NH365 051: Calcium myths – The hoax surrounding osteoporosis

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naturalhealth365 podcast(NaturalHealth365) According to the Centers for Disease Control, ‘more than half of American adults take some kind of dietary supplements.’ The latest statistics reveal that calcium supplements (alone) total over $177 million per year! But, are we healthier because of all these pills?

Today, on the NaturalHealth365 Podcast, we’ll focus our attention on the topic of bone health, the value (and danger) of calcium supplementation and, most importantly, what we can do to really improve bone health – so that we don’t have to become a victim of osteoporosis.

Stop and think: Medical doctor issues urgent message about the dangers of calcium supplements

According to my special guest today, “recent scientific studies now provide overwhelming proof that unequivocally confirms what many non-mainstream healthcare practitioners have long known and asserted: The regular intake of dairy and calcium supplementation promotes all known chronic degenerative diseases, and it significantly shortens life.”

Editor’s note: It’s my humble opinion that the real problem with dairy products is found inside the conventional processing methods used today – such as, injecting synthetic hormones and antibiotics into the animals (that live in horrible conditions); the GMO food fed to these animals to produce all these dairy products plus many other unhealthy practices of conventional food producers.

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Program highights:

  • Is all calcium ‘bad’ for us? (We clear up the confusion)
  • The public is waking up to the dangers of most commercially-sold calcium supplements. (Find out what’s going on)
  • Why most doctors remain ‘in the dark’ about nutritional supplements. (A refreshing perspective from a medical doctor)
  • A revealing look a the true cause of osteoporosis. (This will surprise most people)
  • Great ways to prevent osteoporosis. (Discover the “Big Four” supplements to take)
  • An urgent message about toxins. (Vital information for everyone!)

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  • jules105

    I recently found out that I have serious bone loss in my jaw and could lose my teeth, so I started taking calcium supplements from the Life Extension Foundation – is this a bad idea? Are these supplements helpful or harmful for me?

    • Ty Shlackman

      What form is the calcium in? Calcium also shouldn’t be taken by itself but in combination with magnesium, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin K2 in the form of Menaquinone-7. Magnesium is needed to grow new bone and prevent a buildup of too much calcium. Vitamin D3 is needed to properly absorb calcium and K2 is needed to ensure Calcium is transported into the teeth and bones instead of the arteries.

      • Susanna Shanti G Kotlyar

        You need much more than Vit D3, K2 and Magnesium!!

        • Ty Shlackman

          Yes trace minerals like silica, boron, zinc, copper, and manganese are also very important for bone health.

    • Lynnie

      Listen to the podcast. That’s what it’s here for.

  • Badintense

    I did a liver cleanse diet and did not drink dairy for that week. trying to go back to it, there was this weird chemical taste that I never noticed before. so i have permanently switched to an unsweetened blend of almond/coconut milk that i started a month before the cleanse. it took a week to get used to and love the taste. it has been over two months now and I don’t miss cow’s milk. i can use that blend on my occasional bowl of cheerios. i do still eat 4% milkfat small curd cottage cheese and various cheeses.

  • Michelle

    What if you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis?Will high doses of Vitamin C,D3,Magnesium,and K help restore bone loss??

  • Arramu Maiam

    I haven’t listened to the podcast but is it only going against calcium and some vit c forms? What about the rest, zinc magnesium, selenium, etc are they good to take? (of course there are differnet forms of it and so on).

    • Ty Shlackman

      All essential minerals are needed by your body and they need to be in a bioavailable form that your cells can properly absorb. Selenium and Zinc are used more for immune system and thyroid health and for detoxification.


    Congratulations. You took your health into your own hands. Which you really need to do. Big Pharma is driving the medical society today.

  • Ty Shlackman

    You don’t have to eat dairy or milk to get calcium from food nor are those good sources of calcium. Many plant based foods are excellent sources of calcium like leafy green vegetables and nuts and seeds. Vitamin B12 is critically important to prevent neurological diseases and it should be in the form of methylcobalamin and/or adenosylcobalamin not the synthetic form of cyanocobalamin. Its more likely that the magnesium reduced your blood pressure rather than the calcium. Calcium is not known to reduce blood pressure. In fact high levels of calcium in the blood are known to cause hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure. Also calcium citrate isn’t a good form of calcium. Calcium citrate is calcium bound to citric acid. Citric acid used in supplements comes from GMO corn and citric acid is very acidic

    so its not a good chelator. Magnesium on the other hand is known to reduce blood pressure and helps relax the heart muscle so it helps prevent heart attacks and heart disease.

  • Karen McDaniel

    My partner who was diagnosed
    with breast cancer…luckily caught it early. Just had the lump removed but had
    to go through radiation. Now she has to take a pill (anastrozole) for
    5years. Since this is an estrogen blocker they told her to take calcium
    supplements because she will experience bone loss on this drug. She believes
    everything her doctor tells her so she was ready to go out and buy calcium
    pills at the high dose. I told her to hold off until I research the
    “Best” calcium supplement for her. I had heard about calcium
    calcification problems in the body so I was leery about her taken anything but
    she “Believes her Doctor” and already had some bone ache and pain not
    to mention is scared that the cancer will come back. So I did my research and
    found a product in liquid form called Reviva (sold at Costco). It
    contains 1200 calcium, mag and vitamin D3. She has been taken 2 TBSP a day now.
    It tastes so good that I’m actually taken it now also. But after listening to
    this Podcast I’m not sure if I did a good thing for her. In fact she got her
    sister and 2 nieces taken the stuff now. What would you suggest she do/ or not
    do in her case. She’s 69 yo, so bone loss and getting old is a big one for her.
    I will have her listen to the podcast, but if she still feels she needs to take
    the calcium maybe there is something else she can take to help counteract any
    harmful effects the calcium supplement will do. We just started eating
    grapefruit which I believe has vitamin K in it which should help with calcium
    going to the right place at least. Any suggestion I can give her?