Living water hydrates cells for your BEST health

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living-water(NaturalHealth365) We know we need to drink plenty of water each day to hydrate ourselves. Our bodies, when we’re born, are about 90% water, and as adults, they are closer to 70%. When we die, that amount has dipped to 50% or even lower. Chronic low-level dehydration is a keystone of degenerative disease, in contrast with vibrant, healthful, hydrated bodies.

Hydrated, plump cells and plenty in fluids in the body help cells to communicate better with each other, remove waste, produce energy, and heal themselves.

Why water is so valuable to human health

Our bodies are self-healing organisms, as long as we give them what they need, and avoid the things that cause disease.

Insufficient water intake can cause our cells to shrivel up like raisins, which impairs the tiny organelles that keep each cell functioning. This leads to cells that store waste, can’t produce energy, and mutate, all leading to early cell death. When enough critical cells die and can’t be replaced, that’s the end for you.

An alarmingly high number of people don’t get the required minimum amount of water each day, and we’re not even talking about the quality of the water yet. We should be drinking between 1 and 2 liters of clean, fresh water each day for our best health. There are many people who don’t drink any water at all, for weeks or months on end!

They may be drinking sodas, juices, teas, coffees, and other beverages, but no pure water. Those other drinks can taste quite good, and can temporarily quench the feelings of thirst, but they don’t deeply and healthfully hydrate the body. They simply make the cells shrivel up a little more slowly than if no liquid was consumed at all.

The first important thing to remember is simply to drink more water!

An occasional other beverage, like tea or some coffee or juice is fine, but these don’t replace the pure water our bodies need to stay healthy and young. If you’re one of the people who barely drinks any water at all, it will take a month or so before you start to get used to the habit, and to start feeling really good.

Water flushes out many toxins, and even more when they’ve been building up for years in tissues that haven’t been able to remove them. So be prepared, you might have a few days where you don’t feel your best. Keep drinking water, and get plenty of rest, and these feelings will pass quickly, to be replaced by a vibrant energy you haven’t had since childhood.

Once you’ve mastered the art of drinking enough water, the next step, the next level, is to secure the best quality of water for yourself and your family. Tap water has many pollutants present in it.

The problem with ‘city water’

Yes, the water distributor for your city filters the water, but their primary goal is to keep water flowing that won’t make you immediately and severely ill. The water from the tap often has additives like chlorine or chloramines, which are designed to disinfect water, but can harm human health.

There can also be drug residues which are too small to be filtered out, so you could be drinking any number of pharmaceuticals. Many cities have tested positive for having mercury, lead, industrial wastes, and even arsenic in the home water supply. If this is the only water available to you, it’s better than no water at all, but consider going the next step as soon as you can.

The middle ground of water quality is the land of water filtration

Small charcoal pitcher type filters will remove some taste and a minimal amount of contamination, so they’re a good introduction. The next step is something like a Berkey filter, which sits on the counter and filters out the vast majority of contaminants.

Beyond that, you can choose a whole home filter. An advantage of these is that they also filter the water for your showers and baths, and in some cases even your hose water for the garden. Crystal Quest makes various models and extra filters based on your needs. These filters can go a long way in improving the quality of water that you drink.

Now, are you ready for the best choice in drinking water?

For the best possible water, which translates to the best improvements in health, mental performance, and longevity, you want to look for pure living spring water. Many people live near springs and don’t know it. If you have older parents or grandparents that live in your area, you can even ask them where there are springs. Often they will have gathered water there when they were children. You can also purchase living spring water.

Living spring water has many properties that factory bottled water does not. For example, most bottled water and tap water is considered “dead.” This is because the molecules are moving very slowly.

They have very weak charges since they are so heavily processed or contaminated by modern chemicals and machines. Living water, from a fresh, cold spring that naturally bubbles up from the Earth, is considered living. It’s bound only to organic minerals that are useful for the body, and the stronger, more active electrical charges on the molecules help to bring water through the cell membranes into the cells that desperately need hydration.

This living spring water has passed through many layers of rocks and crystals, and has been in nearly constant motion within the Earth, and is only presented above ground when it’s ready. The structure of the water itself has changed, having flowed through many helix shaped structures, as nature intended, in the same shape as our own DNA.

Living spring water is far more compatible with our bodies, providing the deepest hydrating and raising the amount of energy we can produce. You’ll find that your thinking is clearer and more creative, and you have a spring in your step, pun intended, that will carry you through your day.

Nature knows what’s best, you will be able to feel a clear difference, and science confirms this. This water that has been structured by the Earth has been studied by prominent researchers Dr. Gerald Pollack, Dr. Masaru Emoto, and Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp and most recently advanced by Dr. Carly Nuday.

These researchers have brought to light what many native people already know: that fresh spring water has an energy all its own that is far more compatible with health and long life than dead water from the tap.

Living water, for life!

About the author: Seth Leaf Pruzansky is President of Tourmaline Spring “Sacred Living Water” of Maine, the highest quality, most ethically produced bottled water in North America. For more information – visit:

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  • Judy Paulson

    I wish stores where I live carried this water. I have a household filter and a double filter in my refrigerator and the water still tastes terrible. It is really hard to find great tasting water.

    • betsyanne

      The best way to purify water is to use the earth itself, in some form. We use a ceramic (clay) filtering system from Doulton. Ours is the under-the-sink model. We take out the filter about every 3-6 months and clean it, put it back and use it again and again. One filter can last as long as 2 years and replacement filters cost about $60. You’ll have to do an online search of Doulton for the information.

    • Hi Judy, what state are you in?

  • Raymon G

    When I go to the restaurants in my area the water tastes of chlorine. Usually, I order bottled water if they have it. When I use water fountains the water is not always filtered well. The taste gives it away. Getting good water to drink has become a problem.

    • Hi Raymon, this was a reply that I gave to one of the above comments:

      Getting a water distiller, (or Berkey filter) adding trace minerals after its been distilled and then applying structuring technologies is effective when someone doesn’t have access to deep aquifer natural springs.

      • Jean

        Hi Seth, what trace minerals do you use ?
        ~ jean

        • I don’t use any per se, they are naturally occurring in our spring. Right now I’m more focused on electrolytes, or those minerals that will increase the natural energy flow (or voltage) of my body.

  • Molly Sullivan

    There is no stream where you can get pure water. You have to depend on the cities water supply and trust that the commercial bottled water is what is says it is. From what I have been reading that is not the case.

    • In many ways this is true however, there is lots that can be done. Getting a water distiller, (or Berkey filter) adding trace minerals after its been distilled and then applying structuring technologies is effective when someone doesn’t have access to deep aquifer natural springs.

      • kjce98

        I need to get my water distiller fixed but have a berkey and a vitalizer plus but the mineral basket’s that need to be replaced in the vitalizer cost too much. Can we just add something like Concentrace in to the vitalizer and to structure the water the same as if we used a new basket? Would fulvic minerals be better?

        Thank you for your input!

        • I actually have one of these and stopped using it because it got to tricky. I started using a blender to ‘spin’ the water and then added like you said-trace fulvic minerals, but this isn’t really the way to authentically ‘structure’ water. Check out the book Water Codes by Dr. Carly Nuday

  • Chuck Schaefer

    Welcome to our world where the number one resource needed for survival has been tampered with. It is grand theft taking something like water and polluting it and then setting up water filtration systems, which tax payers pay for. From fluoride to chlorine someone is profiteering.

  • Rex Kittle

    Monsanto is profiting from selling toxic waste to cities and they call it Fluoride. The aluminum companies are also being paid by cities. And what they buy is toxic waste, and calling it Fluoride. You see, the law states, these companies can not throw their toxic wastes into the oceans, lakes, streams, or ponds, But it can be dumped into drinking water.

  • Rex Kittle

    I buy distilled water and use a Vitalizer Plus to make mineral water. I have been doing this for over 20 years. Works for me !

  • PrayingMantis2

    In today’s world, the springs may no longer be safe. When we moved to our home in the 70’s, there was a spring nearby and the lines could be long as cars lined up to get the water. Then the farmland was sold to developers and the new houses started sprouting. Within 15 years, that wonderful spring was a little patch of land surrounded by beautiful, manicured lawns full of deadly chemicals. The county had to fence off the spring. It was now testing positive for all those lawn chemicals. Now, we have two filters for our water, a whole house filter to remove most of the chemicals and a counter top Berkey to supply our drinking and cooking water. We’ve heard that “structured” water is good for the body but we’ve never investigated the claims. We humans are slowly killing ourselves with our lack of care of God’s earth. No wonder the day will come when He has to make the earth new and eliminate all those man made “improvements” we thought we were so smart doing to make our world “better.”

    • Sadly this is true. Unless its a deep source aquifer, most springs are shallow ground water springs. However there is the whole concept of ‘Primary’ or ‘Magmatic’ water. Like free energy, we may have access to more than enough free pure water to hydrate the world. Hopefully we awaken to the miracle of life in and around us to both access it and deserve to have access to it!

      https://youtu. be/a4dYftEoZ2I

  • Sharon Bell

    So glad I have my own well.

  • Evan

    Get some ionic- fulvic(plant) minerals,
    45$ Dropper bottle on eBay etc

    Also look into something like the ‘super imploder’ device to charge your water, and keep it out of metal bottles/containers which bleed the charge.

  • April Simpson

    I am currently reading an older book called “The Shocking Truth
    About Water” by Paul C. Bragg, ND, PhD. According to Dr. Bragg,
    the only thing you should be drinking is distilled water and fruit
    juices. Spring water contains minerals but they are inorganic
    minerals due to having come from the ground. The only way for
    minerals to be organic is if they come from plants. Only plants have
    the ability to take minerals from the ground and through
    photosynthesis change inorganic minerals to organic minerals that we
    can absorb. The more minerals in the water the more damage will be
    done to the body. Think of underground spring water dripping in a
    cave causing stalactites and stalagmites. This is what
    will happen inside your body if you drink spring water.
    This came as a great shock to me when I first learned about it. I have been drinking spring water thinking it best for my health. I also gave it to my cats.
    Now one of my cats suffers from some hearing loss and I have to
    wonder if it has to do with giving her spring water. I have ringing
    in my ears and the beginnings of glaucoma. Do I have spring water to
    thank for this? I urge you to do your research before accepting as
    truth that drinking spring water is healthy.

    • I think for the state of the world, and for most people in this day and age, distilling water is the best solution.

      But I disagree that any of mans machines can outdo what Mother Nature is doing in the case of our spring.

      Over a process of thousands of years and through a filtration process no man made machine is capable of replicating, our spring water is purified to the degree that inorganic minerals are almost void. There are non-detectable levels of radio-active isotopes (no distiller will remove them from any water supply), and our spring water emerges with a near perfect balance of trace minerals (electrolytes-a massive difference from inorganic minerals). That’s why our TDS is so low (59).

      Additionally, the natural structuring of being in the Earth for 1000’s of years is evident in the way that people ‘feel’ when they drink this water. This feeling is lost in all machines Ive tried as well as any bottled water I’ve (and countless others) have tried, juxtaposed to our spring.

      This spring is a rare geologic phenomenon and it is scientifically verified. I’ve attached our water analysis.

      However yes, sadly in our polluted world and in my humble, meager (and near worthless option) water distillation is the best bet for most people.

      Here is what one of my close friends (a 40 year water chemist/nutritionist) has to say about the topic in general.

      He will agree that our spring is exempt from this because it has such a low TDS with non-detectable levels of radioactive isotopes and a “living structure” that is void in processed waters.

      “There has been a long ongoing debate about distilled water vs. spring water and “organic minerals” vs. “inorganic minerals”. The pro distillers would have you believe that all non-distilled spring water is toxic and will “rot” your body from the inside-out. While the anti-distillers claim that drinking distilled water will leach all the minerals from your bones. Drinking distilled water would be like having an acidic liquid flowing through your veins leaching out all the essential minerals and metals. Both sides use pseudoscience to make their point…here’s the real scoop…

      It is true that minerals can be assimilated more efficiently from food than a water. The body can absorb minerals from water but it is not as effective and you end up pissing most of it away. That’s why most of the supplements people take are a waste of time. Through our hundreds of thousands of years of evolution our stomach lining prefers minerals that are attached to proteins. Minerals in water are basically divided up into positive and negative ions and the stomach can absorb them but not very effectively. But you attached those ions to a protein molecule and the stomach and the intestines assimilate with ease.

      As you know the stomach is a big acid vat and this stomach acid is buffered by the intestines and pancreatic juices. The stomach breaks down everything we consume for better absorption and the intestines add alkaline chemicals to offset the acid. Now, these alkaline chemicals would react with the mineral/metal ions from water (say for example iron) so the absorption is not very efficient. But if that iron ion is protected by a protein (heme) molecule then absorption is much more efficient. Hence plant sources already have the mineral ions attached to protein molecule.

      This is where the term organic minerals (plants) and inorganic minerals (water) appeared. This doesn’t mean that the inorganic minerals are ineffective or useless. It just means that the body prefers minerals already bound to protein molecules for quicker absorption.

      So drinking distilled water won’t hurt you because just about all of the trace minerals and metals that the body needs will be supplied by food. However, the distilled water will taste very “bland”. Drinking spring water won’t hurt you because the body assimilates very little from it. That why it always irritates me when I see bottled water companies touting “Calcium/magnesium rich” water. It is only rich to their bottom line.

      But the minerals in the spring water give the water its “fresh” taste.

      One last thing, the author is wrong when he says that distillation is a natural process…like evaporation. These are two very different scenarios.

      Distillation requires an outside heat energy applied to water molecules that vaporize at their boiling points. While with evaporation there is no external heat source. Molecules get their energy when they collide with each other and that energy is used to escape into the vapor phase way below their boiling point…”

  • Amy Cross
    Add springs you know of or locate one near you

    • Just make sure they’re either tested or have a history of not making people sick 🙂