U.S. factory farmed chickens so dirty they need to be washed with chlorine

U.S. factory farmed chickens so dirty they need to be washed with chlorine
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(NaturalHealth365) The prospect of American chickens being imported into the UK has sparked outrage as a horrifying fact about U.S. poultry farming comes to light: factory farming conditions are so dirty and disgusting, the chicken meat must be washed with chlorine before sale.

Yes, chlorine – the same chemical in bleach used to clean bathrooms and kill  bacteria.  Chlorine-washed chickens had been set to go on sale in the UK in a post-Brexit trade deal.

However, whistleblowers are shining a light on numerous horrifying problems present in the “factory farming” that passes for poultry farming.

Chickens raised in factories live a torturous, sickening life

Not surprisingly, there has been tremendous pushback by European activists who don’t want chlorine-washed U.S. chicken consumed in their countries.  However, awareness about the horrors of factory farming is spreading across the U.S. as well.

The chickens now sold for consumption in the U.S. have been exposed as nothing short of an abomination of nature. They are overweight, oversized, and live crammed together in close quarters in large warehouses.

Since the chickens are bred for breast meat, they become overweight and top heavy. Many are unable to even stand – due to the excess weight – and spend most of their lives squatting or sitting.

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Up to 97 percent of factory farmed chickens now rinsed with chlorine before distribution

The UK and Europe require a minimum amount of space for breeding chickens. However, this is not so in the U.S.

Restrictions on levels of chicken waste (urine and feces) are also not regulate here. That means factory farmed chickens often live in disgusting conditions. Many die before reaching maturity, and the dirty warehouses become breeding grounds for bacteria and disease.

An estimated 97 percent of U.S. chickens are rinsed with a chlorine based solution following slaughter.

What’s even worse is that over half of the chicken on store shelves test positive for chicken feces. It’s clear that factory farming fosters extremely unhygienic conditions and practices that cut corners.

GMO foods and production practices are altering DNA in disturbing ways

Chickens have tripled in size since 1957 and are now “mutants” that grow faster and require less feed.

However, the genetic manipulation has also turned them into “Frankenfood,” like so many GMO crops and products.  In addition to these breeding horrors, factory farmed chickens are also fed GMO feed and pumped full of chemicals like hormones and antibiotics.

Eating factory farmed poultry means exposure to a veritable toxic soup of chemicals to which the birds have been exposed.  The only way to avoid this is by steering clear of chicken that’s grown via factory farming and instead eating organic, genuinely free-range chickens.

As animal rights activists continue to push for better poultry farming conditions, eating organic remains one of the best proactive steps we can take to protect our health.

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