Boron can cut your risk of prostate cancer by 64%

Boron can cut your risk of prostate cancer by 64%
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(NaturalHealth365) Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men, second only to lung cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, an astounding 1 in every 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime, and 1 in 38 will die of the disease.

Fortunately, there is a growing body of evidence suggesting the trace mineral boron can play a key role in protecting men against this deadly cancer, with both preventive and therapeutic properties. And unlike some conventional treatments, research shows boron to have the ability to selectively kill cancerous cells while leaving healthy tissue unharmed.

The biggest health concern for prostate cancer patients

Each year, over 209,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the U.S., and about 28,000 die of the disease. It is the most common cancer to occur in men.

But, the most dangerous aspect of prostate cancer is its likelihood of spreading to the bone, its common evolution. About 80 percent of prostate cancers that spread throughout the body, do so via the bone first, most commonly in the spine, pelvis, skull, ribs and proximal femur.

The resulting condition is extremely painful – and deadly – with bone metastases causing significant skeletal changes, fractures anemia and pain. Caught early, the prognosis for prostate cancer can be favorable. But once it has spread to other areas of the body, it is uniformly lethal. Men whose prostate cancer has spread to the bone are given only a 40-month life expectancy.

Focus on reducing your cancer risk

The good news? Getting adequate amounts of boron in the diet can cut the risk of prostate cancer by an incredible 64 percent – without causing any additional harm.

One of the earliest pieces of research to support this claim is a 2001 study on dietary patterns of prostate cancer patients. The diets of 76 prostate cancer patients were compared with those of 7,651 men without cancer. Those with the greatest amount of boron in their diets were 64 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer when compared with those consuming the least amounts.

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Those patients consuming the most boron were only taking in about 2.5 additional servings of fruits and only one additional serving of nuts per day when compared with those consuming the least amount.  And, by the way, subsequent studies confirmed these results.

Further, research is beginning to reveal that supplemental boron can help to shrink prostate tumors that already exist, while decreasing levels of a protein produced by the prostate, known as prostate-specific antigen or PSA.

Elevated PSA levels, once thought to serve only as a marker for prostate cancer risk, are now believed to play a key role in the progression and spread of prostate cancer. This realization opens up new avenues for prevention and treatment of this common, yet deadly, cancer through the use of PSA-lowering nutrients, such as boron.

How to obtain adequate amounts of boron…

Consuming enough boron from food alone can be challenging. Choosing a supplement can help to assure boron is consumed in levels high enough to provide some protection.

So, plan to to take 3 to 6 mg of boron in a supplement, although some people have found they need closer to 7 to 9 mg. Obviously, it’s best to work with a trusted, healthcare provider – that has experience with nutritional therapies and anticancer protocols.


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