Boosting your metabolism naturally with cayenne pepper plus many other simple lifestyle changes

Boosting your metabolism naturally with cayenne pepper plus many other simple lifestyle changes
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(NaturalHealth365) Many people would love to take control of their body shape and overall well being.  Unfortunately, conventional ‘wisdom’ fails to address the underlying cause for obesity plus many other health issues – a ‘sluggish’ metabolism.  Today, we’ll focus on how to change that (naturally) with the use of cayenne pepper plus many other simple lifestyle changes.

Let’s not forget: your metabolism is the sum total of many chemical and physical processes that maintain life, and these processes are often linked to the foods we eat and other choices we make.  The rate of energy generation and usage is what determines metabolic rate – with influences coming from our muscle ratio, gender, age and overall health status.

How does cayenne pepper boost metabolism naturally?

Some foods alter standard metabolic rate, and this is what scientists refer to as dietary induced thermogenesis, or simply put, the thermic effect of food.  Foods like sugar do not need a lot of energy to process while others require much. (If you want to speed up your metabolism – minimize your consumption of simple, processed sugars.)

On the other hand, cayenne pepper is often listed as one of the top herbs and spices to enhance your metabolism.  And, just for clarity sake, we (at NaturalHealth365) always suggest you buy organic – whenever possible.

Why is cayenne pepper so effective?  We can thank capsaicin – the ‘silver bullet’ in cayenne pepper – for getting your metabolic rate to go up.  Eating cayenne pepper will also help you to reduce food intake and makes you feel fuller – for a longer time – after eating a meal.

For best results, it’s essential to take no less than one gram of capsaicin. This might make your meals somewhat spicy, but it’s a small price to pay considering the benefits that come with this magical ingredient.  Or, if you can’t handle the spice, look for capsules, powder or tincture formulas.

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More (natural) ways to increase your metabolism

According to many integrative healthcare providers, you can never go wrong with eating more organic produce to help yourself avoid all those chemicals used in conventional farming practices.  It’s these chemicals that (over time) destroy our ability to efficiently breakdown our meals.

And, as we said before, a lower metabolic rate means that you’ll be at a greater risk of obesity and other chronic disease conditions like, diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

A National Institutes of Health study on the effects of organochloride pesticides showed how these dangerous chemicals get stored in fat cells, and eventually find their way into the bloodstream following the burning of fat.  This is terrible news because our fat metabolism and mitochondria health (the energy-producing cells in our bodies) can easily get messed up by eating a toxic diet.

When you eat more organic foods – all those negative effects will fade away and your efforts will be rewarded in many ways, including a loss of excess body weight!

Why it’s wise to consume high-quality nutritional supplements

In addition to metabolic boosting herbs and spices to improve your metabolism, nutritional supplements can help you to achieve a better body, mind and soul.  But, you need to be cautious, some companies sell low potency (and heavy metal toxic) products that won’t help to improve your health.

On the other hand, high quality green tea and vitamin B supplements are known to improve the metabolism.  B vitamins power the energy converting reactions and other metabolic functions essential to good health.  In fact, B vitamin deficiencies are directly linked to a slower metabolism.

In addition to its antioxidant properties, green tea does boost metabolism. Tea contains catechins and naturally occurring caffeine that increase fat breakdown and boost metabolism.

And, finally, some other good tips: get plenty of rest (avoid getting ‘stressed out’); build muscle by doing some strength training (2-3 times per week); and, of course, drink plenty of clean (pure) water – on a daily basis.

Take action (today!) and stay consistent for long-lasting positive results.

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