Better nutrition promotes speedy recovery and decreased costs for hospital patients, research confirms

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nutrition-speeds-recovery(NaturalHealth365) News Flash: Hospitals have just realized that good nutrition is crucial to healing and shorter hospital stays – imagine that! We need to share this story – far and wide.

Putting humor aside, recent research by a major hospital system has confirmed some nutritional information that’s already pretty obvious to most health-aware people. (The fact that research was needed to confirm the value of good nutrition is yet another indication of how slow-moving the system is and the importance of educating yourself.)

One in 3 persons admitted to the hospital suffer from malnutrition

Four Chicago area hospitals in the Advocate Health Care system, the largest in Illinois, were included in the research. The effects of early nutrition treatment were studied in relation to hospital stay duration, readmission and the money spent on hospital stays.

A stunning 1 in 3 persons admitted to hospitals show signs of being malnourished or at high risk of malnutrition. Poorly nourished patients are known to have slower rates of recovery and a higher risk of complications like infections, bed sores and falls. When a nutrition care program was implemented, the hospitals showed a dramatic reduction in costs – to the tune of $4.8 million.

As a result of these findings, Advocate Health Care and other hospital systems are more closely examining nutrition as a way to assist patients in healing and resuming life on a healthier track. The research was funded by Abbott and published in American Health & Drug Benefits journal.

Hospital readmission rates lowered by 27 percent with proper nutrition

Beginning in 2014, Advocate Health Care tried two nutrition care program models for at-risk patients. These programs were shown to reduce 30-day readmission rates by 27 percent over about a year and a half. The average hospital stay was reduced by around two days. The cost savings averaged around $3,800 per patient.

While Western medicine no doubt saves many lives, its large bureaucratic nature causes it to be quite slow on some pretty obvious topics. Was a big study really required to confirm that nutrition is an important factor in health and healing?

Because of this, it’s crucial for all consumers to take the initiative about their health education and act accordingly. A strong immune system is foundational to staying healthy and effectively fighting disease when it strikes.

Important tips: How to practice good nutrition and lower your risk of extended hospital stays

Obviously, some of the best ways to stay healthy (always) include eating a healthy diet – loaded with as many organic fruits and vegetables as possible; small amounts of protein from sources like, Hawaiian Spirulina or cage-free eggs and healthy fats derived from coconut oil, grass-fed meats, nuts and seeds.

In addition, consuming high-quality supplements can be an intelligent choice for most people – including vitamin C, D, omega-3 and curcumin to help reduce the risk of chronic inflammation or a depleted immune system. Of course, let’s not forget the lifelong value of maintaining a physically active life.

These lifestyle choices will naturally reduce your hospital time by giving you the strength to recover faster – if, heaven forbid, this ever happens to you.

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  • Ty Shlackman

    Eggs feed the growth of viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. Meats contain unhealthy saturated fats and unhealthy omega-6 fats such as arachidonic acid.

  • betsyanne

    I simply find it beyond comprehension that it took THIS LONG for the medical industry to fess up to something they’ve known for a long time, but never implemented because they don’t really know the first thing about nutrition. ANd these people have the gall to train “registered dieticians”??? Oh my.

    I tried to make this case way back in 1996 when my dad was hospitalized. Here’s what happened (the short version): he went in for an insurance physical and btw he was feeling fine, 83 years old, still working on the ranch with cattle, etc. The doctor’s claimed they found “something wrong with his colon” (the biggest lie of all, it turns out) and they admitted him to a small local hospital for some “tests”. He had to be fasting for all these tests (they were so stupid as to let my dad “fast” for over 5 days for all these bogus tests) and then they rushed him down to the larger hospital in the town where I reside because they said he needed surgery. I asked a million questions and got zero answers. I pleaded with them to feed him something and wait a while for the surgery until we could look into it further. I got nothing but blank stares as if they had no clue what I was talking about, and one doctor even laughed when I mentioned that I didn’t think he was up for ANY surgery until he had at least one normal day of eating real foods. Long story short, he hadn’t eaten for almost 6 days and these idiots did a 5 hour major surgery that we (his family) aren’t even sure he needed since no one would answer any questions when asked. My Dad was a big guy – he was about 6′ 6″ and had a very large frame although he was not fat by any means. So he needed nourishment before having a surgery like that. Just try to explain or make a point of that to a surgeon who has absolutely no clue.

    My dad died 2 days after that stupid surgery and to this day we aren’t sure what the surgery was even for, although they claim colon cancer. My family doesn’t believe that and we really should have contacted a lawyer but everyone was in such distress we just never did it. Also I think it would have been too hard on my mom. So we let it slide.

    We shouldn’t have.

    My family is convinced to this day that he died needlessly because he was literally starved to death.

    • Wendy Allen

      Yes…day of surgery he can’t eat and day after he may not eat much. Very sad! Colon cancer maybe due to gluten. Stop the gluten and cancer may go away. Whole family tree may need to be gluten free. Gluten is wheat/barley/rye..oats/corn/rice which may cause attacks on the gut lining and many health issues. Tests were dye? Dye is like poison also. They just like to get the most money out of people to earn their stay at the Clinic and make profit. Very sad. I do Alternative medicine which you know helps me fast.

  • Wendy Allen

    Most people are hurt by gluten which hurts intestines so less nutrients absorb. GMO/antibiotics/Lyme and more may also hurt the intestines. Fix the Celiac and health issues may disappear. Tests may not work to diagnose Celiac.