Chick-fil-A proudly offers chicken with MSG and toxic chemicals

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chick-fil-a-sandwich(NaturalHealth365) If you’ve ever seen Chick-fil-A’s advertisements or billboards, you’ll find a clever and cute message enticing you to eat more chicken all the while insinuating that beef is bad for you. They also offer low calorie, low carb, and low fat meals touting their use of “fresh, quality ingredients.”

In 2014, the restaurant chain announced they would work with suppliers over the next several years to remove antibiotics in their chicken supply. According to the public statement, they have already converted more than 20 percent of their poultry supply.

The power of deceptive fast food marketing campaigns exposed

Chick-fil-A is proud of their new strict auditing process to verify their suppliers are “never to directly administer antibiotics.” Though this may seem like a positive message to those who enjoy dining out (especially anyone who is working on getting healthier), it would surprise you to know that their menu is still loaded with toxic chemicals that cause addiction, body fat, and other health consequences.

Loaded with dozens of harmful chemicals, Chick-fil-A’s ‘antibiotic-free’ chickens won’t make a difference on public health. Take a look at one of Chick-fil-A’s menu classics – the chicken sandwich. It contains nearly 20 added chemicals.


Some of these chemicals are known to be highly toxic:

  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) – a flavor enhancer. It is an excitotoxin that damages and kills neuronal cells within the body, causing a degenerative effect in the brain and nervous system.Scientific studies have shown that it causes obesity and metabolic syndrome. MSG is highly addictive, and you can forget about weight loss if it’s your goal.Diet won’t help when excitotoxins are present. Chick-fil-A’s chicken sandwich includes MSG twice – in the chicken and what seems to be the bun.
  • Tert-Butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) – a highly effective preservative for many vegetables and animal fats. TBHQ is a form of butane (a highly toxic gas).  Some studies have shown it to have some protective effects. However, high doses or prolonged exposure have also shown it to be a precursor to stomach tumors and DNA damage. It may also be carcinogenic.
  • Hydrogenated vegetable oils – unnatural dietary fats made by a chemical process called “hydrogenation” and used to preserve foods. The American Heart Association has declared hydrogenated (trans) fats harmful as they raise bad cholesterol levels (LDL) and lowers good cholesterol levels (HDL).This imbalance raises the risk for type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Chick-fil-A’s chicken sandwich contains palm kernel oil, peanut oil, and soybean oil. In fact, soybean oil is listed twice.
  • Dimethylpolysiloxane – an anti-foaming agent intended to be used on oil fryers. It is declared to be non-toxic by the World Health Organization.However, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows formaldehyde to be used as preservative for the chemical. This is a harmful irritant that causes oxidative stress and risk for cancer and immune disease.  Chick-fil-A lists it as an ingredient with their peanut oil.

While the FDA limits the amount of each preservative, they fail to limit the total amount of preservatives. The combining additives used together for one food product may have synergistic effects still to be seen. However, studies do show that excessive or long-term consumption of any one chemical is hazardous to health.

Big time failure: Chick-fil-A is completely irresponsible when it comes to social responsibility

As a Christian business, Chick-fil-A states that their corporate purpose is to “glorify God by being a faithful steward of all” that is entrusted to them and to have a “positive influence to all” who come in contact with them. Maybe Chick-fil-A’s executives need to work with their nutrition team a little closer to make sure their purpose is held true.

This is just another example of morally (and ethically) reckless corporate behavior. To rid this world of these toxic food items – simply stop buying this crap and encourage others in your immediate circle of influence to do the same.

About the author: Abby Campbell is a medical, health, and nutrition research writer. She’s dedicated to helping people live a healthy lifestyle in all aspects – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Abby practices, writes, and coaches on natural preventive care, nutritional medicine, and complementary and alternative therapy.


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  • Kenneth Nadelman

    Their belief is in corporate profit. The ethics and moral structure of corporate America seems to be in profit above all. For companies feeding the masses there is such a disconnect from what they say their core beliefs are and how they behave.

    It is easy to dismiss their action as due to lack of knowledge. However, this is information that is out there. It is known by the companies who formulate the products. This isn’t secret information, the company knows what their products contain.

    it is the public who doesn’t know what is in their sandwich besides the chicken. Thank you for informing them.

  • Judith Myers

    In reality this is just another fast food restaurant. They have gone to great lengths to show that they are different. Many people think this is one step up from fast food. The reason is the way they advertise their chicken sandwich. They say it isn’t glued together chicken pieces, but whole pieces of chicken.

    From what I got from this article, while that may be true it still is deceptive. This is not a healthy alternative to what other fast food restaurants serve. I would have never known this fact, if it wasn’t for this article.

  • Susan Lopez

    I can tell you first hand their food is addictive. I went back often for the chicken sandwich, until I realized that the high sodium content is what gave the sandwich its flavor.

    I didn’t have a clue that it is this bad. Thanks for letting everyone know that taste may not indicate what is in the food.

  • Norm Grossman

    Many people have the perception that chicken is healthier than beef. However, in this case they made if unhealthy in so many ways. They spent plenty of money on public relation campaigns and advertising instead of on quality food for the the people that bankroll their advertising budget.

  • elfmom55

    Just because a person or a corporation calls themselves “Christian” does not mean they are. What kind of fruits are they producing?

  • Denis

    If they are socially irresponsible they lack ethics and without that they are not godly. Closing on Sundays doesn’t cut it. They do a lot of things for show, but don’t have substance.

  • Alex

    The are actually working on removing msg without loosing the flavor factor. They would like to have it gone by 2017, my understanding of the situation.

  • Skye Aubrey

    Oh, for Pete’s sake people, it’s FRIED chicken! Did anyone ever actually think it was good for them?? At least they’re working toward making it a little healthier, but if you’re eating fried food, you’re obviously not too concerned about the health factor.

    • B Chris Scott

      Fried chicken = Chicken, salt, pepper, flour and the oil it’s fried in. Read their ingredient list. Big difference.

      • Skye Aubrey

        “OIL it’s FRIED in”. ‘Nuff said right there for me. The way I see it, this stuff is for the infrequent treat, not for a steady, healthy diet. That applies to all fried fast food.

  • jeffersonianideal

    I wondered why I was getting headaches after eating a Chick-fil-A sandwich and I began to have my suspicions. The same thing was happening to someone I know after consuming the sandwich. A simple investigation indicated CFA’s famous creation had an infamous add-in, monosodium glutamate. There is simply no need to have the neurotoxin as part of their “family” recipe. I’ll return once the MSG is removed.

  • hargroveian1

    I traced the link to chick fil a ingredients and there is no credible source you used to tell me that your article if factual. You say they use msg and have a picture, but you have no source or quote tracing it back to a good source. Help me if im missing something, but it looks like this article is bogus