cells (extra cellular matrix ECM). The remaining 1 – 5% (non-water) of fresh plant juice, if seeds are included contains all of the raw materials necessary to rebuild the approximate 100 trillion cells that constitute the human body at a rate of about 1 to 3 million cells per second.

The superior nature of freshly-prepared organic juices

Fresh juice extracted from plants not only contains, all of the essential elements to produce new cells, but furthermore, these nutrients remain in their biologically active form as long as there is no heating or processing of any kind before being consumed.

Other primates, like gorillas and chimps consume 10 to 20 times more than we do by eating most of the day. Gorillas may consume up to 30 lbs per day. Since we do not and will not consume an amount even close to that for multiple, obvious reasons, we are able to obtain that quantity of necessary nutrients by drinking a few liters per day of fresh green juice. One liter is the equivalent of at least ½ lb of fresh vegetables.

The problem with store bought (processed) juices

Heating, by producing structural changes in the molecules, completely alters their function. For example, enzymes permanently lose their shape upon reaching 118 F, rendering them incapable of performing their function. At varying temperatures, this holds true for all phytonutrients found in plants such as carotenoids, flavonoids and glucosinolates.

Whereas artificially produced alkaline water produces most of its’ effects in the stomach (not a good idea), plant minerals are chelated (connected) to other molecules and carried through the blood to all other tissues in the body, producing alkalization where it is needed.

In other words, animals (including humans) were not designed to eat rocks (inorganic minerals) so in the plants these minerals become complexed with various carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins so that they can be absorbed and appropriately distributed where needed.

The minerals required for a healthy life

These minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, manganese, boron, molybdenum, copper, zinc, chlorine, and cobalt), which are derived from animal waste as well as decaying flesh and plants are taken up from the soil by the plants as nutrition….this is how plants “eat”.

The relationship between plants and animals can only begun to be understood when one considers the relationship between ‘up’ and ‘down’ or ‘front’ and ‘back’. You simply cannot have one without the other.

Hence, it becomes clear that fresh, organic juices extracted from plants not only have all of the nutrients necessary to live but to live in a true state of health.

Healing is something that is continually happening in us and when it stops, so do we.

About the author: Thomas Lodi, MD(H), MD, CNS, is the founder of An Oasis of Healing in Arizona (Integrative Oncology Center) as well as the founder of the Institute of Integrative Oncology in Asia. In addition to using an integrative approach with regard to medical interventions, he both teaches and provides training in life-style to modify the body’s biochemistry and align the mind-body-spirit continuum such that malignancies and other chronic “diseases” resolve back into a healthy homeostasis. For more information – visit: AnOasisOfHealing.com

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